Gormlaith didn’t notice anything. She brought the black particles close to Sean and said relaxedly, “Draco, this is just a small insurance. Don’t worry, it won’t do you any harm. Of course, if you tell anything about it to others, this insurance will activate.”

She showed a happy expression, “At that time, your heart will slowly rot and wither. But it won’t be painful because, at that moment, you will lose all consciousness.”

“As a ‘Pioneer’, believe me. Death is nothing short-lived.” Gormlaith laughed.

Sean took two steps back. His back pressed against the cold wall. His voice was still full of fear and anxiety.

“Ma’am, I can assure you that I will definitely complete what you asked me to do. Think about it, What good is it for me to reveal it? I, like you, hope that the Pure-Blood family will stand on the high ground that we shall deserve.”

Gormlaith’s smile was cruel and sinister, “Draco, I know your Malfoy family too well. You are indeed good partners—if I can control you.” She stopped talking nonsense with Sean, the black particles stuck to his skin and then worked hard to drill into Sean’s body like wriggling maggots.

Thoughts came to him.

“The same kind, much weaker than me, can I try it?”

Sean’s face twitched uncontrollably. The Obcurus can devour each other? This is something he didn’t know before. Gormlaith noticed the twisting on Sean’s face, and she leaned closer.

“Draco, this process is a little painful. Please bear with it for a while. Do you feel stiff all over now? Don’t worry, this is normal, and it will be fine after a while.”

Sean’s heart didn’t panic. Apart from the discomfort of being invaded, Sean didn’t feel any other abnormalities. The only thing he should pay attention to now is one thing. Gormlaith may have some kind of quick way to contact the basilisk, so he has to find the basilisk in the shortest possible time.

More than half of the black particles had penetrated Sean’s body, and even with resistance, Sean felt a bit of pain. However, this also proves that most of her power has been used enough to feed the Obscurus in his body.

Sean turned his head with ‘difficulty’, then looked behind Gormlaith.

“Salazar… Slytherin…”

Gormlaith never expected that this student in front of her was completely out of control, and she turned her head away in fear and surprise.


The bathroom was empty.

“Acupunctinternus!” Sean uttered a nonverbal spell calmly and quickly.

The pain hit Gormlaith at once, her pitch-black body trembled, and the black particles lingering around her body also trembled.

Gormlaith had not felt such intense pain since her death. She didn’t even have time to think about why this descendant of the Malfoy family still had the ability to do things, and the screams rang through the entire bathroom.

Almost instantly, she vaguely saw a green thorny sheath rolling under her body.

The thorny sheath opened suddenly, and a Winged Demon with saliva hanging from the corner of its mouth appeared under her body. Without any hesitation, Dave inserted the sharp claws at the end of its wings into Gormlaith’s shoulders and bit her throat with its mouth.

After all, Gormlaith just transformed into some kind of Obscurial, and the tricks enough to kill an ordinary wizard instantly had limited effect on her. Gormlaith activated that dark power. She didn’t know why that power didn’t work for the Malfoy in front of her, and she just wanted to protect herself now.

However, she was horrified to find that the power that Salazar Slytherin had bestowed upon her was restrained and eaten away by another huge magic power of the same origin.

Gormlaith could only give up that power in horror, her dark body twisted for a while, and she was about to transform into a ghost state.


All this happened in an instant, and Sean directly cast a spell on himself. The spell took effect quickly, and he could feel that his eyes seemed to become heavy, and the magic power in his body flowed around his eye sockets.

When he raised his head, he saw that Gormlaith’s originally pitch-black body had begun to turn into a translucent color. Sean didn’t give her any chance to react and focused his gaze on her.

Gormlaith had just transformed into a ghost form, and she instinctively wanted to run away. But before she even had the idea of flying away, she felt that her body suddenly became as heavy as a stone.

She was frozen in place.

As Gormlaith froze, he held out his wand again.


A more painful look appeared on Gormlaith’s translucent face, and her chapped skin was almost completely broken.




Sean worried this was not enough, so he threw three more spells.

This spell is equivalent to a smaller version of the Cruciatus Curse, and Sean is unwilling to risk absorbing negative emotions to cast the Unforgivable Curse. So he just used this curse as a replacement to attack her.

Whether it’s because Sean’s spell level is high or the ghost’s magic resistance is relatively low after being frozen, Gormlaith’s translucent body gradually turns pale white after a few spells. Her condition became more and more serious. Translucent black particles constantly floated up from the wound in the heart and then dissipated in the air.

Sean finally put away his wand. He looked at Gormlaith, who had completely lost consciousness.

“It turns out that ghosts can also faint and are pretty weak.” Sean muttered.

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Published On: September 28, 2023

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