After telling Sean the spell, Gormlaith talked about her plan.

“I need you to find an excuse to lure professors here one by one,” she said, “Don’t worry about my methods. As long as those idiots come here alone, I will directly deprive them of their humble lives.”

He already knew what the methods were, using the basilisk. Moreover, after Sean reminded the professors of the true face of the monster in the Chamber of Secrets, he felt that Gormlaith’s ‘simple’ plan might not come in handy.

However, it wasn’t for Sean to worry. He had only one goal now: to pry as much information out of her mouth as possible.

He hesitated and said, “Ma’am, I’m just a second-year student and usually stay with my classmates. I don’t have any means of hiding, and if I lure a certain professor over, what do I need to do? How about informing you about it? I can’t guarantee that there will always be no one here.”

Gormlaith nodded in agreement, “You are very thoughtful. This is something I overlooked.”

He finally knew why the Horned Serpent’s method of killing chickens was simple and unplanned. With this kind of person behind the command, there would always be flaws in the execution.

Gormlaith thought for a while and said, “Well, let me teach you a few spells.”

Soon, she read the names of the three spells. Sean naturally doesn’t have to worry that she will teach him harmful spells, and his learning speed is fast in terms of dark magic.

Phantom Mist Curse Lv 0 (Dark Magic): Proficiency 100/5000

[This spell can summon a mist that hides your figure, while other wizards around the mist will feel sleepy.]

Sleeping Curse Lv 0 (Dark Magic): Proficiency 100/5000

[This is a rare curse-type magic. According to the caster’s mind and the magic power output, the cursed person will fall into a deep sleep, and the cursed person will have difficulty waking up.]

Shadow Worm Curse Lv 0: Proficiency 50/5000

[This spell can summon a worm formed by a shadow. According to the caster’s mind, the worm will go to a certain place and then leave a magic mark.]

That is the only non-dark magic spell that Gormlaith taught him. In this way, Gormlaith can receive the news in advance through the worm and prepare for it.

These three spells are clearly the private possession of a Pure-Blood wizarding family, and no professors at Hogwarts will teach you this. Moreover, the first two black magics belong to the kind with fewer side effects, unlike other dark magics that require strong negative emotions to cast.

Sean continued to put on a cowardly look. He stammered and said, “But I have to practice for a long time to master these spells. Will this hinder your plan?”

Violence and contempt flashed across Gormlaith’s eyes, and she said coldly, “Draco, these few spells are not advanced magic. Even a little wizard should be able to master them within half a month.”

“I’ll try…” Sean lowered his head and said in a low voice.

Gormlaith was obviously impatient. She hesitated for a moment and then said bluntly, “I have something to give you.”

Sean showed an expectant expression.

Gormlaith took a deep breath and then said, “Remember my next pronunciation, and remember it firmly.”

A faint, hissing sound came from her mouth. Sean clicked his tongue secretly and then firmly memorized the syllables that she uttered.

“You should know what that is.” Obviously, teaching others the talent inherited in her blood made Gormlaith a little unhappy.

“Of course, it’s Parseltongue. My father told me that only the pure descendants of the great Salazar Slytherin can inherit this kind of talent that is difficult for others to learn.” Sean explained.

He has just discovered an amazing thing, and a new ability appeared on his system panel.

Parselmouth (Blood Talent) (Not Mastered): Proficiency 10/10000

Although it is in an unmastered state. As long as there is a progress bar, it means that he can learn Parseltongue. Although certain pronunciations of Parseltongue can be imitated, this is actually magic, a magic that can only be used by Parselmouths.

Why can he learn Parseltongue? Could it be that his ancestors also have something to do with Slytherin?

Gormlaith was quite satisfied, and her tone was not so blunt, “You know, Parseltongue is not a language, but a talent. Even if I try to teach you, you won’t be able to learn it. You can only imitate a few syllables at most, and the syllables just now mean ‘Open’.”

[Proficiency increased from 10 to 20.]

“Um, then what is the purpose of me learning these syllables?” Sean said, puzzled.

“It’s for you to get the treasure left by Lord Salazar Slytherin. That thing can help you become stronger so that you can better complete the task.”

“Then where do I get it?”

Gormlaith licked his lips and said with a gloomy voice, “Slytherin’s common room. Find a time when there is no one, go to the lounge, and find a colored window by the water on which Salazar Slytherin is engraved. There will be a little snake at the bottom of the colored window. Say the syllable I just taught you to the snake, and then a passage will open. You can find the hidden treasure there.”

Sean’s eyes lit up, but he was a little worried. Would the former Parselmouths have already made it first in a place like the Slytherin common room?

Gormlaith hissed again and then explained, “These few syllables are the key to obtaining the treasure, say, ‘Open it, the descendant of glory has arrived. Please grant me your powerful secret’.”

[Proficiency increased from 20 to 120.]

After Sean pretended to remember the words, Gormlaith nodded. She licked her lips, her dark body moved a little closer, and a gloomy voice sounded.

“Draco, although I trust every Pure-Blooded wizard. This is very important, and I must ensure nothing goes wrong.” Her pitch-black arm turned into gauze-like black particles again and then approached maliciously.

Sean sighed, and a chill flashed in his eyes.

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Published On: September 27, 2023

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