Sean showed a shocked expression and said in disbelief, “You can live forever? How is this possible…”

“Draco, the glory of our Pure-Blooded nobles is incomparable, and there is only one biggest obstacle that prevents this glory from continuing…” Gormlaith’s voice became more alluring, “That is—Death. When we are no longer afraid of death and no longer troubled by our mortal bodies, the glory will hang on top of the world forever.”

Sean looked at her weirdly, but he already guessed what she was going to say next.

Immortality, There are currently two known methods in the wizarding world. The Philosopher’s Stone and the Horcrux. It is hard to say whether the Horcrux will make you immortal. After all, Herpo invented it, and there had been no news about him.

The means that can be proposed by Gormlaith are most likely Horcruxes.

Sure enough, she paused for a moment before continuing, “Draco, have you ever imagined that your soul could be divided into several pieces and stored in an indestructible container with a special method? As long as that container is not destroyed, then you will live forever?”

Sean is a bit interested in Horcruxes. He doesn’t want to create such evil things but wants to study them.

He cooperatively showed a longing expression and asked eagerly, “I can I do it too?”

“Of course, of course,” Gormlaith coaxed, “We are part of the Pure-Bloods. We are staunch companions, aren’t we?”

“Then…then I…” Sean was ‘frightened’.

Gormlaith seemed extremely generous at this time, “I will tell you. After you help me complete these things, I will tell you the specific steps on how to live forever.”

Sean knows how to make Horcruxes, where you must kill someone for it. However, Gormlaith’s words revealed some information.

She should not have known Horcrux before this. Did Salazar Slytherin tell her about it before? Or did she get it directly in the Chamber of Secrets? Sean has always been puzzled by one thing, that is the purpose of Salazar Slytherin leaving a basilisk.

His goal of building the Chamber of Secrets is obvious, to take his promising Pure-Blood students to learn dark magic at Hogwarts secretly.

Although the Basilisk is an extremely terrifying and powerful magical animal, it is only a magical animal. If the school’s professors find a way to enter the room, Sean can fully believe that the professors will successfully kill the Basilisk.

According to the rumors of the Chamber of Secrets, the purpose of the Basilisk was to clear Hogwarts castle, a Muggle descent wizards who were not qualified to learn magic. But this is not the case.

The Basilisk has existed for nearly a thousand years, and in all these years, there has only been one recorded death, and the victim was Myrtle, who happened to be at the exit of the Chamber of Secrets.

That said, it looked more like an accident than a planned murder.

Hogwarts has been established for thousands of years, and many Parseltongues must have entered the Chamber of Secrets. But the Basilisk did not cause any terrible casualties.

Thinking about it, using a basilisk as a way to eradicate all of the Mudbloods might not be the reason since, up until now, there are a lot of students that came from a Muggle family.

Therefore, Sean boldly guessed that the Basilisk was not left behind to eliminate the Mudbloods at all. This was a lie fabricated by the Heir of Slytherin.

So, what is the meaning of the existence of the Basilisk? The appearance of Gormlaith gave Sean another way of possibility. The Basilisk is probably guarding something—such as an unawakened Salazar Slytherin or some kind of treasure, or how to make Horcruxes and learn dark magic?

It seems more reasonable to deduce it this way.

Moreover, Sean has always had great doubts about what Gormlaith said. Regardless of whether Salazar Slytherin still exists in this world, Gormlaith’s purpose is very strange.

She tried to kill the professors to control Hogwarts completely. This order was obviously not from Salazar Slytherin but more like the wishful thinking of herself. She felt that her ancestors would be happy to see this and wanted to give him this ‘gift’ before he woke up.

Sean looked at Gormlaith in front of him. She is still waiting for his answer.

Sean thought for a while, then nodded hesitantly, “I… I might give it a try, ma’am…”

“Very well, Draco,” Gormlaith expressed satisfactorily, “You, your parents, your descendants, and the entire Malfoy family will be honored for your wise choice today.”

Immediately afterward, she directly dictated the incantation for making the Horcrux to Sean. As he memorized those complicated and cumbersome spells, Sean looked at his system panel with a strange expression.

Just now, the system reminded me that there was a new spell.

Horcrux Crafting Charm Lv MAX (Dark Magic, Ancient Magic)

There is no proficiency shown. He gets the highest proficiency of the spell directly. Sean secretly nodded thoughtfully. It seems that the Horcrux spell doesn’t need to be practiced as long as it can be cast correctly.

However, this also means that Gormlaith did not lie to him with a fake spell.

Is she confident that a student won’t think of making a Horcrux later, or has she made up her mind to kill him afterward? Sean thinks it’s the latter.

Gormlaith also carefully instructed, “This spell is far from something you can master now. Even the most outstanding Pure-Blood wizards will take several months or even half a year to master it fully. Remember, don’t rush on yourself. Because you might get a backlash from the spell for using it without any preparations.”

Sean nodded in fear and surprise.

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