“Reward…” Sean showed an expression. He still collapsed on the ground and then asked cautiously, “Ma’am, may I know the current situation about Lord Salazar Slytherin?”

Gormlaith is like most people in the Gaunt family. They are keen to show off things that they consider honorable. In simple terms, they are big-mouthed and pretty stupid.

“Lord Salazar Slytherin is in an important stage of awakening. Before that, I will drive out all the dirty bedbugs in Hogwarts. After he returns, there will be a new, pure Hogwarts, and he’s going to be happy about it.”

Sean listened to her words.

Isn’t Salazar Slytherin dead? He used some kind of magic to put himself to sleep and then needed some kind of condition to break the spell.

“When will he wake up? Does he need any help?” Sean pretended to say something wrong and lowered his head in panic, “Of course, the great Salazar Slytherin. Surely, it doesn’t need the help of a student like me. Is there something trivial I can do to make him happier?”

Gormlaith was very satisfied with Sean’s cautious attitude, and she raised her brows, “He naturally has his own preparations, but I will convey your intention to him later.”

“Thank you for your generosity, ma’am.” Sean still maintained a humble attitude, “However, since he hadn’t woken up, how did you get this power? Besides, he should do something to you, right?”

It must have been long since she had shown off her family’s glory to anyone, so Gormlaith started talking more, “Lord Salazar Slytherin can convey some of his will, so I was summoned here and given his reward. He possesses a great power that wizards have never obtained!”

Great power? Sean thought about it secretly. A power that has never been possessed in the history of wizards? He secretly glanced at the black particles erratically spilling from Gormlaith’s body.

Could it be that Salazar Slytherin has mastered some kind of magic and can use the Obscurus to materialize ghosts? After his death, he returned to Hogwarts as an unknown ghost and then slept in the Chamber of Secrets.

Sean suddenly remembered the Horned Serpent. That snake is not with Gormlaith now, and he doesn’t know where it went. However, the Horned Serpent situation is pretty strange because it’s in between a ghost and an entity lifeform. At the same time, Gormlaith can already transform from a ghost into a real person.

Is there some kind of connection among them?

Sean thought of the mysterious man Dumbledore had mentioned, who invaded the Ministry of Magic and stole the key between reality and illusion. It was after that all sorts of strange ghosts appeared.

The Horned Serpent with special abilities, Gormlaith, who can materialize her whole body, and Salazar sleeping in the Chamber of Secrets.

Sean maintained an expression of reverence and humility and looked at Gormlaith calmly.

Can she cast spells? This is something he is very curious about.

Suppose she can cast spells with a wand and perform normal human behaviors such as eating and sleeping. Then, this ability is almost equivalent to resurrection.

Sean cautiously asked, “Did Lord Salazar Slytherin possess some kind of great power that can revive people? Please forgive my presumptuousness, knowing you, um, died a hundred years ago.”

Probably because of Sean’s attitude, she was always satisfied and said without hesitation, “That’s right. Don’t be so cautious, Draco. I did die a hundred years ago.”

She walked to the rooster cage on the ground and opened the door. Gormlaith choked the rooster and lifted it into the air. The rooster was firmly grasped by the neck, it flapped its wings, and its claws kicked in mid-air.

“Look,” Gormlaith showed a joyful expression, “It feels so good to have power again…”

Immediately afterward, she suddenly stretched out her other hand, and she twisted the rooster’s neck cleanly with both hands. The rooster twitched, and then his neck dropped limply. Gormlaith swung the dead rooster hard and threw it in front of the faucet in the bathroom.

“Draco, I’ve truly come back from another world.”

Sean nodded in horror and quickly analyzed it.

It takes only two hands to break a rooster’s neck, which means that her own strength has not been fully recovered. It is mentioned in the information he had that Gormlaith often abuses animals and Muggles.

If he remembers correctly, that should be the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets. Gormlaith will take the dead rooster down to destroy the corpse later.

Does it prove that Gormlaith can only physically do all this, and she can’t use magic? After all, a rooster’s corpse can be burned by a flame spell.

After thinking about the current situation, Sean said with a shocked expression, “It’s, it’s amazing… but I don’t understand. What can I do to help him?”

Gormlaith’s tongue flicked back and forth. “Draco, I just need you to do a little thing.”

“Please do tell, ma’am…”

Gormlaith laughed cruelly, “I want you to lure out the professors one by one, and I will let Lord Salazar Slytherin’s pet do it. No one can stop me when these stupid professors are dead.”

Sean’s eyes widened in ‘fear’, and he said, “But they are the professors in this school…”

“Ha—” Gormlaith sneered, “Letting those dirty bugs sit in the classroom, what qualifications do they have to be called professors?”

“But, but…”

Gormlaith laughed: “I know this is a little bit difficult for you. Draco, I will give you part of the reward first, which should motivate you.”

“For example,” her voice was charming, “A method to become an immortal…”

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Published On: September 26, 2023

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