Sean looked around, and after making sure that the others had fallen asleep, he took out the newly obtained magical animal egg.

The egg is not very big, just the size of a head, it feels smooth, and it is covered with turquoise patterns. Sean put it under the quilt and found that it actually glowed a little in the dark environment.

“What kind of egg is this?” Sean pondered for a while but couldn’t come up with an answer. The book “Fantastic Beasts” doesn’t seem to mention how to identify the eggs of magical animals.

“Since it is of golden quality, it must be a powerful creature, right? Creatures such as dragons and alike look cool, though.”

However, Sean still doesn’t know how to hatch this egg and how to treat the creature after hatching.

He might have to go to Hagrid. Sean pulled on the velvet quilt and quickly fell asleep.

When he woke up the next day, Sean checked the egg in the inventory for the first time. It still didn’t change. It seemed that he really needed to find a way to hatch it.

But Sean is running out of time for the time being. There is a class this morning, and Ravenclaw is going to take two potions classes with Hufflepuff.

On the way to the hall, he glanced at the weekly tasks of the system. Today is Monday, so it’s when the mission task refreshes.

Mission: Earn 20 points for Ravenclaw, 0/20 (Unfinished)

Points reward: 20

It seems that after entering Hogwarts, the weekly tasks have also changed, and the reward points have also increased a lot. It’s not so bad as it could give him two rolls.

Following the group to the hall, the table was already filled with all kinds of breakfast. Hermione was already sitting at the long table, putting “Thousands of Magical Herbs and Mushrooms” in front of her, flipping through it occasionally.

“Good morning.” Sean sat next to her and said hello.

“The Rhizome Round Aconitum and the Poisonous Aconitum are the same plants and collectively referred to as Aconitum.” She recited the contents of the book and said hello without even raising her head, “Morning, Sean.”

Sean took some bacon and sausages and put them on the plate. He asked curiously, “Don’t you know everything by heart?”

Hermione hurriedly took a bite of the sandwich that had been on the plate for a long time and said in a distressed voice, “I had a dream last night, the professor asked questions in class, but I couldn’t answer anything. God, this is terrible.”

“You’re too nervous.” Sean smiled and comforted.

“This is what a student should do.” Hermione glared at him and continued to say worriedly, “If I can’t get good grades, I can’t forgive myself.”

“But today is the first day of school.”

“Then let’s not slack off. Sean, do me a favor and ask me a few random questions.”

“Okay, okay, let’s see…”


After eating breakfast, the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs walked toward the Potions classroom in pairs.

There are a total of 142 staircases at Hogwarts. Some of them are wide and big. Some are narrow and small, and rickety. Some lead to a different place every Friday, some are halfway up, and a step will suddenly disappear, and you have to remember where you should jump over.

Plus, there are lots of doors here that won’t open for you. Some aren’t even real doors at all, just a place that appears to be a solid wall behind the door. It’s hard to remember what’s where because everything seems to be in constant motion.

Not only that, the door ahead will open to some wrong place, and ghosts often come out of the wall, passing through your body and hitting all people that were there.

Ravenclaw’s ghost, Mrs. Helena, has a bad temper. She always looks cold. If the Bloody Baron happens to be there, you’ll see both of them quarreling.

Though, you can ask the ghosts about directions.

“There must be something in the past between Ms. Helena and the Bloody Baron.” Hermione, who was not fond of gossip, whispered after seeing the two ghosts.

“But our primary goal is to find the potions professor, and the class is ten minutes away.” Sean reminded.

“Come on, If I’m late for the first class, I don’t know what I should do later!”

Fortunately, the two managed to find the class successfully.

The potions class was held in an underground classroom. It was colder than the main castle building above. There were glass jars along the walls, soaked in all kinds of strange and biological specimens.

However, what was more striking were the cauldrons in front. The faint steam filled the classroom above. When Sean passed through those cauldrons, he smelled all kinds of wonderful smells.

He and Hermione picked a table closest to the podium, and even though the two came late, it was still empty.

Orange steam was rising from the cauldron in front of the two, and every bubble burst in the pot brought a nice smell of orange water.

“I don’t think I’ve seen this in a book…” Before Hermione could finish her words, the door of the basement opened. Professor Slughorn finally arrived in the class.

“Good morning. Classes these days are really up in the morning, huh? Don’t blame me if you didn’t get a good night’s sleep.” He smiled and cracked up a small joke.

Although only a few people laughed, he didn’t care at all, picked up a clipboard, and called the students’ names. Slughorn’s tone was obviously more enthusiastic when a few names were called, such as Sean’s roommate Terry Boot.

“Okay, before your first potion class starts, I think it’s necessary for you to experience the beauty and power of potions.” He pointed at the cauldrons that were still gurgling.

“Can anyone tell me what kind of potion this is?” He pointed to a cauldron containing a transparent potion, and the fine bubbles frequently popped out and burst.

Before Sean could make a move, Hermione next to him immediately raised her hand high.

“Very well, what is it, young lady?”

“Babbling soup, a potion that can make people talk nonsense uncontrollably.” Hermione gave the answer immediately.

“Correct. Does anyone know about this potion?” Slughorn said, pointing to the other pot.

Hermione raised her hand first, and Sean tried to do so, but Slughorn continued to choose Hermione with great interest.

“Draught of Living Death, potions that keep people who are frightened or mentally injured calm.”

“Correct!” Slughorn looked at Hermione in surprise. “I’m sorry, I forgot your name. Could you please tell me what’s your name again?” Professor Slughorn had just called her name five minutes ago and already forgot about it.

“It’s Hermione Granger, Professor.”

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Published On: July 7, 2023

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