Sean immediately froze in place. The shock on his face no longer needs to be disguised because this is the truest portrayal of his heart.

He widened his eyes and looked at the translucent figure opposite him.

Gormlaith’s face changed, she seemed to be immersed in glory, and even her voice became psychedelic.

“Malfoy, I don’t need to explain the greatness of Salazar Slytherin. As a member of the wizarding world aristocrats, you should know it well.”

Even in a state of extreme shock, Sean did not forget to act. Of course, Draco’s performance will continue.

He swallowed his saliva, moved back again, and said, “You’re lying… Salazar Slytherin was already dead thousands of years ago. How could he return?”

“It’s indeed doubtful…” Gormlaith moved closer again and laughed again, “Think with your brain, Malfoy. Why should I tell you this?”

“I…” Sean opened his mouth to say something, but she quickly interrupted him.

A cruel smile appeared on Gormlaith’s face, “I cherish the life of every Pure-Blood wizard for the greater glory. I don’t mind making something unflattering to-“

Sean stepped back even more and said, “You are just a ghost. You can’t do anything to me! Besides, my father is on the school committee of Hogwarts!”

“Sooner or later, the school board will be replaced…” Gormlaith licked her lips, “Of course, if you behave well. Your father will get more respect in the new school board in the future. This kind of glory would also be passed on to you.”

“However—” Gormlaith laughed nervously, “I have to show you the means of threatening you first.”

Sean’s body tensed all of a sudden. His ring had begun to open slowly. As long as Dave gave a signal, he would immediately release all the roosters hidden.

At the same time, Sean’s left hand, hidden under the robe, has tightly grasped a gorgeous fiery red tail given to him by Dumbledore and let him summon the phoenix.

However, the faucet didn’t turn, and the basilisk didn’t get out. Instead, Gormlaith changed.

Her chapped, translucent body gradually turned black like thick ink, the arrow that shot into her heart squirmed, and the arrow slowly retreated. Gormlaith’s translucent body turned into a black entity, and her boots stepped on the ground.

Sean’s pupils shrank suddenly.

Gormlaith had turned into a real person. Most importantly, Sean felt a pure dark power, which he was very familiar with. Gormlaith’s whole body turned pitch black except for the whites of her eyes, and she took a deep breath in satisfaction.

“This feeling is so good…” She licked her lips excitedly and walked slowly towards Sean, step by step.

“Malfoy…” Gormlaith called softly.

In an instant, The Obscurus’ unique black particles overflowed from her hand, and those black particles pressed Sean’s body against the wall like a cage. Sean almost instinctively wanted to awaken the Obscurus in his body, and Dave, in his inner pocket, had already moved frantically.

But Felix Felicis told him to do nothing, so Sean followed his intuition.

He could still feel the heat brought by the Obscurus’ particles, and the black particles had already begun to instinctively invade Sean’s body. His bare right hand was already trembling from the sharp pain like a needle prick.

“Draco…” Gormlaith seemed to be calling her younger generation affectionately, “Have you seen this power? It was given to me by Salazar Slytherin. You can’t imagine his greatness, but, fortunately, you can feel it.”

There was a pained expression on Sean’s face. There was an Obscurus around his body, so he had a certain resistance to this kind of power. However, he pretended to be in extreme pain.

Gormlaith smiled happily. Torturing others always brought her pleasure.

She patted Sean’s face. She withdrew the black particles, and Sean fell to the ground. He was panting heavily, and sweat was already breaking out on his forehead.

“Do you believe me, Draco?” Gormlaith looked down at him.

“I believe it, I believe it!” Sean nodded quickly and looked at her in fear.

Judging from the Obscurus power, the strength is not strong. She just restrained his body, which shows that she is real. If he changed to an Obscurus form, there would be a probability of more than 70% for him. At the same time, he can call the phoenix to help him, and the probability of defeating her will be further increased.

Under tension, Sean has already begun to calculate the difference in strength between the two. As someone who can control the Obscurus, he is very familiar with this power. Gormlaith’s strength can only be regarded as above-average.

In a head-to-head confrontation, the professors in the castle should have a good chance of winning.

After calculating secretly, he looked at her again, “Ma’am, I’m just a student. I don’t know what to do, and how can the great Salazar Slytherin use me?”

Gormlaith snorted coldly, “Putting yourself safe, Draco? You Malfoys really haven’t changed at all.”

She squatted down, “Draco, we are just cooperating. I need you to help me clear some small things. After all, my identity is not suitable for moving around in the castle. After that—” she licked her lips, “You will be rewarded by Salazar Slytherin himself…”

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Published On: September 26, 2023

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