In the beginning, the soul hidden in Nagini’s body invaded Sean’s soul world. After that, he gained a lot of knowledge about dark magic, and Sean felt a bit strange at the time. However, Tom Riddle was a dark magician. But it is impossible for him to master only dark magic, and he doesn’t have any other knowledge regarding magic.

Of course, the ‘Pride’ in Sean’s body that has not yet fully awakened has hidden all the knowledge in Tom’s soul except for dark magic.

Specifically, that part of knowledge was still bound with the soul fragments. Sean did something once with the help of Felix Felicis, and it wanted to pollute Sean with negative emotions. Probably because of something, Tom’s soul was mixed with the negative emotions.

He got something by not being tempted by the negative emotions and the help of the Obscurus. That something was a piece of information about how to deal with ghosts.

Ghosts are not magical creatures. They are more like a form of soul expression in the real world. Ghosts don’t have the ability to physically touch things in the real world other than a touch of water, which is why the Horned Serpent is so difficult to deal with since it can affect the real world.

However, ghosts are basically harmless to wizards, and no one would invent a spell to repel them unless necessary.

Fortunately, Tom has a very in-depth study, and there is a spell that he created.

The spell was called “Nihilointuor.”

This spell is cast on yourself. After casting it, the caster’s concentration can freeze any kind of soul. This spell has limited lethality against wizards but can petrify a ghost.

After petrifying the ghost, casting a Killing Curse on them will carry the effect. Although the effect will be much weakened, but as long as you cast them repeatedly, you can completely erase a ghost from the real world.

Sean suspects that Tom got the inspiration for the spell from the basilisk.

This method of obliterating ghosts is extremely cruel because wizards believe that after death, their souls will go to the underworld, and death is just another adventure. Some ghosts choose to stay in the real world either because of fear or nostalgia.

When you erase a ghost, they will completely disappear, they will not go to the underworld, and there will be no traces of them living in the real world.

However, these are not within the scope of Sean’s consideration. He is now thinking about why Gormlaith came out of the Chamber of Secrets.

Her purpose is to get rid of the Mudblood wizards. Obviously, this kind of ‘heavy task’ must be handed over to the basilisk. She should hide in the Chamber and not show up.

But why did Felix Felicis give him a hunch that he should face Gormlaith alone? Was it to catch her or to obtain any information?

Sean is still going to go to the location, and he is quite confident. After all, Gormlaith is just a ghost. Only the basilisk and Horned Serpent can threaten him.

Sean ordered Pudding. When his father sent many roosters, Sean kept a dozen more roosters in his ring. Pudding was frightening the group of roosters at his command, and the crowing of the roosters was constantly echoing.

Dave has been observing the spider box that Sean keeps next to him. As long as the spider inside shows a little bit of something wrong, Sean will open the ring, and the roosters will rush out.

The Obscurus acts as another alarm. As a magical creature born of pure power, the Obscurus will not be affected by the illusion of the Horned Serpent. If Sean were controlled, The Obscurus would directly wake Sean up.

Sean took out a mask. It’s the purple item from the previous lottery: Nymphadora Tonks’ Mask.

Just by using this thing, he will have the ability of Tonks’ Metamorphmagus within an hour.

Sean put the mask directly on his face, his face twisted for a while, his slightly curly black hair became smooth and sparse, and his hair color gradually changed to pale gold.

He turned into Draco Malfoy.

Gormlaith is a fanatical Pure-blood, and she should have some understanding of the Malfoy family. These Pure-Blooded families generally have some connections. Most pure-blood families require intermarriage to ensure their “purity”.

They have always believed that every Pure-Blood wizard is noble and rare, and it is often easy to reach a consensus among them that the Mudbloods should be eliminated.

This is Sean’s plan to win the trust of Gormlaith with the appearance of a Malfoy.

It sounds unbelievable, but the reality of the wizarding world is like this. Pure-Blood wizards have always believed that they are the superior group. Many students in the Slytherin house would be honored to work with the Heir of Slytherin.

His ring shook, revealing a hole. Sean put his hand in, and then Pudding jumped up and handed him a bag. It was a full set of Slytherin house uniforms.

Sean has always been well prepared—not only for Slytherin, but he also has uniforms for Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Sean even prepared Snape’s robe, Dumbledore’s robe, Grindelwald’s turtleneck trench coat, Nurmengard’s uniform, and so on.

It doesn’t cost much, and preparing for such an occasion wouldn’t hurt.

He quickly put on the Slytherin robes, and Sean moved. He raised his chin slightly, then raised his brows, imitating Draco’s arrogant and unbeatable appearance.

He packed a lot of Galleons in the bag, walked out of the broom room with his head held high, and walked towards the bathroom amidst the sound of gold coins colliding.

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Published On: September 25, 2023

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