Sean finally knew why Felix Felicis had reminded him to come to the Weasley twins. One is because to stop them from destroying the castle’s drainage system while keeping his name’s reputation intact in every toilet.

While the second was the parchment.

Even though he knew what it was, Sean still put on a puzzled expression, “What is this?”

“This is the secret of our success and the inheritance left by our predecessors.” George touched the parchment.

“I’m going to miss you…” Fred brought his mouth closer to kiss the parchment but accidentally touched George’s hand.

“Come on, now! Watch what you’re holding!”

“George! Your hair in the hands is weird!”

Sean couldn’t help laughing out loud, stopped the two, and then they told Sean the origin of this thing.

“We got this from Filch, and we’ve memorized all kinds of secret passages, so it doesn’t matter if we give it to you.” Fred said.

George took out his wand, “Look here.”

He lightly tapped the parchment’s surface lightly with his wand and said, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

In an instant, thin lines of ink spread like a spider’s web came from the surface where George’s wand had touched, connecting and crisscrossing each other, extending to every corner of the parchment.

(Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, Prongs, and an unnamed Half-Blood Prince

Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief-Makers are proud to present


When Sean saw the unnamed Half-Blood prince who didn’t want to be named, his expression became a little weird.

Every detail of Hogwarts Castle is revealed on the parchment, countless small black dots are moving on it, and the name is marked in extremely small fonts on the side. Sean could see a bunch of names in the Ravenclaw lounge.

Hermione and Daisy were in the little corner where the three of them used to hang out. There were no names in the bathroom he had just passed, but Harry and Snape could be seen moving in opposite directions.

Even Filch and Edmund were marked in the infirmary. Professor Sprout and Madam Pomfrey were walking around, and Mrs. Norris was motionless beside Filch.

In the broom room, the names of Sean, George, and Fred were marked next to three small black dots.

“This is amazing, but isn’t this too much?” Sean said.

“Not at all,” Fred patted him on the shoulder seriously. “We have already enjoyed the fruits of these five noble people, and it’s time to pass it on to others.”

“Yes, an inheritance from the greatest mischief makers!” George said, “After using it, remember to change it back to its original shape. Tap it with your wand, and say, ‘Mischief managed,’ and that’s it.”

“Sean, make good use of it!”

“Should we do this somewhere else? Like soaking them in Lockhart’s office?” The two left here with a smile.

Sean smiled slightly. He closed the room, squatted, and opened the Marauder’s Map on his lap. He looked towards the basement floor. Snape had already returned to his office and was walking around in circles.

No wonder the confrontation between Sirius and Snape was so weird last year. Sean’s bold guess at the beginning was now confirmed. Back then, Snape was part of the Marauders.

To be precise, Snape himself was one of the Marauders. He doesn’t know what kind of conflict happened between them, and now they are in an awkward relationship.

Sean smacked his lips in amazement and checked the parchment. Even though he had seen it in a movie, he still had to admire the genius of the Marauders when making this magical item.

In Sean’s opinion, the technical content of this thing is terrifying. After his Transfiguration talent reaches ten points, he can see most of the traces of Transfiguration.

The amount of high-end Transfiguration and various magics used on this Marauder’s Map is ridiculous, many of which Sean has never learned or seen before.

He carefully checked the entire map and found that, apart from the Chamber of Secrets and the Room of Requirement. The details inside the Hogwarts castle were clearly revealed, including secret passages leading outside the school.

Sean leaned over and squinted to check the names of those people. Most of the names overlapped together. Most of the professors stayed in their offices, and Hagrid’s name could be seen on the edge of the map. It looked like the field part was also included in the map.

It is a pity that Dumbledore’s name is absent in the principal’s office.

Sean squinted his eyes and scanned around, but there were too many students in Hogwarts Castle. In addition to the staff in the castle and ghosts, just looking at those names made Sean’s eyes a little tired.

He raised his head, rubbed his eyes, and decided to ask Professor McGonagall for a list of students tomorrow. Sean was going to check it out to see if any ‘uninvited guest’ was hidden in the castle.

Of course, this is a bit of a loadwork, but it is still necessary for safety reasons.

Just when Sean was about to put away the Marauder’s Map, a name suddenly appeared in the girls’ bathroom that he had been paying attention to.

That’s the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets, and Myrtle stayed there all year round. But after this accident, Professor McGonagall asked the ghosts to patrol in pairs, and Myrtle stayed with another ghost on the third floor.

The name of that other ghost made Sean’s breathing quicken.

Gormlaith Gaunt.

Sean was sure that the name just appeared, which meant that Gormlaith had just come out of the Chamber of Secrets.

Immediately, many thoughts ran through Sean’s mind.

He hesitated. Should he notify the professors immediately?

The Felix Felicis gave him a hunch that he should see Gormlaith alone.

With that in mind, Sean made a decision.

“Naja, go and inform Professor Scamander.” He released Naja, and under his command, Naja shrank into an earthworm size and swam quickly to Newt’s office.

Although Felix Felicis is magical, it is not a panacea. Sean decided to follow his instincts, but he needed to make some preparations.

The soul fragment he passed to the Obscurus, where Tom Riddle had been completely disassembled, gave Sean a useful piece of information.

A piece of information called “How to deal with Ghosts”.

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Published On: September 25, 2023

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