There was a calm in the bathroom, and Harry’s voice sounded slightly annoyed.

“My mother taught me very well, and my father is a great person. Professor Snape, in addition to potions, my mother also taught me not to judge others from their covers.”

Snape’s voice became even colder, “Forgive me, I got one thing wrong. You didn’t inherit any qualities from your mother at all.”

Sean immediately stepped hard on the ground with his boots. He made a loud noise as if a group of people were walking together. He had a hunch that if Harry and Snape were allowed to argue like this, something bad might happen.

The two heard the noise that Sean made outside and immediately stopped talking. Snape let go of Harry, who had just pressed his shoulder to the wall. Harry’s chest was still heaving violently, and he looked at Snape disgustedly.

Snape’s expression remained unchanged, but his hands that were retracted from his robes were trembling slightly.

Outside the bathroom, Sean still stepped hard on the ground. After making sure there was no other movement in the bathroom, he walked away. The atmosphere regained its calm, and after a while, Harry and Snape came out of the bathroom and separated ways.

Sean continued to walk towards the broom room and did not feel anything in his heart. It would be better to leave whatever’s happening between the two by themselves. Considering Snape’s character, it’s best to pretend that he didn’t know anything.

Sean walked through the corridor, and after passing through a thick curtain, he came to a wooden door.

This broom room is relatively remote. Even Filch only comes to check it once a month. So, this place has become a small base for the Weasleys. Sean has a good relationship with the twins and is told about this place.

He gently pushed open the door, and two Weasley twins were discussing something. Perhaps they were too focused, or maybe Sean’s movements were faint. The two of them didn’t even notice that there was Sean in the room.

“George, are you sure this is okay?” Fred scratched his hair.

“Relax, I’ll make sure that this will be grand. Look at this cutie, isn’t it amazing?” George held a glass jar filled with colorful particles.

Fred blew the messy bangs on his forehead, “Is this thing really going to work?”

“Of course,” George said excitedly, “I didn’t know there was such a good thing in the Muggle world before. Fred, think about it! Tens of thousands of magical Orbeez! Wonderful right? We will leave a mark in the history of Hogwarts!”

The more he talked, the more excited he became, “Think about it, when we pour these things into the drains of every bathroom. They will expand rapidly, and as long as you turn on the faucet, countless of them will come out. As long as they pick it up and look at it, the words ‘Congratulations to Sean on his 13th birthday’ will appear! I can’t imagine how Sean would react later.”

Fred laughed, “You’re right, George. Sean will definitely be shocked and then look at us with his classic smile, but can he keep that smile like he usually does? Oh, I can imagine his helpless and surprised tone.”

He imitated Sean’s tone. “Hey guys, thanks for the gift. Now everyone knows that this gift is related to me.”

The two giggled mischievously.

At this time, a voice sounded behind them, “Hey, I have to thank you for your kindness, but I think that if you want to celebrate my birthday and do something that might stir up discussion in the castle. It would be best to ask me first to join you guys, right?”

The twins jumped in fright, they turned around in a panic, and Fred’s hand was already in the bag. There are smoke bombs and dung eggs, which they use to play pranks or escape Filch’s pursuit.

Sean looked at the two of them.

“Oh, Sean. Since when you’re here?” Fred and George laughed dryly.

Sean casually leaned against the wall, “I happened to pass by, and then I heard about your plan since you two laughed too loudly.”

“It’s all your fault, Fred. We’ve been discovered now!” George complained.

“It’s you that laughed too loudly!”

The two argued.

Sean shook his head helplessly, “Guys, please forgive my sense of humor. But I have to remind you to give up that idea.”

Orbeez might seem like a harmless child’s toy, but a toy like this has a high probability of blocking the drainage system. Orbeez amplified with magic is something that Sean couldn’t even imagine.

George and Fred looked at him and said, “Come on, Sean. Don’t dampen our enthusiasm. Think about it. This will be the most memorable thirteenth birthday. We got only a snack box on our birthday.”

“I’d rather have that. At least don’t put my name if you’re trying to cause a stir. I don’t want to go to the bathroom and see a bunch of balls popping out of the toilet and say, ‘Congratulations to Sean on his thirteenth birthday’.”

“I guess so, and it’s a bit disgusting.” Fred nodded in approval.

“But that’s funny, isn’t it?” George winked.

“Come now, don’t bring my name to this.”

In the room, it took Sean a little effort to convince the twins to give up their plan. The two looked a little regretful, and George muttered, “You discovered it in advance, and we haven’t prepared any other gifts yet.”

Sean smiled, “Don’t worry, just give me a hug when the time comes. As long as you two put away those dung eggs from your pockets.”

The twins looked at each other, thought momentarily, and nodded.

“Happy birthday, Sean.”

Fred pulled something out of his robe and handed something over. It was a large square piece of parchment.

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Published On: September 25, 2023

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