“Sean? Why are you alone in here during the day?” Terry Boot walked in.

“Checking to see if the monster in the Chamber of Secrets has sneaked into our dormitory.” Sean said with a smile.

It was obviously a joke, but Terry Boot nodded seriously, “I guess you’re right, Sean.”

The effect of Felix Felicis still exists. When the effect lasts, he is the luckiest person in Hogwarts and, at the same time, the most convincing person.

“Oh, by the way. When I just came over from the field, I happened to meet the Weasley twins. The two of them seemed to be discussing something and said they wanted to surprise you.” Terry said.

“It’s a shame that I just knew about it.”

Terry spread his hands, “I couldn’t do much like both of them. But, this is for you.” Terry handed over a nicely packaged gift box.

“Happy birthday, buddy.” He said with a smile.

“Thank you, Terry.” Sean accepted the gift with a smile.

Under the effect of Felix Felicis, his heart didn’t change much. But in the face of his friends, Sean felt that he still needed to show some sincerity. Moreover, he almost forgot that Today is his birthday.

After expressing his thanks to Terry, he picked up his coat and walked out of the room. The effect of Felix Felicis still exists, and Sean felt that he should go to the Weasley twins.

When he came to the common room, Sean was ignored this time, but it was normal because he didn’t want to be disturbed. When he walked out of the common room, Sean saw a small figure going up the stairs. It was Stephanie, who he had been ignoring all this time.

He smiled and took the initiative to say hello.

“Good day, Miss Ollivander.”

Stephanie never expected that Sean would come forward to say hello. In the past, he had completely ignored her.

“Hello, Sean.” Stephanie seemed a little embarrassed for some reason.

“Nice to meet you. Ah, I have something to tell you.” Sean said.

“Do tell.” She was a little nervous but also a little happy. No matter what, Sean was at least willing to take the initiative to talk to her.

Sean took a step forward and then looked straight into her eyes.

She didn’t speak, and the expression on her face didn’t change. She raised her head higher so that Sean could see her eyes more clearly.

“I just want to remind you,” Sean’s smile became brighter, “Today is my birthday, and it’s the first anniversary of the monocle you gave me. “

“It’s just a simple reminder. I don’t have any other meaning.” Sean didn’t seem to notice Stephanie’s gradually lowering her head.

“I see.” Stephanie said a word, and there was embarrassment on her face.

“That’s all. I wish you a happy day.” Sean’s smile remained the same, and he quickly walked past her.

“I’m sorry…” A low voice can be heard behind him, but he ignores it completely.

After Sean had left for a long time, Stephanie exhaled lightly and raised her head. Her face still showed no expression, except the knuckles on her hands holding the ancient books turned a bit white because she tightly clenched it.


Sean walked into the corridor of the castle in a happy mood.

In the past, Grindelwald was the main reason why he ignored Stephanie. He didn’t know the relationship between her and that old man. Sean was worried that she would do something to him or Grindelwald himself would do something to her.

Well, Sean had to admit that he is really nice. After all, Grindelwald’s change of heart is much faster than the weather in England. But under the effect of Felix Felicis, he felt that he should do this once, just as a way to vent his anger.

Sean quickly put the matter behind him and walked towards the broom room on the first floor. It was where the Weasley twins used to hang out.

On the way from the Ravenclaw tower, Sean didn’t meet anyone except Stephanie because he will be surrounded by students who greeted him and patted his shoulders.

As he turned around the boys’ bathroom, there were conversations coming from inside.

“Do you think that the castle is safe now that you can act alone, Potter?” Snape’s voice can be heard.

The corner of Sean’s mouth twitched, it seemed that Harry was having trouble with Snape again.

He casually leaned against the outer wall of the bathroom, where the voices inside could be heard.

“Professor Snape,” Harry said stiffly, “it’s only a few steps from the Great Hall, and I’ve always had a rooster with me.”

“But you still violated the professors’ warning. Five points will be deducted because of your irresponsibility.”

Probably because there were only two of them alone, Harry seemed annoyed suddenly, “Professor, this is unreasonable.”

“It is reasonable,” Snape replied immediately, “For a fool who doesn’t like to follow the rules, it is very reasonable.”

“Okay, I don’t mind about this deduction. But what about in class? Do you need to deduct points because I didn’t properly hold the knife? Professor Snape?!” Harry’s voice became louder, and the resentment inside him almost overflowed.

“Five more points will be taken from Gryffindor for disrespecting the teacher.”

“This is outrageous.” Sean could almost hear Harry’s panting.

After calming down, he said, “I just have to tell Daisy about the rewards you give and throw them away. Who knows if you will poison the Potter family? I can always brew a potion for her any-“

There was a sound from the bathroom as if someone had been pushed against the wall.

Snape’s cold voice can be heard, “Harry Potter, you are just like your father. Mediocre but arrogant, keen to break the rules, and makes you feel you have a sense of superiority? Do you think just because you’re popular, you can do that? Do you think I’m targeting you in the class?”

“Look at your performance. Your mother was able to improve the Swelling Potion in first grade, unlike you, who doesn’t even know that the cauldron needs to be turned off when you remove it. You used the arrogance inherited from your stupid father with the talent for potions that your mother passed on to you to only do something stupid as not holding the knife properly.”

“What a disgrace to your mother.” Snape said his last sentence.

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Published On: September 25, 2023

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