Sean withdrew his hand attached to the Obscurus’ core. The madness, cruelty, and violent emotions in him had disappeared without a trace.

Sean smiled slightly and looked at the Obscurus in front of him. It was originally a magical animal containing pure dark power, and such negative emotions would not have any effect on it. The dark red light in its core flickered twice, looking a bit puzzled.

“How does it feel?” A thought was conveyed.

“I don’t feel anything. But it’s weird. You look very kind.” The Obscurus’ thoughts reached Sean’s mind.

With a smile on Sean’s face, he sat back on the chair again. The method Tom Riddle taught him really worked.

He communicated with Dave many times, and Sean came up with a bold guess. The method taught by Tom allows a wizard to communicate with another living body. This communication is a way of communicating at the soul level. Because the heart is opened, a sense of trust and intimacy, like a family, will quickly develop between the two.

That’s why Dave regarded Sean as his relative as soon as he hatched because they had already linked to each other. Sean has to admit that Tom has a talent that ordinary people can’t match. This also made him sure of one thing, Tom Riddle was not dead.

He probably lived in some kind of broken state, and Sean never forgot one thing. Tom’s body never showed up.

In the academic exchange with Nurmengard, Tom came to Hogwarts using Quirrell’s body, and his real body was never shown. Hence, there was a mist on his body.

He raised his head and looked at the Obscurus with a smile.

“Is it your first time communicating with someone?”

“It’s. Strange. But comfortable.” The Obcurus’ thought was conveyed, whether it was the limitation of thinking or the rigidity of never communicating. Its words were a bit stiff.

“It doesn’t matter. You can chat with me more, and I can teach you anything you want to know.”

The core flickered twice quickly and finally said, “Thank you.”

However, now is not the time to chat. Sean lowered his head and looked at the ground. When his negative emotions were rioting just now, Tom’s soul fragments invaded. Although he was a little dizzy, he still noticed something.

That feeling is very strange, like a kind of resonance and a collision brought about by another thought.

That ‘Pride’ must be here somewhere.

In the magma below, the huge Sean, who had been looking up, slowly lowered his head. The look of anticipation on his face had disappeared. His huge head shook, released a low and inaudible sigh, and sank into the magma again.


In the dormitory, Sean was standing in front of the mirror and opened his eyes. The black vortex in his eyes gradually disappeared, but the thought still did not disappear.

“You can borrow it. If you want everything. I can give it. But remember. I will die after that.”

Sean smiled slightly. Sure enough, everything will be much more convenient when the two communicate. He used to wonder why The Obscurus reached cooperation with him, but now it seems that it is only worried that it will not return it after borrowing the power.

Because the power of the Obscurus is composed of two parts, the boundary between the two is difficult to tell clearly. In order to distinguish it, Sean called the power that would not affect the existence of an Obscurus as pure magic power.

The pure magic power is huge, and it isn’t easy to control. This kind of power can only be controlled instinctively by the Obscurus. Unless Sean turns himself into an Obscurus, he will never be able to control the pure magic power.

The other part of the power is the organic magic power. This magic power serves as the foundation of the Obscurus’ survival. The Obscurus doesn’t know where the magic power comes from, but it will die if this part of the power is depleted.

At the same time, this organic magic power is what Sean can control. Although the power is not great, controlling it takes more trial and error. Sean can instinctively acquire its powers when he borrows them.

Sean raised his left hand and raised his fingers. With the fluctuation of magic power, his left hand changed from the wrist, and the whole left hand disintegrated into black particles.

Sean was missing a hand, and the black particles gradually lingered in the entire room. Following Sean’s control, the particles turned into a pure black miniature Winged Demon and became an indescribable black creature for a while.

Sean waved his wrist, and the black particles seemed to be a part of his body that could be manipulated at will. Whether it was holding a water glass or folding a quilt, he could do it.

Of course, this ability cannot be used so simply.

The black particles instantly turned into a viscous substance like petroleum. The black, oily substance penetrated into the crevice of the cabinet.

It grabs a brand-new piece of parchment, and the parchment has completely lost its luster. The paper surface has turned into a light black, covered with scorched black marks like insects crawling over it.

Sean walked over and then took a breath, the parchment crumbled into confetti.

Sean blinked, and his pupils turned into pure black in an instant. He could turn his entire body into black particles as long as he wanted.

It’s a pity that a large part of his power at this time comes from the “Dark Sleeper”. If he was in his normal condition, at most, he could only turn his wrist. Sean still has a long way to go before he can control himself like Aurelius.

Just when he was about to test some abilities again, he had a hunch. Sean regained his form and turned back to his original appearance. At this time, the bedroom door was opened.

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