High-Precision Magnifying Glass (purple): When suspicious people are around, it will rotate by itself and initiate an alarm.

The first thing pulled out was purple. Sean smiled and didn’t care. He’s the luckiest guy in all of Hogwarts right now. As Sean expected, the blue and purple light kept coming, and then the dazzling golden light appeared.

Self-Distributable Talent Point 1 (Gold)

Blessing of the Ancients (Gold): Within two hours after using it, the user’s ability of ancient runes will be greatly improved. At the same time, the user will get an ancient spell modification (the direction and effect of the spell modification are random), and the cooldown is 720 hours.

Good Things Comes In Pairs (Gold): Consumable item that can duplicate any item (excluding lifeforms).

Rowena Ravenclaw’s Elementary Set (Golden): You will earn 3 Talent points after using it. The efficiency of learning spells is greatly improved, you will be able to avoid danger more easily, and it will be easier to gain the favor of Ravenclaw descendants. (Additional effect: You won’t get lost in Hogwarts anymore.)

Dark Sleeper (Gold): Within one hour after using it, the user’s control over dark power (including dark magic, dark magic creations, dark magic creatures, etc.) will increase exponentially. The cooldown is 2 hours.

Unknown Fragment (2/7) (Gold)

A total of six gold-level rewards. In the previous session, Sean spent almost 4,000 points in total, and only five golden rewards were drawn. This time, he only spent 1,500 points and got six golden rewards.

“I am really lucky.” Sean wasn’t surprised. He just snapped his fingers happily and showed a faint smile.

It only took a short time to draw the lottery, but the effect of the Felicia Elixir can last for a long time. Sean first set his sights on the self-distributable talent points.

He currently has two talents at nine points: Transfiguration and Magical Animals. According to Sean’s past personality, he should think carefully about which talent to add or use ‘Good Things Comes In Pairs’ to get another talent points.

But he had a hunch.

“Assign to Transfiguration.” Sean followed the instructions in his heart and gave the order.

Sean was not in a hurry to check the rewards this time. He stood up and came to the full-length mirror in the dormitory.

“Use the Dark Sleeper.” He said.

He would never use this kind of item, which seems to have serious side effects. But his instincts told him that he should do it.

He smiled and looked at himself in the mirror. In the depths of his pupils, something spun silently. After a slight trance, Sean once again came to the empty island that does not belong to the real world.

Last time, he was attacked by an Obscurus and reached a cooperation agreement with it, and since then, he has known how to enter here again. It’s just that Sean hasn’t been invaded by anything again, so he never came in again.

The empty island in front of him has not changed in any way. Everything is so peaceful and warm. Sean walked to the edge of the empty island and leaned casually on the railing.

At the bottom, the magma boiled more violently than before. It seemed to be stimulated by something. The dark red liquid was like a violent and hungry shark. They jumped and wanted to pounce into the air and get close to Sean.

For the first time, he felt all kinds of negative emotions floating like dust at the bottom. The effect of the Dark Sleeper attracted them, and they slowly floated up to get close to Sean.

Sean watched all this with a smile on his face, and when the magma boiled more violently, he said, “After learning the prophecy, I have been thinking about what kind of monster will awaken in my body. “

He paused and smiled, “It proves that the monster already exists in my body. How do we deal with Riddle’s soul? After thinking about it, only you can.”

Sean leaned out half of his body, shaking his hands, “Hey, can you come out and meet me? I won’t be mad at you, whether it’s your dark power or what it looks like.”

The magma is still boiling, and a magma column is rising high in the center. The negative emotions that floated up from the magma slowly gathered together.

Sean didn’t back down, continued smiling, and said, “We can discuss anything. We are one, right? Why don’t you come out and meet? You are the one that they talk about, right? Are you afraid of me? Or you can’t wake up due to things?”

Nothing happens at the bottom.

“Why don’t you show up? Let’s chat and talk about your wishes. Of course, don’t tell me that you want to destroy this world. The destroying the world is too old-fashioned and out of class.”

Sean chattered a lot. He casually brought up various topics repeatedly and even taunted it when he had nothing to do, but the magma at the bottom did not respond.

The negative emotions finally accumulated and slowly drilled into Sean’s temple like transparent silk threads. But Sean didn’t seem to feel anything. He allowed those emotions to invade him bit by bit.

Until his eyes became red, and the corners of his mouth raised even more.

“Forget it. You don’t seem to be like ‘Pride’. You sounded more like ‘Shame’.” Sean smiled and left.

Just below the island, a huge head slowly emerged, his crimson, emotionless eyes tinged. After glancing at the bottom of the Island, it sank again into the lava.

In the center of the empty island, Sean returned to the villa. He found a chair and sat down comfortably, ignoring his shaking legs due to negative emotions.

“Come out and talk.” He said easily.

Above the swimming pool, a black substance suddenly appeared in mid-air, its crimson core flickering slowly and rhythmically.

“You should have a certain level of thinking, right? I think you belong to a magical animal kind of thing.” Sean was gentle and kind, as if he was talking to his closest friend if you ignore the red eyes that were moving erratically.

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Published On: September 22, 2023

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