There is another point worth noting, which is the Horned Serpent.

That day in the Forbidden Forest, it clearly stated that its master was Isolt Sayre. So logically speaking, the Horned Serpent and Gormlaith should be enemies, but now the Horned Serpent is used by Gormlaith. Is it because of Parseltongue?

Out of all the things that happened here, only Gormlaith can explain it all.

Sean has some headaches. The heir to the Chamber of Secrets is a ghost, which is very troublesome.

The Hogwarts castle is huge, and there are all kinds of magic in the castle. Gormlaith wouldn’t be able to hide in all places as a ghost. In other words, she just needs to always hide in the Chamber of Secrets.

At the same time, Sean didn’t know what to do with a ghost, just like he couldn’t deal with the Horned Serpent ghost. Ghosts can’t be affected by magic and can’t be tortured.

The next day, Professor McGonagall sent out a message. She told the ghosts to pay attention to strange visitors, but that was all. She didn’t think of a good way to deal with the two ghosts for the time being.

A Horned Serpent ghost and a witch from the Gaunt family ghost.

Sean, Hermione, and Daisy went to the library, trying to find a way to deal with ghosts from some books. As long as the Chamber of Secrets is opened, the lives of everyone in the castle will be threatened. His father would have to spend a lot of money just to keep with the roosters.

It’s a pity that the Hogwarts library is big, and students are not allowed to enter the restricted area, and Sean didn’t find any useful information.

“Sean, it looks like we can only wait until Professor Dumbledore returns.” Hermione said at the dinner table.

She had a copy of the Daily Prophet in her hand, and the reports about the Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets were out.

[Has the prestigious school become a joke? Students are in danger, and Hogwarts is a breeding ground for roosters!]

“There are headlines everywhere. Don’t worry about it, Hermione,” Sean took a sip of pumpkin juice, “Dumbledore will come back.”

“And everything will be solved by then.” Daisy said confidently.

“Yes, he definitely will.” Sean replied with a smile.

Although he didn’t know what Dumbledore was doing, Sean didn’t lose confidence in the old man. While talking, Sean’s owl suddenly flew over with a package.

Sean unpacked the package suspiciously.

It was a small cowhide medicine purse with two letters on the lock plate at the opening.

“Oh, that’s Mama’s signature!” Daisy said beside her.

Sean nodded knowingly and immediately reacted. This is the Felix Felicis that was promised earlier. Sean has been in a low mood these days and finally grinned.

Sean had been coveting Felicis for a long time, and Daisy had received a reward from Snape before, which was a small bottle of Felicis. She told Sean privately that he could give it to him if he wanted it.

Sean declined her kindness, partly because he didn’t want to take such an advantage from her and partly because Snape would know later. If he had accepted the gift from Snape to Daisy, he would have been more careful about drinking his pumpkin juice in the future.

After returning to the common room, Sean couldn’t wait to open the purse. A bottle of potion was firmly stuffed in the purse.

Sean gasped.

This bottle was much bigger than the two vials that Slughorn and Snape had prepared. Sean picked up the bottle and looked it over. There was more than the pumpkin juice he drank before.

Usually, people only prepare it a spoonful amount, and even for many people, a few drops of Felix Felicis are enough.

In the purse, there are instructions from Lily.

(Take it with caution. Drinking too much Felix Felicis can lead to blind arrogance. One spoonful is enough. If you want to take another one, you should take it five years later. I recommend taking another one after ten years. If you take it with a dropper, the time limit can be shortened.)

(Also, you can give away this bottle of Felix Felicis as you like. The amount inside is enough for a dozen people to consume.)

He held up the Felix Felicis.

Sean is not going to wait for a certain opportunity, he is going to use it now. The purpose is very simple, to draw a lottery from the system.

Speaking of which, he had completed his weekly tasks well. Because the reward from the system was not guaranteed, he simply used it just because why not?

Felix Felicis is not a panacea potion. Although it is extremely precious, it cannot bring about any substantial changes after taking it.

Sean considered whether to use Felix Felicis as a life-saving means, but judging from the current situation, if something unexpected happened, he probably didn’t have time to take it out and sip it.

Instead, why not use the potion for the lottery? Right now, there is a problem in the castle, and Sean needs something. Maybe the system can help him solve his current predicament by giving him something helpful.

Sean has always been a decisive person. He closed the curtains and carefully poured a spoonful of Felix Felicis.

The potion did not linger. Sean took a deep breath and swallowed it in one gulp.

A feeling of excitement flowed to every corner of his body. He felt as if he had unlimited opportunities. He would succeed no matter what he wanted to do or what goal he wanted to achieve.

Sean became confident and relaxed. This wonderful feeling is not just self-confidence but a feeling that isn’t easy to describe in words. This mysterious feeling will guide him to do anything and lead to success.

He smiled and looked at the panel. He has accumulated a total of 1530 points so far.

Ten points for each draw, it’s about 153 draws at all once.

Sean ordered without any hesitation, “Use the lottery and draw all of them.”

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Published On: September 21, 2023

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