Everyone stood up, and Ravenclaw’s male prefect, Quinn Gray, and female prefect, Penelope Clearwater, greeted the new students.

The two arranged the new students into two groups. After the Gryffindors walked out of the hall, they counted to make sure that no new students were left behind and then took the group out with them.

Following the prefect through the noisy hall and then through the long corridor, they came to a tower. They went to the moving marble staircase, and Penelope introduced the Ravenclaw common room.

“Our common room is located in the tallest tower in the entire Hogwarts. Although climbing is a bit laborious, you don’t have to worry about bypassing those messy stairs. You can wait it out for them to change its path.”

While speaking, the stairs were reset, and everyone climbed up the spiral stairs to the top. The spiral staircase was very steep, and the group stopped when Sean was tired from climbing up the stairs.

In front of them was a huge wooden door, which was plain except for a bronze eagle-head knocker at the door handle.

Penelope showed a smile, “This is the common room of Ravenclaw, but we are different from other houses. As a Ravenclaw, we do not have a password, but you need to answer a question correctly.”

“Answer a question?” Someone asked curiously.

Penelope nodded earnestly, “Yes, Ravenclaw hopes that anyone can be smart. As long as you can answer correctly, even students from other houses can enter. If you can’t answer, then I’m sorry, even if you are a Ravenclaw. But you can wait for other Ravenclaws to open the door for you.”

After she finished speaking, she stepped forward and knocked on the door knocker. The bronze eagle’s head uttered an ethereal and gentle female voice.

“You have come to a fork in the road, and the two roads lead to Lies Village and Truth Village. The people in Truth Village will only tell the truth, and the people in Lies Village will only tell lies. There is a villager in each of the two villages guarding the intersection. You don’t know their identities. You can only ask one person to go ahead. How do you solve this problem?”

Sean came up with the answer after a little thought. This question should be regarded as the simplest type of logic puzzle.

Penelope smiled at the door and said to the students, “Does anyone want to try it?”

Being able to be selected into Ravenclaw, most of the students present were a little excited, and everyone was thinking hard at this time.

Sean glanced at Hermione in the line. She frowned for a moment. Her right hand moved a few times, and her mouth was muttering something.

After waiting for a while, when no one came forward, Sean took a slight step forward.

“Can I give it a try, Miss Clearwater?”

“Of course.” Penelope saw him with the Sorting Hat for 30 minutes. She was very interested in Sean, and her first impression of him was really good.

Sean walked up to Eagle Head and whispered the answer, “You would just ask either of them the question ‘Which is the way the village you live in?’ and they’ll lead you to the Truth Village anyway.”

“Correct.” Eagle Head said, and then the wooden door opened.

Sean showed a smile. It seemed that he answered correctly and deemed the answer by the door. Of course, if it’s not correct, Sean has other answers.

Such as, ‘Where does the road lead you to?’ or ‘Is that person telling the right way about the Truth Village?’

“That’s amazing.” Both prefects clapped their hands a few times. Very few of the students in previous years could answer the questions correctly. What’s more, the questions asked today are quite difficult. Even their seniors had to think about it for a while.

It seemed that the Sorting Hat spent thirty minutes for a good reason.

Sean smiled and bowed. To be honest, he thought this kind of question was quite simple, and other Ravenclaws should be able to solve it after thinking for a while.

Some other students were also admiring him how well he answered. Sean walked into Ravenclaw’s common room.

The lounge has arched windows, and blue and bronze silks hang on the walls. The dome ceiling is painted with stars, while the dark blue carpet covers the floor. Tables, chairs, and bookshelves are laid out on the floor, and opposite the door stands a white marble statue of one of the founders of Hogwarts: Rowena Ravenclaw.

Sean walked over, looked at the statue quietly, then bowed slightly. This is the respect a great pioneer deserves.

When he raised his head, there was a flash of eyes beside him. Sean didn’t find where it originated, but it wasn’t a big deal, and he quickly forgot it.

After the prefect’s speech welcoming the new students, Sean said goodbye to Hermione and walked into the area where the boys’ dormitory was located.

He and five other roommates: Anthony Goldstein, Kevin Entwhistle, Michael Corner, Stephen Cornfoot, and Terry Boot, found their dorm.

After washing up, Sean fell on the four-corner bed with a hanging curtain. Soon, his roommates fell asleep. After all, he was really tired today. Although Sean was equally tired, he hadn’t forgotten that he had a golden item that he hadn’t checked yet.

With excitement, he opened the system panel.

Name: Sean Wallup (Muggle family, Bloodline unknown)

Magic item: Magic Wand (Purple): The material is elm wood, and the core of the wand is a dragon heartstring.

Charm learning talent: 4 [Study more, there is still a chance.]

Under the talent, the spells he learned also appear on the list.

Mending Charm: Lv 0, Proficiency (186/1000)

Quietening Charm: Lv 0, Proficiency (207/1000)

Wand Lighting Charm, etc.

A lot of Level 0 spells are displayed in the list, but most of them are a few points of proficiency. After all, his Charm talent is average.

In addition, Sean’s transfiguration talent is extremely high. His proficiency in Transfiguration is as high as 10,000 points at level 0, and his self-study has not made any success.

Of course, now is not the time to think about it. At Hogwarts, proficiency growth is definitely much faster than self-study. Sean now wants to see what he has drawn.

Opening the inventory, he immediately found the golden item.

‘Magical Beast’s Egg (Gold) (Unhatched)’

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Published On: July 7, 2023

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