“Nick, did you say the ghost is called Gormlaith Gaunt?” Sean asked in disbelief.

Nick was a little puzzled. He didn’t understand why Sean’s reaction was different.

“Yes, even though I’ve been dead for five hundred years, my memory is still excellent,” he straightened his posture, “although few people know the name of the Grumpy Witch, but with my connections in the ghost world…”

“Sorry, Nick, although I am very interested in your story, but now is an important matter,” Sean interrupted Nick, who was about to brag about himself, “Tell me about that Gormlaith Gaunt.”

“Oh, well,” Nick was a little sad, but he explained it to Sean in detail, “Gormlaith Gaunt, nicknamed the Grumpy Witch, is exactly what she’s known from by her nickname.”

“There is an unwritten rule among ghosts: don’t ask about another ghost’s life. Of course, most ghosts don’t care about this. After all, we are all dead,” Nick laughed at himself, “Gormlaith is a violent witch, she will yell at everything she doesn’t like, and she is also a Pure Blood witch. Because of this, many ghosts have a bad relationship with her, and no one wants to associate with her.”

“She has been living alone in the Comcallee Valley. I was also a nobleman before I died, so I was able to talk to her. Although she has a weird temper and a cruel personality, she does know many secrets of the wizarding world. This is the reason why I recommend her to you.”

Sean asked, “Nick, do you know the Gaunt family?”

“Gaunt?” Nick showed a puzzled expression, “I don’t have any knowledge about it. Is Gormlaith’s family famous?”

Sean sighed silently. Nick didn’t know much about the Gaunt family. Otherwise, the news would have been informed to the professors long ago. They came around the corner, where Hermione and Daisy were waiting.

“Nick, please inform Professor McGonagall and repeat what you just said to me.” With a hasty instruction, Sean pulled Hermione and Daisy. Nick was left with a puzzled look on the spot.

“Sean, what happened?” Hermione asked curiously.

“I’ll explain it to you later and lend me that copy of The World’s Famous School of Magic book.”

They hurried back to Ravenclaw’s common room. Although Hermione was slightly puzzled, she returned to her dormitory and took out the book. Sean took the book and flipped through it hastily.

“I remember seeing Ilvermorny, founder, early experience.” He muttered and found the information he needed.

Gormlaith Gaunt is a descendant of Salazar Slytherin, one of the four founders of Hogwarts. Like her ancestors, she firmly believes in Pure-Blood superiority. She even inherited Salazar’s Horned Serpent wand.

Apart from these, her other identity is the aunt of the Ilvermorny founder, Isolt Sayre. It’s just that this aunt is much more cruel than Harry’s aunt.

Because of differences in ideas, Gormlaith and her sister have long been fighting. When Sayre was five years old, Gormlaith set a fire at the residence of her sister and her husband, and they were burned to death. They were killed, and only the young Isolt Sayre survived.

Gormlaith made this series of cruel acts because her sister would secretly use magic to help her Muggle neighbors. Her Pure-Blood belief is against her sister’s assisting Muggle neighbors, marrying Muggles, and teaching her daughter to do the same thing.

Seeing this, Sean frowned deeply. He didn’t see the advantage of Pure-Blood at all. The stubbornness, stupidity, and cruelty of the Gaunt family were revealed. He didn’t know what Salazar would think when he learned that his idea had been carried forward in this way.

He continued to read.

After burning her own sister and brother-in-law to death, Gormlaith took Isolt Sayre back to the Comcallee Valley. Since then, Gormlaith has been using her methods to educate her.

For twelve years, Gormlaith has kept her isolated from the outside world, telling her to cut off all communication with the outside world. When Muggles or animals got too close to their place, Gormlaith cast a curse on them and forced her to watch.

When Isolt turned eleven, Gormlaith refused her admission to Hogwarts, as she found the school’s acceptance of Muggle-borns intolerable. In her opinion, Isolt can learn more by following her.

Facing such a crazy and cruel aunt, Sayre began to try to escape. She succeeded and stole the wand inherited from Salazar.

Next, there is the story of Isolt Sayre, who founded the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after a series of events. Unfortunately, her aunt learned about this information.

Gormlaith pinched her nose, went to Ollivander’s wand shop to buy a new one, and then smuggled it to the United States. She was going to do the same trick again: kill Isolt Sayre and her Muggle husband.

“The Famous School of Magic in the World” does not describe this incident in detail, but it is mentioned at the end that Gormlaith’s plan failed, and she was pierced through the heart by a poisonous arrow and finally died.

Sean closed the book and thought about it.

For a long time, the description of history in the wizarding world was not detailed enough, and most wizards couldn’t learn much from it. This is a recurring pattern in Hogwarts because only a few students care about history and would only read a few of them.

Not many students have read the book “Hogwarts: A School History”.

Sean never expected that Gormlaith, a witch who had been dead for nearly three hundred years, would actually remain in the real world in the form of a ghost.

She doesn’t socialize with the people, she agrees to Nick’s invitation, and it just so happens that the Chamber of Secrets was opened that day.

Gormlaith is a pure descendant of Salazar, so Parseltongue is naturally easy for her to do.

However, Sean still has some doubts. Why did a ghost suddenly come to Hogwarts and open the Chamber of Secrets? She must be a person who is willing to do this, but why is she doing it as a ghost?

Sean fell into deep thought.

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Published On: September 21, 2023

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