Sean nodded and said in a serious tone, “That Horned Serpent.”

Sean didn’t think in that direction because Dumbledore had said that the Horned Serpent would stay in the Forbidden Forest. But combined, the Horned Serpent can be invisible. It is different from the usual ghost. Not only is it invisible, but it can also cause damage.

Sean was a little puzzled before. Why did the murderer only cut the throat? It would make sense if the killer were the Horned Serpent, as Fang’s wound was like that.

Moreover, although the Horned Serpent has become a ghost, it is still a snake. Parseltongue is not only used to control basilisks but to speak with serpentines.

The Horned Serpent is obviously not smart. Whether it is bewitched or lured by some kind of interest, it has become an accomplice of the heir to the Chamber of Secrets.

Professor McGonagall thought about this, and her gaze became increasingly serious, “It’s unbelievable. But the Horned Serpent working together with the culprit is a possibility.”

“Yes, professor. That would explain why the spell doesn’t work.” Sean said.

“This is difficult because that is not a normal ghost. It can even be invisible and create illusions.” Professor McGonagall sat down.

Sean was thinking really hard. Although he deduced the murderer, how to deal with the Horned Serpent has become a new problem. Sean even suspected that the Horned Serpent might not be a ghost anymore but something else like a non-being.

Non-beings, also known as Non-Human Spiritous Apparition, are a category of magical beings. They transcend life and death and have no counterpart in the Muggle world. Muggles can only perceive all currently known non-beings through indirect means.

Since non-beings are beyond birth and death, they are neither born nor die. Non-being arises from human emotions and feeds on those emotions.

There are three typical non-beings: Boggarts, Dementors, and Poltergeists. Peeves in Hogwarts is an example of the Poltergeist category. The situation of the Horned Serpent is unclear, but it looks like a new non-being.

Sean told Professor McGonagall what he thought, and she nodded slowly, “Sean, your guess is reasonable. But the Horned Serpent exists in reality, and its situation is very strange. It could possibly be a new magical animal.”

“Is there a way to expel or trap it? Similar to expelling dementors.” Sean asked.

“If it’s a new magical animal, creating a counterspell for them can take a long time to be invented. The Patronus Charm didn’t exist when Dementors came to this world.” Professor McGonagall explained.

Sean sighed in disappointment.

But they don’t know who the heir is and can’t deal with it. They can only wait for Professor Dumbledore to come back. If the Horned Serpent continues to kill like this, Mr. Wallup will be interviewed by the government for buying a large number of live roosters.

Sean had an idea to deal with the situation.

Before, when he faced the Horned Serpent in the Forbidden Forest, he was afraid of the professors, but at that time, it possessed Hagrid. At the same time, Hagrid’s mouth was stretched when that guy got out, which meant that the Horned Serpent had a real body.

Does that mean that the Horned Serpent can be attacked when he controls someone’s body, or when the Horned Serpent wants to go out, we can attack it at that window of time?

Sean felt that this possibility was very high. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be sneaking around because he would always be invincible.

But that’s the problem with this approach. It is only interested in people with a high affinity for magical animals like Sean and Daisy. Sean is not interested in risking himself and would rather let the chickens be sacrificed.

It is also impossible for him to ask Daisy to do this. Sean has already treated her like his younger sister, and if he really did this, Snape would have killed him in advance.

Sean bid farewell to Professor McGonagall, and now he can only expect Professor Dumbledore to return to Hogwarts soon.

As soon as he went out, Sean met a transparent figure. It was Headless Nick.

The ghosts of Hogwarts have been acting as patrol officers and liaisons lately. After all, they don’t have to worry about dying again. Professor McGonagall also made a promise that if any ghosts were unfortunately petrified, they would taken care with the mandrake juice that Professor Sprout had already developed.

The ghosts agreed. For them, sacrificing their sleep time is not a problem for them.

“Hello, Nick.” Sean greeted.

“Oh, Sean,” Nick replied, and replied, “You shouldn’t be here alone. According to the professor’s notice, all students should walk together.”

At the beginning, Nick blamed himself for Edmund being petrified. After learning that Edmund could be cured, he cheered up. Now, he is concerned about the task assigned to him by Professor McGonagall.

Sean nodded, “Yes, I know. My friend is already waiting for me over there.”

He pointed to the corner of the corridor, where Hermione and Daisy were waiting. Recently, the three of them had been traveling together.

“Oh, that’s good to hear,” Nick nodded, floated, and changed his position, “Although it’s only a short distance away, I should escort you there.”

Sean did not refuse, “Thank you, Nick.”

They walked towards the end of the corridor, and Sean asked casually, “Nick, have you ever heard that ghosts can also use magic?”

“Oh, that’s a weird one. Even very special ghosts can only slightly affect what happens in reality. For example, the Wailing Widow I mentioned to you. Her crying can disturb people, sometimes affecting the student’s mind. While it sounded like a curse, but it works to a limited extent.”

“Oh, well…” Sean was a little disappointed, and he changed the question, “By the way, Nick. Do you know other ghosts? I mean, for example, those who come from certain big families or who have a lot of ancient knowledge? It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s just that other ghosts may know more. You know what I mean.”

“Oh, yes,” He pulled his head and thought for a while, then his eyes lit up, “Most ghosts shouldn’t be able to help. But I do know a ghost, but she’s not very talkative. She’s short-tempered and anti-social. I don’t know her much, but I think she might be able to help you.”

“Who is that ghost?” Sean asked curiously.

“She’s the one I asked Edmund to pick up that day. She had been staying in the Coomcallee Valley all the time. I just sent her my invitation, and I didn’t expect her to come over for the Deathday, who knew she would actually agree.”

“Is that so… eh?” Sean suddenly thought of a question, “Did Edmund pick her up?”

Nick scratched his head, “Probably not. Didn’t something happen later? I guess she should go back to the Coomcallee Valley by herself. I’m quite sorry for not being able to be a good host to her.”

“What is her name?”

“Very few ghosts know her. We all call her the Grumpy Witch, as for her real name,” Nick thought momentarily. “Oh, she’s called Gormlaith Gaunt.”

Sean stayed where he was.

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Published On: September 20, 2023

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