It was late at night, and the lights in the castle were extinguished. England ushered in a rare good weather, a night without heavy rain and dark clouds. The sky was full of stars, and Hogwarts was covered with a veil of mystery.

The professors temporarily built a simple coop in the open space near the main ground, and Hagrid lived in the small wooden house next to it. To ensure his safety, no secret passages to the water pipes are nearby. If the basilisk moved, the defensive spell set by Professor Flitwick would be instantly activated.

The rooster army provided by Mr. Wallup is currently sleeping. Although it is an open-air environment, Professor Sprout has placed a few pots of warm-blooded vines next to the wall, which will provide heating.

In the wooden house, Hagrid came out with a lantern. He stretched his neck and looked into the coop surrounded by stone walls. After confirming that nothing was weird, he returned to his room.

Not long after, Hagrid’s snoring can be heard.

The stars in the night sky became brighter, and the night wind blew through the castle. Beside the stone wall, a rooster with its head tucked into its neck and shakes its head.

In an instant, a sharp wound appeared on its throat. The rooster wanted to flop twice before dying, but for some reason, it didn’t even have the strength to lift its wings. There was a slight fluctuation in the air on the empty wooden roof.

In the coop, with the fall of the first rooster, it was like a chain reaction. The sleeping roosters fell one after another like an invisible sharp knife constantly cutting their throats.

A faint light appeared on the nameplate that read [For The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by The Wallup Farm], and a spell instantly enveloped the surrounding area.

On the originally empty wooden roof, the transparent air twisted. Professor Flitwick and Professor McGonagall immediately lifted off their invisibility cloak. The two held out their wands, and several spells came from the tips of the wands.

However, the spell did not work, and nothing appeared.

The three silver cats belonging to Professor McGonagall immediately rushed to the stone wall. The silver light on their bodies burst into flames, but nothing happened except to startle the roosters.

Professor Flitwick frowned, waved his wand, and the wind surged. However, apart from blowing chicken feathers everywhere, he saw nothing. At the gate of the castle, several other professors who had been hiding all this time rushed to the scene.

“No one was caught, Minerva?” asked Professor Sprout.

“They ran away.” Professor McGonagall’s expression was weird.

They took Sean’s idea this time. After borrowing Harry’s invisibility cloak, Professor Flitwick and Professor McGonagall first hid in Newt’s suitcase and quietly went up to the wooden roof.

Among the chickens, Newt made a few temporary arrangements. He made a few nameplates into temporary magic items. A spell would activate as long as the rooster wearing the nameplate was attacked.

In the plan, when the spell is activated, Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick will immediately cooperate with each other. In order to prevent the heir from seeing the trap, Sean even forces them to find the male and female student council and drink a Polyjuice to disguise as the professors to deceive the heir.

But what the professors didn’t expect was that the culprit would also be invisible, and the trapped didn’t work on him. Snape stepped forward with a gloomy expression. He grabbed a rooster that had just died and looked at it. He took out his wand and said a spell.

“A sharp weapon simply cut the throat. No poison or dark magic.” He said coldly.

Everyone else looked at Professor McGonagall.

“We need to think of other ways. That culprit who can turn invisible is not easy to deal with, and our return without success this time also exposed our purpose.” Professor McGonagall had a headache, “Tonight should be no incident, and someone should stay with Hagrid now.”

The professors looked at each other, and everyone shivered after being blown by the cold night wind.


“Not caught?” In Professor McGonagall’s office, Sean opened his mouth in surprise.

There should be nothing wrong with this plan. Only a few people know about Harry’s invisibility cloak. He even uses Polyjuice Potion to prevent a whistleblower, even though Snape is unhappy that his stock is used.

Professor McGonagall nodded and told Sean everything about last night. After listening to the situation, Sean rested his chin with his hand.

The culprit can still make a move, meaning there is no whistleblower in the castle, or the whistleblower does not exist at the professor level. But the spells they’ve thrown to expose the culprit didn’t work, which makes it weird.

Sean couldn’t understand it. The wizarding world is amazing, but he has never heard of creatures that are not affected by magic spells. Unless the opponent’s speed is ridiculously fast, either it is not a human or it is a magical creature.

But what kind of magical creature is invisible and can’t be affected by spells?

Professor McGonagall didn’t disturb him. Although Sean’s plan didn’t work out, he had already proved his intelligence in her eyes. He really looks like Dumbledore when he thinks.

On the other side, Sean has put his suspicion on some kind of mysterious power. He even wonders if a certain criminal has been revived in advance. How can a spell targeted at a person did not take an effect?

Sean’s eyes widened suddenly.

Professor McGonagall saw the change in his expression and asked, “Sean, did you find anything?”

Sean raised his head, “Professor, can ghosts be affected by spells?”

“Ghost? Of course not,” Professor McGonagall was a little puzzled, “You suspect that the killer is a ghost? But ghosts can’t be invisible, and they can only have a very small impact on the real world, such as splashing a little water or something. Cutting the neck of a creature is not something a ghost ca-“

Suddenly, Professor McGonagall’s eyes widened.

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Published On: September 20, 2023

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