Mr. Wallup directly bought several farms. He can immediately raise more than a thousand roosters as long as the news gets out.

It ensures that the heir will not dare to act rashly. Sean had expected it a long time ago. The students have always acted together under the professor’s request.

At this time, they used Hagrid’s place. It was much easier to take care of a large group of roosters and only one person to take care of them. This is also the plan Sean and the professors discussed, which is to lure the target to make a move.

However, Sean didn’t expect the heir to make a move so quickly. A lot of magic had been planted in the chicken coop that Hagrid took care of, and that person could successfully disarm it without the professors’ knowledge.

He originally considered whether a wizard-like Ginny in the original book would be controlled, but now this possibility looks pretty slight. Because controlling a wizard to do such a thing is not realistic.

Few people in the school can bypass the professor’s spell. Of course, the possibility of someone hiding their strength cannot be ruled out. However, is the heir a student of this school, or did he infiltrate from outside the school?

The next day, Newt returned to Hogwarts with a new batch of roosters, but this time, something was different. In the makeshift coop, Sean watched strangely as Newt opened the cages and let the rooster inside go into the coop.

A small nameplate was hung on the necks of those roosters.

[For The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by The Wallup Farm]

The corner of Sean’s mouth twitched.

Hagrid was busy unloading the cages and patted Sean on the shoulder, “Sean, your father is such a generous man.”

“Uh, you should thank him directly next time, Hagrid.” Sean covered his face in shame.

When the last cage was taken out, Newt closed the suitcase and said with a smile, “Sean, your father is such an interesting man. He must love you very much.”

“I never questioned my father’s love for me,” Sean shook his head with a wry smile, “it’s just…”

“Well, it’s not that bad, in my opinion,” Newt said sternly, “Although it seems not much, the whole of Hogwarts is grateful for your family’s generous support. Speaking of which, does your family run a farm business?”

“No, my family runs a hospital business.”

“Alright then.”

Sean walked around the makeshift coop twice and asked, “Hagrid, where are those dead roosters?”

“It was disposed of because I don’t know if it was poisoned or something.”

“How did it die?”

Hagrid rubbed his head, “Their throat was cut. Professor Flitwick checked it, and It doesn’t seem to be caused by a spell.”

Hagrid told Sean that he had just gone into the hall for a meal, and when he came back, the roosters had been brutally murdered.

The night is dark, and the wind is blowing strong, accompanied by the rain. The culprit cut the throats of each chicken one by one. Will there be time to do so without a spell?

After Sean returned to the castle, he found that his classmates looked at him with gratitude in their eyes.

“Thank you, Sean!”

“Man, your family’s property must be very impressive, right?”

Sean suddenly received a lot of thanks, and everyone was very nice to him.

After last night’s tragic accident, everyone realized that the monster in the Chamber was afraid of roosters. The Wallup family generously donated thousands of roosters, became the subject of today’s discussion, and Sean became a celebrity.

Sean could only smile helplessly. He doesn’t like the feeling of being surrounded by the crowd, but walking in the corridor and being patted on the shoulder all the time is a bit unbearable.

Especially those people who just touched their cage. Sean feels that he smells like rooster feces now, and his status as the wealthy son of a wealthy family has become widespread.


“What? The newly arrived chickens are all dead again?” Early the next morning, Sean met Hagrid at the hall’s entrance.

Hagrid said helplessly while holding a dead rooster, “It happened in the middle of the night last night. The professors changed a batch of warning spells, but there was still no trace of using the spell. Not even any signs of activity. Look at the corpse. Every rooster died like this.”

Sean had expected all of this but didn’t expect it to be so fast. He took a look at the corpse in Hagrid’s hand. On the neck, a sharp wound completely severed the throat, and the blood stuck to the nameplate below.

That line looked like it was cut with a sharp instrument, but the force was precise, and the angle was well chosen.

Sean frowned. Assuming that person is very good at using weapons, why not just chop off the chicken head? There’s no need to cut the throat so precisely.

“Hagrid,” Sean said, “Go to the professor to explain the situation and then continue to go to my father to get another batch. Let Professor Scamander keep a batch this time, and you raise another one.”

Seeing Hagrid leaving, Sean frowned. If the speed is so fast, the supply will run out. Even if Mr. Wallup has a lot of money, if it continues like this, he will not be able to buy another one due to lack of supply.

Sean has a bit of a headache. It would be great if he could use a video recorder so that he could monitor the situation of the coop all the time. It’s just that within the scope of Hogwarts Castle, all the technological devices can’t be used, and only mechanical creations can operate normally.

Hagrid couldn’t keep guard all the time. Mainly because it was not safe, and the other was that he couldn’t maintain a high degree of concentration and attention all the time.


The next batch of chickens was brought over again. The people who were in charge of loading and unloading looked distressed, but they had to do this again. The ability of the students to raise them was poor, and they had to make sure that they had a backup rooster at any time.

After completing all the loading and unloading, Newt put away his suitcase, gave a few instructions, and left the room. However, no one noticed that there was a slight difference in the air.

Then, the day came to a night.

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Published On: September 20, 2023

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