The students in Hogwarts were a bit calm, though they were still tense about the danger around them.

The threat was temporarily eliminated, but the castle was filled with the sound of rooster crowing almost every moment. Not a single student was late on the first day of classes because they couldn’t sleep at all. After all, the rooster just woke them up every time they tried to get some sleep.

In the castle, everyone must carry a cage to go to class, eat, and bathe. In the cage, the rooster has become everyone’s ‘talisman’.

At the same time, every morning, noon, and evening. Before the students ate, the gramophones would make a loud rooster-crowing sound, and the echoing in the castle became a new meal alarm.

The benefits of this are obvious. A week after the class resumed, no one in Hogwarts had any incident because of the monster in the Chamber of Secrets. Of course, this caused another problem.

For example, each professor had to maintain a charm so that the students could hear their lectures because their voices could be drowned in the sound of roosters in the classroom.

Using earplugs has become the new favorite thing that the Hogwarts students had to use. Some of them even used the roosters as a way to mess with other students. The Weasley twins used the rooster’s poop to prank other students.

In order to avoid the smell, the Bubble-Head Charm became a popular spell used by students.

As the proposer of this idea, Sean also suffered a lot. He even thought of another way, and Professor McGonagall agreed.

The next day, spiders in transparent boxes were placed near the various bathrooms in the school and next to the known water pipes. The basilisk is afraid of the rooster’s crowing and the spider’s natural enemy.

There are always some strange reactions between the two. Although the spiders are panicking and trying to escape, the transparent box blocks them.

The purpose of this method is obvious. Once the spiders are panicking profusely, it means that the basilisk is nearby. Professor McGonagall issued a notice. If anyone sees something wrong with the spider, immediately stay away from that area and notify the professor.

However, this idea was almost driving Ron crazy. He hadn’t even dared to go to the bathroom recently. If he saw a spider, his screams could even be louder than a rooster’s crowing.

Originally, everyone should be equipped with a glass box and bring a spider in it. But considering people like Ron, who are extremely afraid of spiders, they had to improvise.

Of course, Sean was not afraid at all. He specially made a small glass box, put a spider in it, and put it in the inner pocket of his robe. Dave has been watching the movement in the box for him, and Dave will notify him at any time if there is something wrong with the spider.

Biological alarms like spiders and biological weapons like roosters are in place. Under such circumstances, the heir to the Chamber of Secrets didn’t do much at this time.

The only thing that made Sean a little uneasy was that he hadn’t seen Dumbledore these days. He knew how to enter the Chamber of Secrets, and it should be very easy for Dumbledore to deal with the basilisk.

However, Dumbledore never came back, and Sean had no chance to report the location of the Chamber of Secrets to him.


Raindrops hit the windows, and the cold and dampness lingered outside the entire castle, forming a vapor with the atmosphere inside. There are many roosters who love to crow, and it’s the reason why the castle was hot.

“Daisy, if you feed Bobby again, he will die.” In the Ravenclaw common room, Hermione reminded Daisy.

Daisy embarrassedly said, “Bobby’s crowing in the morning is a little softer than yesterday. I’m worried that he hasn’t eaten enough.”

Bobby is the rooster given to Daisy. She named it that and has been taking good care of it.

Sean tossed the piece of jade in his mouth and said, “Is it possible that you fed it too much food yesterday? And Booby is so full that he couldn’t do anything?”

Daisy blinked her eyes, “Is that so?”

“Yes.” Sean and Hermione nodded at the same time.

“Oh, okay,” Daisy accepted their suggestion and then apologized to Bobby, “I’m sorry, Bobby. But you wouldn’t get any food for today.”

“Trust me, it will appreciate you.” Sean shrugged.

Hermione shook her head and changed the subject, “Sean, that spider is also your idea, right?”

“That’s right. Isn’t it much better than some warning magic?” Sean said.

“Oh, then you’d better not tell that to anyone.” Hermione shifted her position in the chair to lean more comfortably, “If Ron knew, he would kill you.”

Sean waved his hand casually, “Ron will get used to it. This is equivalent to a phobia therapy for him.”

While the three of them were chatting, someone walked in from the corridor in the common room. It’s Sean’s roommate, Terry Boot.

Terry yelled loudly as soon as he came in, “The roosters that Hagrid took care of are all dead!”

Sean narrowed his eyes. Could the heir have made a move?

“What’s up, Terry?”

“I just ran into Hagrid in the hall. He was talking to Professor McGonagall while holding two dead roosters in his hands. Someone killed the group of roosters at this time!”

Other Ravenclaw students said, “That means this method is effective, and the rooster can effectively restrain the monster in the Chamber.”

“That’s right. The heir of the Chamber of Secrets is in a hurry!”

“But we have no new roosters for backup.” A junior Ravenclaw girl said worriedly, “Many people have never kept pets, and roosters are not as easy as toads in terms of taking care of them.”

One stone caused a thousand waves, and everyone frowned after the girl said that. They don’t know how long this incident will last. What if their rooster dies and no new one replaces it?

Sean raised his eyebrows, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

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Published On: September 20, 2023

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