The search in the castle continued, but just as Sean expected, the professors found nothing. Hogwarts holds too many secrets, too many for everyone to imagine.

More panic spread and the students trapped in the hall had already started discussing various topics.

Such as “Will I die?”, “Will Hogwarts be closed because of this?”, “How many times does the monster in the Chamber have to eat every day to be full?” and so on. Even the Slytherin students were a little scared. After what Sean said, they were a bit nervous.

Will their Muggle ancestry be the reason they are being sterilized, too? Will the heir of the Chamber of Secrets feel that their sorting into the Slytherin house is an insult?

No one had made any trouble with Sean. Bulstrode’s situation has proved that this kind of thing should not be taken lightly anymore. No one dares to do anything, as everyone is a potential victim now.

Sean naturally didn’t take these little things to heart. The psychological changes of the Slytherin students were out of his focus.

Sean has been asking the professors back and forth for more information, and according to Professor Flitwick, his idea of ​​the basilisk has been confirmed.

“All the chickens in the school are dead,” said Professor Flitwick, clutching his wand with a few chicken feathers on his head, “The same person must have done it. All of the chickens had their throats slit.”

He looked at Sean, “Like you said, the spiders in the castle started to move away.”

“I see.” Sean said softly.

Professor Flitwick looked at him with admiration, “Sean, you are so perceptive. You deduced the reasoning behind all of this in such a short period of time. You are indeed a real Ravenclaw student.”

Sean, “Oh, it’s just pure luck. I just made a bold assumption.”

While the two were talking, Professor McGonagall and Newt walked in.

“Anything new, Minerva?” asked Professor Flitwick.

Professor McGonagall pursed her lips, shook her head, and said with a headache, “Back then, Salazar Slytherin could build the Chamber of Secrets without the other founder’s notice. Thousands of years later, it is still difficult to find traces of the Chamber of Secrets.”

Newt on the side added, “Over the years, Hogwarts has undergone many reconstructions—including the water pipes. We can’t drill into a water pipe to find traces of the basilisk. It’s too dangerous. I’ll talk about it when Dumbledore comes back.”

Professor Flitwick looked slightly annoyed, “Then how do we teach the students? We can’t let students stay in the hall every day, can we?”

“This is a big problem…” Professor McGonagall was not too happy, “The school council and the Ministry of Magic have already sent their statement about the situation. But we cannot allow students to act alone while the danger is not lifted. If the professors guard them, we couldn’t protect them all.”

Sean had been listening to the conversations and suddenly said, “I have a question.”

They looked at him. Dumbledore praised the whimsical ideas in Sean’s head. This time, he proposed the basilisk guess, and the professors were very curious about what Sean had to say.

“I want to know, are there any magical items in the wizarding world that can record something?” He blinked.

“Magic item for recording?” Newt nodded subconsciously, “Of course, I can even contact a few alchemists if you have any requirements.”

“It’s simple, simply make the sound have sufficient penetrating power, and the farther it can be transmitted, the better.”

Newt held his chin, “This shouldn’t be difficult. Although I don’t know much about alchemy, it seems that a few amplified runes can do it. Wait, Sean, what are you trying to do?”

Sean nodded, “Record the rooster’s crowing sound and then play it continuously at the entrances and exits of several water pipes. This sound is fatal to the basilisk, right?”

“Of course, I don’t know if it will work. Maybe a live rooster crowing would do more than that.” He added.

“A very thoughtful idea…” Professor McGonagall replied, “This may directly hurt the basilisk if the recording can be transmitted into the entire water pipe.”

Newt nodded, “It’s worth trying. But like Sean said, the recorded sound may not cause much harm. After all, no one has tested it with a real basilisk. Moreover, the water pipes in the castle extend in all directions. There may be a hidden entrance and exit that we don’t know, and this is also a problem that needs to be paid attention to.”

“I have a way. Although this method is not very pleasant, I think it would work well.”

“What’s that?” When Sean uttered his idea, their expression became curious.

Sean looked into the hall, where the students were chatting with concern, and said in a low voice, “Since Professor Dumbledore hasn’t returned yet. Let’s start by protecting ourselves first, and I have an idea.”

Sean told them in a low voice.

“But there is a problem. Diagon Alley probably won’t be able to provide us that much.” Professor Flitwick said.

“That’s okay,” Sean looked at Professor McGonagall, “Professor McGonagall, can you contact Charlotte?”

“Miss Hawke? Of course. She is preparing for the Ministry of Magic’s Auror training. We have been in frequent contact during this time.”

“That’s great. You can take Miss Hawke to find my father. My father is more, uh, sensitive to wizards. He knows Charlotte and will believe that she came from Hogwarts.”

He continued, “Of course, it would be better for Professor Scamander to go as well. I will write a letter and give it to my father later. He can help us with it.”

“Sean, will this trouble your family?” Professor McGonagall was a little moved. She was a little embarrassed to let a student bear these burdens.

“This is a top priority. As for my father, this is a small matter.” Sean said with a smile.

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Published On: September 18, 2023

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