“Of course not,” Sean replied immediately, “I just heard that the Chamber of Secrets was opened once fifty years ago. Don’t look at me like that, Hagrid. I don’t think it’s you. I just think that there may be some connection to it.”

Seeing his expression, Hagrid finally chose to believe Sean. He squatted down and then told Sean what happened back then.

“When I was a student at Hogwarts, I was obviously not a good student.” Hagrid recalled that year.

He listened, and Sean lowered his head silently. He was afraid that Hagrid would notice his strange expression.

Getting into trouble every other week, raising werewolf cubs under the common room bed, fighting trolls in the Forbidden Forest, and going in and out of Knockturn Alley to buy rare magical animals brought by smugglers since the third grade.

However, Hagrid didn’t notice something weird from Sean.

“The principal at the time was Mr. Armando Dippet. He obviously didn’t like me very much,” Hagrid muttered, “In the fifth grade, the Chamber of Secrets was opened, and the situation at that time was just like it is now. No, it’s even more serious. A girl lost her life because of this, Hogwarts is facing termination, and Mr. Dippet discovered that I raised Aragog privately.”

“Aragog is an acromantula,” he explained, “but Aragog is docile, and I can assure you that it has never done anything to harm others.”

Hagrid waved his fist angrily, “But Mr. Dippet seems to think that it was me who did it. I was expelled from Hogwarts. In the second year, Professor Dumbledore persuaded others to let me return to Hogwarts and become a gamekeeper. He always thought that I was innocent.”

Hagrid took out a handkerchief, blew his nose, and wiped the corners of his eyes.

“Hagrid, I also don’t think you did that.” Sean comforted.”

“Thank you, Sean,” Hagrid looked moved and sighed again, “but the Ministry of Magic has kept my record.”

“They would probably write it off as long as you can find the truth. Hagrid, I need you to tell me, was the girl who died back then a Myrtle?” Sean asked.

Hagrid glanced at him in surprise, “How do you know? Yes, Moaning Myrtle is the victim, but she can’t prove anything. Dumbledore has already tried to clear up my mistakes. Still, Myrtle doesn’t even know who the murderer is, and the Ministry of Magic doesn’t want to believe the testimony of a ghost, especially a Hogwarts ghost. They always think that Dumbledore can control everything at Hogwarts, including making a ghost making a false testimony.”

“Do you know Tom Riddle?” Sean asked another question.

“Oh, yes,” His face turned weird, “In fact, last year, he came to see me. Although we were not very familiar in school, I didn’t expect that he would become a dark wizard.”

“Is it possible that he framed you?” Sean asked.

“Riddle?” Hagrid was puzzled, “Although he went astray afterward, he had no reason to frame me when he was in school.”

“Why not?”

Hagrid touched his forehead, “He does seem like someone who can do such a thing. But that’s impossible.”

“Why?” Sean was confused.

“The Chamber of Secrets was opened when I was in the third year, and Riddle entered the school two years earlier than me. If he was still in Hogwarts at that time, he should have been in the fifth year, but,” Hagrid paused, “He transferred to Nurmengard at the end of his fourth year.”


“There was quite a lot of trouble in the school. Because he was very popular with the students, and Mr. Dippet even publicly expressed his regret.”

Hagrid still talked to himself, but Sean hadn’t noticed what he said next.

Tom Riddle transferred to Nurmengard at the end of his fourth year. So, who opened the secret room back then?

A chill rushed to Sean’s body. He originally thought that the Chamber was opened by him, but he didn’t expect that Tom Riddle would not open it.

If Riddle didn’t open the Chamber fifty years ago, why did another person do it?

Tom’s reason for opening the Chamber of Secrets is simple, to make Hogwarts cease to operate. The only obsession of this insane dark wizard back then was Hogwarts. No matter how terrifying he may be in the future, Tom’s feelings for Hogwarts are real and strong.

But what drives this new person to open the Chamber? Then, fifty years later, why did that person open the Chamber again? Who’s that person? Salazar Slytherin and his descendants?

A lot of questions rushed into Sean’s mind.

Sean trembled and quickly looked at Hagrid, “Hagrid, do you know when Nurmengard was founded?”

“When Riddle transferred to another school, Nurmengard had just been established,” Hagrid shrugged, “In fact, Riddle was the first student in Nurmengard, or he was the only senior student at that time.”

Fifty years ago, Nurmengard was established. Sean thought about Dumbledore’s memory. The prophecy spanned thousands of years, and Grindelwald already had the idea of ​​establishing a new school.

Is the Chamber of Secrets related to the establishment of Nurmengard? Or is it about the prophecy?

Sean also remembers that Cassandra Vablatsky was in a very erratic state during that memory, and Grindelwald said that “something” haunted her.

Sean believes that the “something” has to do with the prophecy and the opening of the Chamber of Secrets.

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Published On: September 17, 2023

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