The news that the Chamber of Secrets was opened made everyone panic. After Sean told the professors that the monster was probably a basilisk, the situation in the castle was tense.

Not only does the basilisk have a terrifying ability, but also because Dumbledore is not at Hogwarts.

Daisy told Sean that he only showed up at the beginning of the Halloween dinner and didn’t know where he went. He still hasn’t returned after his last meeting. Professor McGonagall walked into the hall while the students were chattering and discussing.

“The professors will conduct a comprehensive search in Hogwarts,” she said to everyone.

Professor Flitwick and Sprout had closed the door of the hall, “To ensure everyone’s safety, all of you will be staying here for a while. Professor Snape, Professor Lockhart, and Professor Scamander will stay in the hall, and at the same time, I want the prefects to maintain order and the student councils to take care of the management.”

Headless Nick volunteered to become the leader of the ghost liaison team. He felt guilty about what happened to Edmund, thinking that if he hadn’t asked him to help, maybe this kind of thing wouldn’t have happened.

Sean has been looking forward to Dumbledore’s return, and he plans to report the location of the Chamber of Secrets to him immediately after he returns. He wouldn’t act like a hero in a foolish way. Creatures like basilisks were something that Sean should avoid.

If he remembered correctly, the Chamber of Secrets should be the abandoned girls’ bathroom where the crying Myrtle has been staying.

Sean thought for a while. In the memory of his previous life, he really couldn’t remember these details, but it didn’t matter. The professors would definitely be able to find out. Professor McGonagall left the hall after moving the table aside and conjuring hundreds of purple sleeping bags.

The prefects of each house walked through the hall, “Everyone grabs their sleeping bags, lights out in ten minutes.”

The discussions among the students couldn’t stop. Almost every student at Hogwarts had heard the legend of the Slytherin Chamber of Secrets. Now, the chamber has really been opened. Curiosity and fear are stacked together, and everyone is nervous.

“I asked Professor Binns before. He said at the time that the Chamber of Secrets is just a rumor fabricated by later generations, and it is impossible for any monster to live for hundreds of thousands of years.” A fifth grader from Ravenclaw said.

“It all seems to be true now,” said a Hufflepuff girl., “We’re all going to be killed.”

“My parents are both Muggles. I will definitely be the next target.” A student turned pale.

“Who can guarantee that he is completely Pure-Blooded?” That was Harry’s voice, “The Slytherin idiot who provoked Sean just now is a moron.”

Neville echoed, “Yes, if we really look at all of our ancestry, most of the people in the castle are on the list. But Dumbledore shouldn’t let this happen because it targets the whole school.”

The voices of the prefects rang again, “No speaking. Turn off the lights!”

The candles floating in mid-air were immediately extinguished. Sean and Hermione dragged a sleeping bag to the corner, and Daisy followed.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen the professors make such a big fuss, and this incident looks very serious.” Hermione frowned and said in a low voice.

“This is the right choice.” Sean pulled the sleeping bag so that he would be wrapped more tightly. “Before the danger is over, letting the students move freely may cause more casualties.”

“How does that monster make a move?” Daisy was a little scared.

Sean looked up at the ceiling.

“The water pipe, the professors and I speculated that it is a water pipe,” he explained softly, “that thing is probably a basilisk.”

“Basilisk?!” Hermione almost screamed. She carefully looked around and said, “Sean, are you sure? I saw the introduction of Basilisk in the library, and it was an extremely terrifying creature.”

“It’s very likely.”

“Hermione, what is a basilisk?” Daisy asked.

While Hermione was explaining to Daisy, Sean turned to think about another thing. In the infirmary just now, he didn’t ask Hagrid why he was expelled.

He didn’t feel that Tom Riddle or someone possessed by his Horcrux this time opened the Chamber of Secrets. He wanted to make sure it was the situation he thought it was.

Not a single student fell asleep in the hall, and the rustling sound never stopped. The ghosts kept floating around, and they were talking to the professors on duty.

It wasn’t until after three o’clock in the morning that the students fell asleep. However, the professors and prefects were still patrolling. It seemed that Professor McGonagall and the others did not catch the culprit.

Lockhart had already dozed off until Snape walked over and poked him hard with his wand. Lockhart smiled and continued to stand at the door.

In the end, Sean fell into a deep sleep.

On the second day, everyone stood up from the ground, sore and stiff. However, Professor McGonagall told everyone that the danger was still not lifted, and they still needed to stay in the hall.

Today is a weekend. There was no class, but everyone couldn’t go to the common room or the Quidditch pitch.

Professor Flitwick got everyone’s homework so that they could study by themselves. However, none of the students on the table had opened their textbooks, and the panic gradually increased.

Sean tried to find Hagrid instead.

“Sorry, Hagrid. I shouldn’t have asked you this, but given the situation now, I have to know something.” He looked at Hagrid in front of him.

“What do you want to know, Sean?”

“Hagrid, did you leave Hogwarts because of some things back then?”

He scratched his beard, “I understand what you mean. Yes, I was expelled from school that year.”

“Then can I ask what’s the reason?” Sean said cautiously.

“The reason? Did you think I’m the one who opened the Chamber of Secrets?”

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Published On: September 17, 2023

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