Sean nodded. The castle will be much safer if the professors know what the monsters in the Chamber of Secrets are. The only thing that worried him was the person who opened the chamber, and that person was most likely not Tom Riddle.

Sean thought of the always-unidentified man behind the scenes, the man who stole the key from the Ministry of Magic. Is the opening of the Chamber of Secret aimed at him this time?

The professors talked for a while, and finally, Professor McGonagall concluded. As Sean said, it would be better to believe something than nothing.

“We’ll figure it out, Sean. It would be best if you went back. The students have to stay in the hall today.”

Professor McGonagall asked Hagrid to return Sean to the hall and notify the other professors. After Sean left, several professors looked at each other and saw the worry and surprise in each other’s eyes.

“He’s such a smart kid. It reminds me of Albus.” Flitwick said.

Newt agreed with Flitwick’s statement, “Not only did he make the correct choice, but he even deduced a very likely conclusion in a short period of time. I have to say. I’m convinced since I also studied the Chamber of Secrets when I was in school.”

“I was also convinced. Of course, we can’t rule out other possibilities. Some kind of profound dark magic may have attacked Filch.” Professor McGonagall said with a frown, “Albus hasn’t come back yet. We must ensure the safety of the students first, so let’s take turns to be on duty tonight.”

“On it.”


Everyone who expressed their opinions looked at Lockhart.

Lockhart took a step back, “O- of course! I won’t even close my eyes, but how about pairing up on duty? Just in case.”


In the hall, the students gathered together. Nick’s death-day party was over, and the ghosts obviously saw the handwriting on the scene of the accident. Similarly, the students soon found out about it.

The news that the Chamber of Secrets was opened spread like wildfire, and the students panicked.

They discussed the legends they had heard, from chimeras to five-legged beasts. The true body of the monster in the Chamber of Secrets was discussed all over the place.

Only the Slytherin students watched all this with cold eyes. The Chamber of Secrets was opened, and Slytherin House became the center of attention. They thought that the Mudbloods from other houses should be punished.

However, not everyone agreed to the idea, and some students in the Slytherin House felt a little guilty. They are not completely Pure-Blood. Their parents are wizards, and many of their ancestors are Muggles.

When Sean walked into the hall, everyone focused their attention on him. However, no one thought he would be the heir of Slytherin. After all, Sean was born into a Muggle family.

“Hey, Wallup. Watch out for the heir!” a Slytherin student yelled at him.

Sean curled his lips. As far as the wizarding world is concerned, they would have been extinct long ago if they didn’t have a marriage with Muggles.

“What’s your name?” Sean asked.

“Jermaine Bulstrode.” The boy replied subconsciously, becoming annoyed again, “Who do you think you are? Pay attention to your attitude.”

“Bulstrode? Pure-Blooded family, huh?” Sean sighed.

Bulstrode puffed out his chest proudly. The Sacred Twenty-Eight Pure-blood families are the glory that their family has always been proud of.

Sean sneered, “Tomorrow, I will spend dozens of Galleons to publish something in the Daily Prophet.”

Bulstrode suddenly had a bad feeling but still sneered and said, “Using your Galleon to beg the heir to let you go? Get real, Wallup. All of the Mudbloods will be wiped out.”

“If that’s the heir of Slytherin will do,” Sean smiled and looked at Bulstrode sinisterly, “I will write something there. As long as someone can provide evidence of the Bulstrode family Muggle Ancestry, I will give them some Galleons. How about 30 Galleons?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Bulstrode stretched his neck, and his face was already slightly red.

In today’s wizarding world. No one can guarantee that their ancestors never intermarried with Muggles. Outsiders may not know it, but these Pure-Blood families know their own family well that no one is ‘clean’.

Sean continued to smile and said, “Thirty Galleons are not enough? How about fifty? I have a lot of spare money and can offer a higher bounty. You can also come to me to get the money yourself as long you provide me the records.”

His smile became brighter, “After that, I will write those reports on small pieces of paper and throw them in every corner of the castle. Everyone would know and see whose family tree is that. Interesting, isn’t it? I’m a little excited just thinking about it. Bulstrode, you haven’t said anything yet. What price do you think is right?”

Bulstrode wanted to hit him, but he was worried that some old person who needed money would really reveal his family’s secrets. Knowing his great-grandmother was a Squib.

Snape was standing at the door, came to them, and looked at Sean, “Go back to your seat, Wallup. Unless you want to get a point deduction.”

Sean smiled and didn’t speak again. The Pure-Blooded idealist is blinded by their own naivety.

Who would spend money on such a fool as that person? Also, Bulstrode’s reaction has proved everything.

“Hey, Bulstrode, Good luck. Maybe the heir is on your side.” He said lightly and walked away.

Bulstrode can only clench his fist. Beside him, the eyes of the other Slytherin students changed, and they distanced themselves from Bulstrode.

“You!” He wanted to curse out loud but could only curse in his heart.

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Published On: September 16, 2023

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