Mrs. Norris was meowing anxiously and panicked, her eyes protruding like her master. She bit Sean’s trouser leg and tried to drag him away.

“Is any danger? No… something happened to Mr. Filch?” Sean asked in confusion.

Filch rarely attended dinner because the faces of the students would disturb him. Sean didn’t go to Filch’s office immediately. He picked up Mrs. Norris and quickly ran towards the hall.

However, just after Sean and Hermione ran across the corridor, they saw two figures fall to the ground just as they turned the corner.

Under the dark, thin candle, two figures were lying motionless on the ground.

Filch was laid on the floor, his whole body cold and stiff and his eyes full of indescribable horror. The blue flame of the candle shone on him, and cleaning tools were scattered beside him.

Beside him was Edmund Grubb, who had just talked to Sean. Instead of being milky and translucent, he became black and smoky. He was suspended six inches above the ground with the same expression on his face as Filch.

Some writing was scribbled on the dark gray stone wall.

(The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, those untrustworthy Mudbloods who are not qualified to be in Hogwarts must be sterilized.)

Sean’s pupils shrank, and he immediately thought of the culprit.


He called Dave. His body became larger and larger, and under Sean’s command, he firmly covered his and Hermione’s bodies.

“Don’t use your eyes. Use your senses.” Sean warned.

Dave can sense the terrain around him without using his eyes. Hermione saw this, and although she didn’t know why Sean summoned Dave, she still kept her mouth shut.

However, the basilisk seemed to have gotten into hiding since Dave didn’t feel anything. Under Dave’s protection, Sean led Hermione and ran quickly toward the hall. Sean was relieved when he saw the brightly lit entrance.

“Sean, are those Filch and Edmund? Did someone attack them?” Hermione asked quickly.

Sean opened his sleeves and asked Dave to shrink back. He said in a deep voice, “No, it’s a terrible creature. It seems that I don’t have time to enjoy dessert tonight.”

As soon as they arrived. They had just finished the Halloween dinner, and everyone had smiles on their faces. At this time, they were about to go back to the common room to rest.

“Everyone, get back!” Seeing the students walking out, Sean immediately stopped them.

But in the noisy environment, only a few of them heard his voice, and the students were about to disperse while talking.

A huge explosion sounded, and a hole was blown out in the stone wall above. Everyone stopped and looked towards the door. Sean held up his wand with a serious expression while holding Mrs. Norris in his arms.

Sean had no choice but to cast the spell and make a big commotion. After all, the basilisk is in the castle. Sean didn’t want his classmates to die innocently because the basilisk could attack them at any time.

“Everyone returns to the hall. Something dangerous is outside!” Sean shouted loudly.

“Wallup, your Halloween joke is terrible.” A Slytherin student sneered.

“Hey, you second grader, last year’s extra points made you addicted, right?” Besides that person, another boy also opened his mouth to mock him.

Snape added points to Sean several times recently. Although it was only a small fraction of one or two points, it still made the Slytherin students unhappy. When they looked at Sean, their eyes were full of displeasure.

Sean didn’t even look at the two of them and walked into the hall.

“Hey, kid. I’m talking to you.” A hand stretched out.

Sean directly raised his wand, “Acupunctinternus.”

The boy moved back and almost tripped.

“You dare to use jinxes in school?” He shouted angrily.

“If you want to get in my way, I wouldn’t hesitate.” Sean walked towards the hall without turning his head.

The professors had obviously noticed the commotion at the door, and Professor McGonagall was the first one to come there.

After a glance, Sean frowned, knowing that there was no Professor Dumbledore.

“Wallup, what are you doing?” Professor McGonagall walked up to him.

“Professor, there is danger in the castle.”

He moved closer to Professor McGonagall’s ear and quickly told what he had seen. After listening to the story, Professor McGonagall’s expression became serious.

She pressed her wand to her throat, and a loud voice like spread throughout the hall, “All students are to stay in the hall. All house prefects immediately do a roll call and report immediately if a student is not present.”

Professor McGonagall’s voice is firm. Although they were puzzled, all the students walked back to the hall obediently.

“Mr. Wallup, please take us there.” Professor McGonagall called out Flitwick and Newt while the other professors stayed in the hall to maintain order and protect the students.

When she walked out, Professor McGonagall saw the hole Sean had blown out. She waved her wand, and the rubble flew back to its place.

“Professor, Wallup just blatantly cast a jinx on me!” At the door, the Slytherin student, who was scared off by Sean, walked up.

“He was trying to save your life, Mr. Travins. Because you badmouthed your junior, Slytherin will be deducted five points.” Professor McGonagall turned to Sean, “You’re doing amazing, Mr. Wallup. Ravenclaw will be added thirty points.”

“Professor, I…” Travins’ eyes widened in disbelief.

A hand pinched the back of his neck when he was about to say something.

He turned his head away and swallowed, “Professor…”

“Just stop what you’re doing.” Snape grimaced.

Several professors formed a row in the school infirmary and Filch was put on the bed.

“It’s some kind of magic I’ve never seen before.” Professor Flitwick said with a serious face.

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Published On: September 15, 2023

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