As the cold air by the continuous rain began to blow the castle. Every step they took made them tighten their clothes even more. Fortunately, Sean informed Hermione to wear thicker clothes before they came.

Turning on a corner, Sean heard a sound, like a shovel scratching back and forth.

“Oh, I’m really starting to regret it now.” Hermione muttered.

Walking a few steps forward, Nick was dressed in black velvet clothing, welcoming the guests at the door.

“My friends,” he said, “Welcome. It is a great honor to have you here.”

He took off his hat and bowed at them. Sean and Hermione’s breaths formed clouds of white mist in front of them. They walked into the room that looked like a cold storage room and looked around curiously.

It was different from what Sean expected. In the room, there were only several ghosts floating around. Most of them were ghosts in Hogwarts Castle, and many of them had chatted with Sean.

On the stage, several ghosts in suits were playing a musical instrument, and some of them were dancing to the music.

“I thought there would be a lot of ghosts.” Hermione whispered.

“That’s because when Nick sent out the invitation, many ghosts politely declined him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so eager to invite the living people.” Someone on the side answered.

Sean turned his head. It was a chubby ghost, his eyes were dull, and he sounded muffled when he spoke.

“Hello, Edmund.” Sean greeted.

Edmund Grubb is a ghost who died in the Victorian period from eating poisonous berries. He died at the doorway of the Hogwarts Great Hall, so he often told students to stop eating while walking out of the hall.

However, the ghost couldn’t do anything. After getting used to Edmund’s scolding, most of the students didn’t care about it anymore and even deliberately ate food in front of Edmund.

Sean and Edmund are quite familiar. Although Edmund is mischievous, he is eager to help the students when they can’t find the stairs to the classroom if they don’t have a sandwich brought from the hall in their hand.

“Hello, Sean.” Edmund greeted him.

“Why didn’t the ghosts from other places come over? I mean, you don’t have to work, right?” Sean asked curiously.

Edmund floated to the dining table and sniffed the stinking salmon on the table.

“You’re right. Ghosts don’t have jobs. We spend most of our time remembering the past. But ghosts also have their own things. The Wailing Widow said in her letter to Nick that she feels that she is not feeling well, so she is not planning to come.”

“Not feeling well?”

Edmund nodded and said, “This is not the first time. People have said that they aren’t feeling well, but nothing has happened. Besides, can a ghost die again?”

“That makes sense,” Hermione agreed, then asked curiously, “Can you really smell like this?”

“A little bit, I can smell a little bit,” Edmund stuffed his nose directly into the belly of the salmon and said, “It’s better than nothing, right? I died recently. Nick and the others who died really late probably have to soak in here for a whole day before they can smell a little bit.”

After talking to Edmund for a while, Nick helped him call over, saying that there was a ghost from other places who came to Hogwarts for the first time and got lost even if he could go through the wall all the time.

“Nick is just jealous that I can taste the food.” As he was leaving, Edmund looked at the maggot-infested salmon reluctantly and muttered, “Also, shouldn’t there be a better fish in Hogwarts than this?”

Standing at the edge of the room, Sean and Hermione watched the ghosts keep opening their mouths through all kinds of rotten, burnt food. Sean pinched his nose, scanned the room, and found a female ghost.

She was probably the saddest person Sean had ever seen, being teased by Peeves. Whenever Peeves threw moldy peanuts on her body, transparent tears flowed from her eyes.

“Is that the Moaning Myrtle?” Sean asked.

Hermione covered her mouth and nodded. She just leaned over to look at Nick’s cake and almost puked.

He had already learned from Hermione that the Moaning Myrtle had been hiding in the abandoned girls’ bathroom. Combined with the information that Hagrid was still expelled, it meant that Tom Riddle probably killed Myrtle and framed Hagrid.

However, Sean is unsure whether he is alive or dead, and the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets has never been activated.

When Sean charms the magical animals, he often needs to make eye contact with each other. But Basilisk can petrify the person who saw them.

Sean tapped his feet, feeling the temperature getting lower and lower around him.

“Should we go?” He whispered.

“I think you’re right.” Hermione nodded quickly, covering her mouth and nose.

Taking advantage of Nick’s talking to a ghost, they walked quickly to the door and turned away.

“Let’s go faster. We should be just in time for the last dessert.” Sean led the way through the corridor and walked towards the steps.

Hermione retched, “I’m afraid I can’t eat anymore. Why do I have to see that cake…”

“You’re just too curious.” Sean said casually.

His steps stopped, and Hermione bumped into his back.

“What’s the matter, Sean? Isn’t this Mrs. Norris?”

In front of them, a cat was meowing at Sean.

“What’s wrong?” Sean squatted down.

Although Filch was not forgiving, Mrs. Norris had let Sean off once during the night out in the first year.

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