Apart from the unstable weather factor, the next step is to add a strand of your hair and a silver teaspoon of the dew of the moonlight flower to the vial, which must be collected from a place where there has been no sunlight or human touch for seven full days.

Finally, keep this mixture in a quiet, dark place, and don’t look at it or disturb it until the next thunderstorm. The materials needed were not a problem. He has everything, like money.

But the place needed to do that is quite hard to do so.

Putting it in the common room is unreliable, and the Room of Requirements is not safe enough for it. Like, what if someone happens to break into it?

The most suitable place is the Shrieking Shack. However, the Whomping Willow is right on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Before the Horned Serpent is dealt with, Sean wouldn’t go near the Forbidden Forest.

This morning, the school also issued a notice that all students were no longer allowed to approach the Forbidden Forest, and the teaching location of the Care of Magical Beasts class was changed.

Sean is not in a hurry as practicing for learning Animagus will last for a long time.

While he was talking to Hermione, he heard Daisy’s voice. Sean often felt that Daisy was a beautiful girl. She had gone through a lot by being cursed and turned into an Obscurial, and yet she is still a nice person.

Although she barely communicates with others, Daisy will always consider their feelings and respect them. For example, even if she and Sean are very close now, she will not act rashly, like cutting off the conversation between others and eavesdropping.

“Daisy,” Sean waved his hand and asked after she sat down, “Has Mr. Potter replied to your letter?”

Regarding Daisy’s matter, Dumbledore did not give a solution. But he did not specifically explain that it means that Daisy will not be in danger at present.

Last night, after returning from the principal’s office, Sean asked Daisy to write a letter to her parents, and they should discuss it with Dumbledore.

Daisy nodded, “Dad wrote me back and asked me to stay in the castle.”

“Good choice.”

Daisy looks weak, but she is very strong inside. She almost cried in fright yesterday and has returned to normal.

“Don’t worry. Professor Dumbledore is always here.” Sean said with a smile.

Hermione also comforted softly.

Sean remembered the reward he got from the potions class and decided to give it to Daisy tomorrow. Giving her now in front of Hermione would cause another trouble for him.


October is coming, and the weather in England can always turn bad in a short time.

Sean used only to wear a shirt under his robe, but it didn’t work since he’ll have to add a sweater. His wool socks were comfortable as they always gave Sean warmth.

In this weather, cold was common in Hogwarts. Madam Pomfrey hurriedly dispensed her special refreshing medicine. The effect of this potion is instant, but the drinker’s ears will be smoked for the next few hours. This caused the castle to fill with smoke like a fire in the corridor.

“Sean, don’t look at me.” Hermione said dissatisfiedly, with smoke in her ears.

Sean looked away with a smile. Hermione also had a cold, and smoke was blowing from her ears.

Sean is a rare “survivor”. It’s worth mentioning that Daisy didn’t catch a cold, and it seemed that Snape’s potion was really effective. Sean found a chance to give her a large bottle of the potion, and he found a rather weak reason, which was to make up for what had happened for the last few days.

Of course, Daisy didn’t care about the reason at all. She happily accepted it, and now she kind of admired Sean more.

Sean couldn’t do much about this, and sometimes he thinks that Snape’s gift has actually helped him increase his favorability in Daisy’s view.

He and Hermione were on their way to the Room of Requirements. After accidentally telling the story about the Winged Demon, Sean took Hermione into the room several times. She almost fainted when she saw the Wampus cat, confused about whether or not she should be mad about it or not.

Hermione eventually let go and helped Sean feed the animals a few times, perhaps because there was no essential difference between violating school rules once and violating many school rules.

Seeing Hermione violating school rules looks different. Whenever it’s feeding time, Hermione will follow Sean to the Room of Requirements whenever she has time and let the animals play together in the room for a while.

It is not safe to get into the ring in other places. Although the item that Newt gave him is much more convenient and concealed than the suitcase, the ring is too small and often easily lost.

Since the ring was taken away by a pet by his roommate, Sean only used it when he was in the Room of Requirements because he wouldn’t lose it again if it was in this room and no one could interfere.

In the Room of Requirements, Hermione stroked Naja’s scales. She liked the elegant and beautiful Occamy, especially Naja would make a round chair for her to rest from time to time.

Although Pudding is quite cute, but this Wampus cat is very clingy. He always plays with Sean and just tease him from time to time.

As for Dave, Hermione was always a little scared of him. Although under Sean’s order, Dave was very friendly, she was afraid of him from the bottom of her heart. Hermione felt that she had to be cautious, knowing what Dave was capable of.

The two fed the three in the Room of Requirement and played with them for a while. Hermione sat on Naja and read a book. The predecessors in the Room of Requirements leave a lot of magic books.

However, her reading was interrupted by a sound.

“Sean, do you really need to use your teeth to practice the Animagus thing?” She said.

“Sorry, it’s so hard, and I often accidentally bite it one or two times.” Sean stuck the jade in his mouth and smiled.

He has achieved some results after some practice, but he sometimes fails because of how hard keeping the consistency of it is.

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