Sean did not tell Hermione and Daisy about the content of the prophecy. After all, as Dumbledore said, prophecy tends to trap how people think. This is another way of saying, ‘The more people believe, the prophecy will come true’.

Sean always felt that the wizarding world’s prophecies might have magical powers. In many prophecies, no matter whether the parties involved resisted or escaped, the destined ending would always happen.

This made Sean feel bad. After all, no one wants to be born with a predestined destiny.

But Sean has never been a person who accepts his fate. According to the prophecy, the destruction of the world is not predestined.

Sean returned to his room after talking to the two in the lounge. He stepped to his bed after making sure his roommate didn’t wake up. He took off his clothes and lay down on the bed.

After going through a lot of things, Sean is very exhausted, whether it is physically or mentally. Still, his head is so excited because of various emotions that it keeps him from falling asleep.

“Pride, huh?”

Sean has been thinking and imagining what kind of role he will play in the prophecy.

Although it’s a bit cheeky to say that, he has always believed that he is the son of destiny in the wizarding world. It’s just that the reality gave him a blow to the head that he plays the bad role.

Moreover, ‘Pride’ is really fitting. With his identity and this system, Sean had to admit that he has always been a prideful person.

Coming here gave him a lot of educational advantages, and the existence of the system allowed Sean to create his future career path. These two are enough to create a sense of superiority.

Although Sean is usually humble and polite, if he really wants to peel off the outer layer of his skin, there are a lot of things that lurk beneath him.

He instinctively thinks he will be a big shot in the future and pretend to say, “Oh, I just want to live a warm and ordinary life, but here I am.”

Sean laughed.

“I will aim for the big.” He muttered.

He pulled the quilt and closed his eyes. He is still young, and he should think about that later. For now, he should just be focusing on what he needs to put focus on.


“You’ve passed.” Snape raised his eyes reluctantly. He had just checked the potion that Sean had brewed.

This is a potion that can temporarily increase the energy and concentration of the drinker. However, this potion is not great because there are side effects. The drinker will fall into a very sluggish state after the potion’s effect ends.

Sean breathed a sigh of relief. In front of him was a pot of almost perfect brewed potion. According to the book, the finished product would be a light pink color, and his potion was slightly darker in color, but it was good enough.

Snape slowly took out two vials, large and one small vial from his robe and placed them in front of Sean.

“You have wasted the opportunity to obtain Felix Felicis. This is an Invigoration Draught. In the previous class, I have already made it clear,” Snape changed the subject, “Wallup, what is the potion’s effect?”

“The Invigoration can supplement the energy lost by wizards due to accidents, and it can also improve the physique of the drinker. Because the potion is mild and has no side effects, the potions need to be boiled at a very low temperature. You can’t leave the cauldron during the cooking process.” Sean answered quickly and accurately.

“I’m asking about the effect, not the details that need to be paid attention to when brewing,” Snape said expressionlessly, “However, it seems that you have used your brain a little bit. One point for Ravenclaw and the Draught is the reward for this class session.”

The students who never dared to be distracted in Potions class widened their eyes. They looked at Sean and Snape in disbelief. This was the first time Sean got extra points from Snape. Although it is only one point, you must know that Sean and Harry were the ones who were deducted a lot in the past.

Sean raised his eyebrows and put away the large and small vials of the Draught.

Snape’s meaning couldn’t be more obvious. The big vial was for Daisy.

After all, Snape “accidentally” revealed to Sean the potion he was going to brew in the second class of the first grade, and Sean found a reason to tell Daisy that he would succeed in the potions class.

But after doing all of these for Snape, he only got this? Though, a small vial of the Draught and one point. Snape is really stingy to him.

Snape gave him one last meaningful look before dismissing the class.

“Sean, did you secretly drug Professor Snape?” In the corridor, Harry approached with a suspicious expression on his face.

“Maybe I’m more pleasing to the eye recently?” Sean replied casually.

“What? That doesn’t make sense!”

Harry also cooked a perfect potion just now. Even without Snape’s notes, his potion was even better than Sean’s. However, Snape didn’t even look at him. Instead, he found something else to blame and deducted another point from Harry because he didn’t extinguish the flame under the cauldron in time.

Sean patted the shoulder, “You may have to bear the suffering in the future alone.”

Hermione gave Harry a sympathetic look. With Harry alone, Gryffindor would be at the bottom of the House Cup.

After returning to the common room after dinner, Sean found a corner to sit down and then took out the notebook that Dumbledore had given him.

It records the transformation method of Animagus.

He cast a spell on the notebook. This prevents people from being seen since this kind of magic is very dangerous.

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Published On: September 13, 2023

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