“Professor, are you busy recently?” Sean asked.

Dumbledore nodded, “Yes, very busy. There are too many things to take care of, but don’t worry, I will always pay attention to you.”

“I see.”

“The topic tonight is a bit heavy, but I still hope that you can sleep well, Sean. Your current task is to study hard. The stronger you become, the better you will be able to suppress the chance of blood in your body.” Dumbledore pushed his glasses and said with a smile.

“I will work hard, professor. I wish you a good night’s sleep too.”

After Sean left the office, Dumbledore smiled relievedly and sat back on the chair.

“Strong psychological quality and a mature way of thinking. Is he really eleven years old?” Said a wizard with a curly mustache on the wall.

“Genius keeps coming,” another wizard added, “but the blood in this kid… My great-grandfather lived through that history, even if it’s just a memory, and he’d be terrified looking at him.”

“Maybe this kid can perform miracles?”

“It’s not just him. Miracles also require other sacrifices.” a calm-looking wizard said in a muffled voice.

The portraits of the principals suddenly fell silent, and a female principal spoke after a while.

“Dumbledore, why do you stop at the last paragraph of the prophecy?”

Dumbledore removed his glasses and pressed between his brows, “Dylis, the last prophecy has no use to Sean. He is a kid who likes to find out the truth. Knowing those things is not good for him.”

Phineas snorted coldly, “Dumbledore, why are you always like this?”

“That’s one of the reasons why I have a better reputation than you, Phineas.” Dumbledore retorted nonchalantly.

Phineas was a little annoyed. He said loudly, “Then what? Do you think those heartless guys will remember your sacrifice?”

“It doesn’t matter. That’s the end of the conversation. I have to rest.”

Dumbledore ended the topic. He glanced at the silver thread of memory still floating in the Pensieve.


After bidding farewell to Dumbledore, Sean walked out of the office with a slightly heavy heart. He did not expect that he’d be the villain in the prophecy.

Sean sighed.

As he walked, he suddenly thought Grindelwald’s attitude towards him was strange. If he and Dumbledore had the same goals, wouldn’t he not be doing anything weird to him?

Dumbledore wants to guide him. He hopes that he can become a good person, and his attitude will obviously affect the awakening.

But why Grindelwald is acting very strange? He and Dumbledore’s behavior is not consistent, but he doesn’t feel his evil intent at all. Moreover, if Grindelwald wants to lead him to the dark side, it would be impossible for Dumbledore to agree to this plan.

It’s hard to guess what Grindelwald was thinking.

After thinking for a long time, Sean found that the two seemed to be using different concepts to guide him, and Grindelwald was obviously more radical than Dumbledore, much like a disagreement between parents on how to raise their children.

With all kinds of thoughts in mind, Sean returned to the Ravenclaw common room. He was lucky not to meet Filch in the middle of the night.

Pulling the door knocker, the bronze eagle head asked, “What is wisdom?”

The door knockers often ask questions that don’t have a fixed answer. You can enter the room as long as you explain with your own knowledge.

Sean tilted his head and thought momentarily, “Something that can help us answer this question.”

The door was opened, and Sean seemed to hear something when passing through the door.

Now Sean is extremely sensitive. He looked around carefully, asked Dave if he smelled the scent of a brain, and walked in after confirming that there was no one.

The prophecy has too much impact on his mind, and Sean feels that something is really weird now.

Back in the common room, Sean found that the chairs in the lounge were leaning against each other.

It’s Hermione and Daisy.

It was past midnight now, and they were all asleep. Both of them locked their hug, and they were sleeping. Sean unconsciously looked at the sleeping positions of the two of them.

Hermione was slender, her calf in short white socks was exposed in the air, and her toes were pushing tight the white socks. Because the socks were frequently used, there was a layer of tan-cream color phasing through it.

The white velvet blouse and gray knee-length skirt fit softly on Hermione’s body. She even had the book “The World’s Famous Magic School” under her arm.

On the other side, Daisy frowned and pressed tightly against Hermione’s body with both hands wrapped around one of Hermione’s arms. Her body was small even though they were only a year apart.

The clothes Daisy wears can always wrap herself tightly. The white blouse with a yellow pattern had long cuffs, and her fingers were tucked into the cuffs. Only her pink nails can be seen.

She was wearing a sailor’s skirt and black socks. Daisy curled herself up into a small ball, the sock on her knees was tight and showed a little color of her legs.

Sean looked at the two and sighed that his heavy heart was actually relaxed now.

Maybe it’s been a long time since he paid attention. Hermione opened her eyes.

“Sean, you’re back.” She was a bit surprised and then lowered it immediately.

However, Daisy was not asleep either. She opened her mouth slightly, and her eyes were not fully opened.

Her voice was soft, “Sean? Sean is back?”

Sean smiled, “Well, both of you should go back to your bed now.”

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Published On: September 12, 2023

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