Sean fell silent. He raised his hands as if to see if they were stained with blood. He thought of what he had seen in the Mirror of Erised.

He suddenly felt that there seemed to be a demon in his body, and that demon was waiting to wake up, yearning for blood.

Sean clenched the fist in front of him tightly, and when he raised his head again, the calmness and firmness on his face surprised Dumbledore.

“Why me, professor? How do you know that it’s me? That prophecy doesn’t have a clear answer.” Sean said in a deep voice.

Dumbledore patted the stool beside him to signal him to sit down, but Sean stood where he was.

He withdrew his hand and said softly, “Gellert and I spent a lot of time investigating the historical disaster mentioned in the prophecy. The so-called ‘culprit’ is likely to be a wizard who has awakened something in their bloodline. The prophecy mentions, ‘Pride is locked in a prison’, I think it means the bloodline is in a dormant state.”

“Until after a thousand years, seven of his descendants will wake up, and you are the most important one. Gellert is a seer, he foresaw your birth, and the other seer I knew made the same prophecy.”

Sean nodded, and his voice became calmer, “Professor, you and Mr. Grindelwald should have investigated it when I was born, right?”

“Yes, we need to determine whether you have the blood. The result is obvious.” Dumbledore smiled helplessly, “I even secretly hoped that you would be just an ordinary person. However, the moment you were born, your name was recorded in the Hogwarts Book of Admittance.”

Sean continued to ask, “The prophecy means that the blood in my body will awaken some kind of dark power, which will bring disaster to the world. In the second half, the prophecy also said, ” I will lead the others?”

“Yes, at least literally,” said Dumbledore, “but the prophecy is still too vague to be able to judge its specific meaning.”

He looked very calm, “Sean, what you have can be transformed into something else. I think this requires your own efforts, which is why I have always wanted to guide you.”

Sean took a deep breath and said, “The prophecy says that this cannot be done, and everyone will die.”

Dumbledore stood up and said seriously, “Sean, I have always believed that everyone has a bright side and a dark side. We can choose which side to show and determine what kind of people we become. It’s not how we were made from the start, but the choices we made.”

Sean smiled, “Professor, do you think I can do it?”

He froze for a moment and laughed, “You are more mature than I imagined, Sean.”

“After all, nothing much has happened.” Sean shrugged casually.

After hearing the prophecy, he was feeling a little bit gloomy. After all, there is a bomb hidden in his body. But as Dumbledore said, it is his choice that determines the outcome.

The atmosphere seemed to be relaxed all of a sudden. Sean picked up the drink Dumbledore poured for him before and took a big sip, “I don’t feel anything wrong now. Is that kind of blood slowly awakening?”

Dumbledore also took a sip of his drink and he squinted his eyes, “This is one of the reasons why I chose to tell you. I don’t know how and when it will wake up. I hope you can prepare in advance, whether it is physically or psychologically.”

Sean nodded and then asked, “What about the other deadly sins? I’ve seen the names of Harry and Neville on Mr. Grindelwald’s table.”

“Yes, they also have the blood. Judging from the prophecy, they seem to be led by you. To put it roughly, your awakening will drive how the others act.”

“Is Daisy too?”

Dumbledore’s expression became serious, “No, Daisy doesn’t belong to the list. That’s another reason why I told you the prophecy. Someone behind the scenes has been planning something, and I don’t know their purpose.”

“Although I have been called the greatest wizard of our time by many people, it is clear that there are still too many things I don’t understand, and there are too many unknowns in this world.”

He looked at Sean and emphasized his tone, “I suspect that the person behind all of this wants to push the prophecy to come to reality. He wants to release the ‘Pride’ in you.”

Sean’s heart became heavy, “Can the thing in my body be removed?”

“No, blood is above all else. I don’t think there are people with such ability in this world that could do that. Sean, the only person who can release the potential that lurks inside is yourself, and only you can suppress it.”

Sean thought about this sentence. Did Dumbledore mean that his blood would not be affected by external factors?

He scratched his hair a little.

“Professor, are there any special conditions for the awakening? Or is there a time limit? Since the prophecy was mentioned a thousand years later.” Sean asked.

“If you look at it completely according to the prophecy, time is the most intuitive condition for the awakening. There are six years left, when you graduate from Hogwarts, the blood will definitely awaken.” Dumbledore said.

“Six years…” Sean took a deep breath, six years may seem like a long time, but in fact, it is only a short time.

What’s more, is that there’s another person who wants to make the prophecy come true, which can cause the time for the awakening to be shortened.

Dumbledore handed over a notebook and smiled, “You don’t have to be nervous all the time. Just do your thing normally and attend your class like you usually would because it might help. I’m sure you don’t want to get more point deductions from the potions class.”

Sean took the notebook, “Professor, what is this?”

“A little bit of information about Animagus. If you don’t understand something, you can ask Minerva anytime.”

Sean rubbed the rough side of the notebook, but he quickly realized that there was another meaning in Dumbledore’s words.

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Published On: September 12, 2023

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