A middle-aged witch was lying on the ground in the corner of the dungeon. Her eyes were closed tightly, and her face had a strange pearly white color.

Grindelwald squatted on the ground and said, “Look, this seer can live more than two hundred years old. But she may only live half of her life because of this situation.”

Dumbledore squatted, checked it, and said in a deep voice, “When did it happen to her?”

Grindelwald said casually, “This is how I found her. Come on, don’t look at me like this. Well, I admit, I wanted to capture her to make some prophecies, but I also saved her. So it’s a fair trade.”

“There’s nothing credible in your words.”

“But my actions can prove it, Albus. Your information comes from such a wide range of sources. You should be able to know that all the people under my hand who sneaked into the Ministry of Magic have been pulled out.” Grindelwald replied.

“And you want to start a war?” Dumbledore didn’t trust him at all.

“No, I’ll change it to something more gentle, like—” Grindelwald said slowly, “A brand new school? I’ve had enough with Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and the others’ way of teaching.”

Dumbledore stood up straight, “Don’t try to create a group of radical disciples.”

Grindelwald smiled, “I heard that Dippet wants you to be the next principal of Hogwarts. Is he old and confused hence he made that decision?”

He poked at Dumbledore’s velvet suit, “My dear friend, your ability to buy people’s hearts is as bad as your taste in dressing. We’ve proven that a long time ago, haven’t we?”

“That was in the past, including your ‘dear friend’.” Dumbledore grabbed his hand and said in a cold voice.

The two quarreled quite a lot when they were young, but Grindelwald’s words are true. When it comes to deceiving people, Dumbledore is really not that good. That’s how Sean sees it.

However, Grindelwald planned to build a new school.

He glanced at the old Dumbledore beside him. He had a look of emotion on his face. He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but Sean felt that he saw a trace of joy in his eyes.

“Professor, I think your suit is very beautiful.” Sean said in a low voice.

Dumbledore smiled and said nothing.

While young Dumbledore and Grindelwald argued, Cassandra Vablatsky suddenly sat up staggeringly. Their quarrel was interrupted immediately, and the two looked at Vablatsky in unison.

Vablatsky raised her head, and her voice was ethereal like clouds in the sky.

“I saw, I saw the blood and the flames. The world was about to suffer greater disaster than ever.”

“On that piece of parchment written with history, flames spread from the past and rose again.”

Vablatsky’s throat made a sound, her eyes were red, and blood trickled down her nostrils. There was a pain in her voice.

“The seers fell one by one. The sage born from the children of darkness fought with the queen of the land all his life, the giants stood up one after another, and the smoke filled the Earth.”

“Stupid and pointless strife enrages unknown beings, ancient runes sting the world, Pride was born out of the darkness.”

“After fighting with the others. He was thrown into prison and will sleep for a thousand years.”

Vablatsky’s body began to tremble. Not only her nostrils, her eyes, mouth, and ears were showered with blood. She gasped twice with difficulty and violently.

“This era will come to an end. He shall be released from the prison. He will be reincarnated. The Seven Deadly Sins will grow under Pride’s lead. The old era is going to be burned while the new age will be painted with the blood of the thousands.”

“If the blood is to be wiped dry, the old age will bear the harsh punishment.”

“Those revived ancients offer their souls. Those corrupted ones offer their blood. Pride will forgive the sins of the world, humbly and mercifully accept all of them.”

Vablatsky’s voice became more eerie, and she almost screamed out the last sentence, “But you can’t stop it! You can’t stop it! Everyone will die!”

Then she passed out again.

Grindelwald finally stopped smiling. He slowly raised his head, “Albus…”

At this time, everything became blurry. Sean returned to his senses and stood steadily on the office floor. He gulped, then looked at Dumbledore beside him.

Dumbledore was waiting for him to digest all this. He sat back on his chair and looked at Sean quietly.

“Professor, I don’t understand…” With a shivering voice, Sean said, “What is that prophecy talking about?”

Dumbledore said, “Sean, you are a smart boy. I thought you would understand at a glance.”

“I…” Sean didn’t know what to say.

He could understand it, but that was too vague.

“Allow me to explain it to you clearly.”

“Have you always wondered why fewer and fewer wizards use those ancient magics and runes?”

“It’s not because of a new way to cast spells, but they have experienced a generational decline.”

“In Vablatsky’s prophecy, she mentioned the disasters in history. At that time, the ancient wizards were powerful but had no moral values, and they always fought each other tirelessly. During that time, whether that be wizards or Muggles, the whole world is always at war.”

“Maybe because of an unknown ritual, or it’s the will of the world? The disaster called ‘Pride’ was born. At that time, the whole world was shrouded in fear, and the wizards either killed each other or were killed by ‘Pride’. Wizards were treated as some sort of pest or disease.”

“I heard a saying in the Muggle world, and I think it makes sense,” Dumbledore smiled self-deprecatingly, “The only thing that we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.”

“Now, millennia after that history. The ‘Pride’ has once again been unleashed.”

Dumbledore’s eyes were deep, and he looked at Sean calmly.

“Sean. You are the head of the Seven Deadly Sins. The ‘Pride’ who brought disaster to the world.”

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Published On: September 12, 2023

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