Seeing him standing up slowly, Sean’s breathing became uncontrollably rapid. Although Dumbledore had said in the letter before that, he would tell the content of the prophecy. Sean was a little nervous when the time came.

He has guessed the content of the prophecy many times by himself. It may be wrong, but he might guess it right.

What role will he play in the prophecy?

Dumbledore stood up. He didn’t speak immediately, his hands crossed, and quietly watched the night sky.

The portraits of the previous Hogwarts principals on the wall also became serious. They all sat upright, and those who pretended to sleep after Dumbledore returned also opened their eyes and moved closer.

“Sean,” Dumbledore finally spoke, his voice was gentle, calm, and full of reassuring feelings, “Have you ever learned anything about prophecy or divination?”

Sean pondered for a while and said, “I bought some books which mentioned that divination is a branch of magic and generally predicts the future through certain things or gathers insights from past, present, and future events. But you said that the more people believe in that prophecy, the more it will come true. I have never heard of that.”

Dumbledore did not answer his question. He smiled and said, “I have always believed that divination is an imperfect science. It requires a specific way of thinking and concentration to improve someone’s perception and logical thinking ability to gain insights on different events, phenomena, details, and thoughts.”

He opened the drawer, took out a jar of candy, and took one in his mouth before continuing, “It’s just my opinion. I have always believed that prophecy It’s a very informative insight about future developments that don’t necessarily happen. Predicting the future is very difficult because the relationships between people’s behavior are complex and variable.”

“However, people often get stuck in prophecies and then believe what they want to believe or have to believe,” Dumbledore smiled, “Everyone is special, but they are practically the same, including me.”

Sean listened to all of this.

“Sean, do you know why the information about this prophecy has not been spread?” Dumbledore asked.

“Because the more people believe, the prophecy will come true. This is what you and Mr. Grindelwald told me before.” Sean replied.

“Why?” He asked and immediately answered, “Because the prophecy tells about this entire era.”

Sean’s pupils shrank.

Dumbledore finished eating the candy, showed an expression, and walked slowly in front of Sean.

“Come on, we’re going to go into my memory, and you’ll see not only partially but wholly.”

Sean followed him to a shallow, metallic silver basin. Even though he had never used it, Sean immediately knew what it was. It was the Pensieve.

The rim of the Pensieve is inscribed with runes and other symbols. The basin was filled with a silvery substance, both liquid and gaseous-like clouds.

Dumbledore took out his wand and tapped it on his temple. A flocculent silver thread was slowly pulled out. The silver thread was wrapped around the tip of his wand a few times and slowly sank into the Pensieve.

“Try to sink your face in.”

Sean leaned forward, took a deep breath, and plunged into the Pensieve. He kept falling, and when he opened his eyes, he was already standing on solid ground with Dumbledore beside him.

They stood in a narrow alley with dark gray stone walls on both sides, and the stone road under their feet had some cracks, with a few green weeds emerging from the cracks.

Just as Sean was about to speak, a person passed through his body and walked out of the alley.

It was young Dumbledore in an elegant velvet suit. However, his expression looked very serious, like he was about to meet an important person.

“Professor, what are you here for?” Sean asked.

Dumbledore just smiled and winked at Sean, signaling to follow him.

The two followed the young Dumbledore out of the alley at a short distance. This place seemed to be a certain village. The roofs of the buildings were mostly in the Mansard architecture. The upper part was smooth, and the lower part was steep. There are many exquisite windows on the roof with different shapes.

“This looked like an architecture style from Germany‚Ķ” Sean murmured in his heart.

Young Dumbledore crossed a small square and finally stopped in front of a building. His expression remained serious, but no other emotion could be seen.

After some moment, the door in front of him opened by itself, and a voice could be heard.

“It’s really difficult to get you to come here, Albus.”

The young Grindelwald came out of the house. He was wearing a high-necked coat, maintaining his youthful appearance and possessing the mature charm of a middle-aged man.

Grindelwald opened his arms and was about to hug him.

Dumbledore took out his wand and pressed it against Grindelwald’s chest. His expression was serious, “Grindelwald, I didn’t come to reunite with you.”

“It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other. Are you sure you don’t want to come for a drink? Stop pretending, Albus. Your wand isn’t a match for mine.” Grindelwald withdrew his hand, but the happy smile on his face remained.

“Let’s get serious. How is Cassandra?” Dumbledore said in a deep voice.

Grindelwald moved away and said enthusiastically, “Well, Ms. Vablatsky is delighted to live with me.”

“Cassandra Vablatsky?” Sean remembered that this was the author of “Unfogging The Future”, and she was a famous seer.

Dumbledore walked into the house, Grindelwald led the way, and they walked down a corridor.

“I thought she was a descendant of Trelawney, but it seems that she is not. However, the characteristics of a seer are always doomed, and she is easily entangled in mystery.”

“Look, I saved her life. Aren’t you happy, Albus?” Grindelwald stood at the door of a dungeon. He opened the door and said with a smile.

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Published On: September 12, 2023

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