“It’s okay,” Sean shook his head and asked curiously, “Professor, do you know the purpose of my coming here?”

Dumbledore walked to him and sat down, “Newt told me. Coincidentally, I learned something at the Ministry of Magic. I guessed that you would probably come to me.”

“The Ministry of Magic?”

“Yes, Sean. Do you read the newspapers often?”

Sean nodded a little embarrassedly. He had been reading the Daily Prophet that Hermione ordered all the time. Sean was taken aback momentarily, thinking of the news he had seen before.

On the day they started school, the Ministry of Magic encountered robbers. But Minister Fudge has always refused to say what the stolen things were. Harry and his group almost missed the train because they encountered Aurors who were chasing the robbers.

“Professor, is it related to the stolen thing?”

Dumbledore nodded, “Yes, the Department of Mysteries of the Ministry of Magic has lost important items. It took me a lot of effort to pry some information out of Fudge’s mouth.”

“And that is?”

“A key, but I’m sure it’s a needle of some sort.”

Sean looked at him suspiciously. Dumbledore’s expression was a little serious, he looked up to the skylight, and there was not a single star tonight.

“Sean, when you were in the Muggle world. You should have heard a fairy tale before?” Dumbledore asked without thinking.

“Yes, Professor. I have thought about it many times since I entered Hogwarts. There seem to be many wizards in those fairy tales.” Although he didn’t know why Dumbledore asked this, Sean quickly answered.

Dumbledore smiled, “Yes, wizards have appeared on this land since ancient times. Whether it is the wizarding world or the Muggle world, many wizards are in the ancient legends. However, Sean, have you ever heard of “The Other World”?”

Sean nodded. He has heard about “The Other World,” and it is a magical place. There are gods, elves, fairies, giants, and monsters living there.

The Other World is different from the concept of heaven or hell. This place is usually located on sacred lakes, islands, forests, and high mountains. It is a paradise where souls live temporarily before being reincarnated. Some of these places are like heaven, while others are gloomy and depressing, like hell.

Human beings are only one step away from this world, but only prophets and selected people can freely move between the two worlds. Of course, in legends, there are also many people who have obtained this kind of gift.

“It looks like you know, so I don’t need to explain again. Chatting with Fudge is really tiring,” Dumbledore waved his hand, a bottle filled with drinks flew over, and then happily drank it, “I like sweet drinks. Sean, do you want to try it?”

Sean took a sip and then asked, “I’ve heard of it, but what does it have to do with the wizarding world?”

“Of course,” Dumbledore blinked, “The Other World has another name in the wizarding world, but very few people have heard of it. It’s called The Misty Land.”

Sean remembered that Misty Land is a place between life and death. It appears inside the human mind, both reality and illusion.

Dumbledore explained, “The Misty Land is a place where a soul temporarily settles. Where it was located is unknown and mysterious.”

Sean suddenly thought of what the Horned Serpent said that he had just woken up, and Dumbledore just said that the mysterious man who sneaked into the Ministry of Magic stole a key. Surprised, He raised his head, not even noticing that the drink in his glass had spilled.

“Professor, can that key open the gap between the Misty Land and the real world?”

Dumbledore sighed, “That’s a probability. But whether the Misty Land is an actual world or human thoughts generate it, I don’t know. However, I can be sure that there is a barrier between the present world and the Misty Land, which can only be opened at a special moment. Like when a person dies.”

Dumbledore raised the glass in his hand, “Just like this glass, we are separated from getting the drink by something. Only at certain special moments can your body touch the glass and get the drink.”

“The thing that was stolen can drill a small hole in the glass wall.” Dumbledore shook the glass, and a tiny hole appeared in the glass wall.

The liquid inside flowed out slowly, and soon, a drop of water dripped from the hole.

Sean immediately understood what Dumbledore meant. He looked up at Dumbledore and gulped, “Professor, so the souls…”

“Yes,” Dumbledore nodded with a serious expression, “Although it is only a small gap, a few souls have already escaped, reappeared as ghosts, and gained some ability.”

“Like that Horned Serpent?”


Sean asked, “There shouldn’t be more than one of them, right? Besides, these souls have become ghosts again. But what is their goal?”

“That’s what I’m currently investigating,” Dumbledore adjusted his glasses, “The souls become ghosts again, and they will work hard to fulfill their uncompleted wishes in life. That Horned Serpent may be kind, but other souls may not be.”

His voice was solemn, “The mysterious person who stole the thing has already made a move. He will use other ghosts that we have not yet known to accomplish his goal.”

“What does he want?” Sean asked.

Dumbledore looked at Sean, “The only thing I can think of is the prophecy.”

Sean took a few deep breaths. This unknown prophecy was the key to everything, and he didn’t understand why Daisy would be involved.

He originally thought that the accidents in Godric’s Hollow and the Forbidden Forest were all aimed at him, but now it seems that he just encountered them by mistake, and the real target was probably Daisy.

“Professor,” Sean’s tone is different now than before, “Can you tell me about this prophecy?”

Dumbledore stood up slowly, “I guess it’s time…”

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Published On: September 11, 2023

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