Sean looked down at her in his arms. Tears were in the corners of her eyes, and her expression of fear and panic had not completely dissipated.

“It’s okay. You’re at Hogwarts. It’s the safest place in the world.” He comforted her.

Seeing that Daisy had finally calmed down, Sean winked at Hermione.

“I’m going to talk to the professor.” Sean explained and then hurried out of the common room.

He was worried that his and Dumbledore’s original guesses were incorrect. Whether it was the letter or the Horned Serpent this time, could it all be aimed at Daisy?

Bagshot was there when her memory was triggered. Sean thought that this incident was connected to him. He doesn’t think about Daisy because she has not been doing well for many years because of the curse and Obscurus in her body.

So what role will Daisy play in the letter?

Daisy is weak, but she is a smart and clever girl. According to Harry, when the curse was first discovered, Daisy was very sad and didn’t trust anyone except her family—even Sirius.

Moreover, she was used to keeping things in her heart at that time. She subconsciously hated her own magical talent, so an Obscurus was born. Later, after the family continued to care for her, Daisy gradually recovered her original personality.

There must be something inside Daisy’s character that plays a role in this situation.

He thought about the letter and the contents of that memory. The two young wizards and the forbidden human experiment. Sean thinks that after seeing Daisy, he will feel that Dumbledore and Grindelwald are up to no good, given she’s just an eleven-year-old girl.

But what is the purpose of the enemy doing this?

Sean was walking in the castle’s stone corridor, and he habitually touched his chin.

Is it just to make him suspicious of his principal? Or create a distrust that would completely ruin the whole big scheme?”

If the Horned Serpent didn’t lie, then Daisy would likely be lured to the center of the Forbidden Forest.

Sean frowned. He found that there were too many unreasonable things in this matter. After the Horned Serpent awakened Daisy’s memory, she was very scared.

If his guess is correct, it proves that the Horned Serpent may be harmless and the enemy of an enemy is a friend. The person who cursed Daisy is pm the opposite side of the Horned Serpent.

But this brings up another question. Did the same person set the memory switch on Bagshot and Daisy?

Sean is a little confused, but he has a feeling that he is missing certain key information. With this in mind, he came to the principal’s office.

The gargoyle glanced at him and asked lazily, “Password?”

“Fizzing Whizbees. By the way, is Professor Dumbledore in the office?”

The gargoyle moved aside, “I’m only in charge of guarding the door. You guessed the password right.”

Sean scratched his head in embarrassment that he really guessed the password. Knowing that the principal’s office password is always all kinds of candies or snacks.

He walked up the spiral staircase and knocked on the door, “Professor, are you there? It’s me, Sean.”

There was no response from the office, but the wooden door opened by itself. Sean walked in only to find that Dumbledore was not in the office. The oddly shaped silverware can be seen, and the empty perch of the phoenix has been moved to the telescope under the skylight.

As soon as he walked in, the previous Hogwarts headmasters hanging on the wall moved. They had been pretending to be asleep before.

“He doesn’t look any different at all.”

“Don’t be stupid. Dumbledore said he was different.”

“Yes, yes, I can feel the specialness in this child.”

“You’re just a painting.”

“In our day, people who believed in prophecies generally died worse than those who didn’t.”

The portraits of the principals discussed Sean and then quarreled.

An elegant but majestic witch nodded to Sean, “Dumbledore asked you to wait for him here.”

Sean nodded, but on the side portrait, an old wizard with a goatee and thin eyebrows snorted disdainfully. He was dressed in a Slytherin robe.

“When I was the headmaster, a mud…” He seemed to want to say a certain word, but the portraits of the other headmasters all turned their heads and stared at him, “How can a wizard from a Muggle family be here? This is the principal’s office!”

“Phineas, don’t speak of any ill if you don’t want to be showered a bad omen.” A wizard said seriously.

Sean immediately knew who the person was. Phineas Nigellus Black the most unpopular principal in the history of Hogwarts. Sirius also had a connection with him in the family tree.

Phineas seemed to be scolded often. He shrunk his head but still insisted, “I’m telling the truth.”

“That’s because you’re an imbecile!” a witch yelled at him, “I really shouldn’t have chosen you to be the next headmaster.”

Sean saw the name under the painting. It was Eupraxia Mole, the head of Hogwarts before Phineas. Phineas seems to be particularly afraid of Eupraxia. He touched his nose subconsciously, moved back, and stopped talking.

Eupraxia turned her head and smiled gently at Sean.

Sean found a stool and sat down. He rested and looked towards the middle of the office.

He doesn’t know when Dumbledore will come back, but Dumbledore knows he is coming. Does that mean that he already had clues about the mastermind of the incident that just happened?

After waiting for almost an hour, when Sean was sleepy, a fire finally lit up in the center of the office.

Dumbledore, who walked out of the flames. He looked tired and smiled at Sean, “Sorry I kept you waiting for Sean. Chatting with those people from the Ministry of Magic is tiring.”

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Published On: September 11, 2023

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