The two found an empty corner. It was already past dinner time, and Hermione didn’t eat because she was worried, so she brought a lot of snacks over.

When Sean mentioned Isolt Sayre, Hermione’s eyes widened. She wiped her mouth, said wait here!” and ran quickly in her slippers back to the bedroom.

She returned with a book in her arms, “World Famous Magic Schools”, which recorded eleven magic schools with a long history and high reputation in the world.

No wonder that Isolt Sayre’s name was familiar to him. Because last time he borrowed a book from Hermione and read some information about it.

Hermione was wearing a short skirt today. She lightly tossed off her slippers and then dropped her whole body on the armchair.

She flipped through the books in her hand and then yelled, “Isolt Sayre! Look, born circa 1603. She is a pure-blood Irish witch. She is William Sayre and Rionach Gaunt Sayre and wife of James Stewart. Isolt co-founded the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with her husband.”

Sean didn’t remind Hermione that he already knew about Isolt’s history. He and Hermione carefully analyzed it for a while and finally concluded that these strange things should be left to Dumbledore.

While they were discussing, a soft voice came from afar, “Sean, Hermione. What are you talking about?”

Daisy stood some distance away, looking at the two curiously.

Sean thought about it, and it was not impossible to tell Daisy. At least it would keep her from going to the Forbidden Forest. With the relationship between Hagrid and the Potter family, Daisy would probably know about it later.

Seeing Sean beckoning her to come over and sit down, Daisy pursed her lips happily, trotted over, and sat beside Sean. Hermione bit her lip lightly, then moved quietly on the chair in the direction of Sean.

Unaware, Sean handed Daisy some snacks and then told Daisy what happened today.

“So, don’t go to the Forbidden Forest in the future.” Sean instructed.

Daisy nodded and then showed a curious expression, “Sean, what does the Horned Serpent you mentioned look like?”

“Um, Hermione. Is there any information about it in your book?”

Hermione flipped through the “World Famous Schools of Magic” in her hand and then opened it to a page, “There is no specific photo, but the Horned Serpent is a house in Ilvermorny, and this image should not differ much from the real one.”

Sean and Daisy looked over, and there was a photo of a stone carving on the thick paper. It was a huge snake with horns and a gemstone on its forehead.

Sean nodded, “It’s about the same as this, and the color is the same as the ghosts in the castle.”

“Ah!” Daisy on the side shouted as if she had been greatly frightened. Fear and panic filled her face.

“What’s the matter, Daisy?” Sean asked quickly.

Daisy’s body was already curled up on the chair, her pupils contracted violently because of fright, and she clutched her chest with both hands.

“Daisy? Are you alright?” Sean quickly walked up to her.

Daisy’s body was trembling when she saw Sean. She hugged him in a panic.

“What’s wrong?” Sean’s body froze momentarily, but he still hugged her gently.

She hugged Sean for a while before she slowly calmed down, but there was still fear in her eyes.

“Are you okay?” He asked with his head down.

Daisy took a deep breath and then slowly said, “I remember… that I’ve seen a Horned Serpent before.”

Sean frowned all of a sudden.

“You mean, you saw this creature when you were a child?”

Daisy’s eyes were a little red, “Yes. I remembered it all at once, and then I was very scared…”

Sean raised his head, “What made you think of that?”

Daisy nodded in fear, “A person, that person cast the curse on me. There is a Horned Serpent wrapped around that person’s body.”

Sean said in a deep voice, “Daisy, you don’t have any memories about that incident, do you?”

Daisy nodded.

But why did Daisy remember it when she saw the Horned Serpent? Is the Horned Serpent a switch to turn Daisy’s memory back again? He had encountered this situation in Godric’s Hollow.

Bagshot had also had her memory obfuscated, and she suddenly remembered the letter. Dumbledore told him that some kind of switch was magically set to wake up the memory. This is obviously the case with Daisy now.

What is that person’s purpose? Daisy remembered the situation in which she was hit by a spell.

Sean looked down at Daisy, and she still didn’t let go of him. But she has calmed down a lot.

He said softly, “Daisy, did you get a note from Hagrid today?”

Daisy nodded, “Yes, Hagrid wanted to see me tomorrow and said he has a gift for me.”

Sean’s breathing became heavier.

If Daisy sees the Horned Serpent there, what will happen to her later?

Sean suddenly had an idea. He communicated something to Dave.

“Dave, try to smell this girl.”

Soon, Dave sent back his thoughts, “It smells so good. It’s a bit worse than you, but it smells better than that old man.”

The old man that Dave was referring to was Newt. Sean’s expression changed, meaning Daisy’s talent for magical animals was also very high.

He still remembered Newt’s guess. The reason why the Horned Serpent asked him for help was because he was similar to Isolt Sayre. Like Sayre, her talent for magical animals is high, and so does Daisy.

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Published On: September 10, 2023

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