Sean told what happened in detail, and he didn’t hide anything except his pets.

Professor McGonagall breathed a sigh of relief, “Wise choice, Wallup. If you walk into the Forbidden Forest, you may suffer some unknown curse that who knows what would happen.”

Newt’s expression was a little strange. He glanced toward the Forbidden Forest and muttered, “A horned basilisk? Is it a mutated species or a ghost made by magic?”

“Professor, do you think a wizard is controlling that animal?” Sean asked, and this was also what he was worried about.

“I can’t say for sure, but I tend not to. According to your description, it’s a Horned Serpent, not a Basilisk. The animal’s behavior is very similar to how an animal would think. With all due respect, Sean. A wizard who can tame a Horned Serpent doesn’t need to do many things to get you and…”

Newt looked surprised and confused, “Do you know who Isolt Sayre is?”

“Is it a famous wizard?”

“Yes, she is very famous. She founded the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the United States.”

Sean’s eyes widened.

“Didn’t she die a long time ago?”

“Yes, she and her husband passed away a long time ago. In history, this person did have a close friendship with a Horned Serpent. This is where the name of a house in Ilvermorny comes from.”

“Professor, what do you mean?”

Newt nodded, “Generally speaking, the lifespan of a Horned Serpent is about seventy years, and Isolt Sayre Horned Serpent can’t live today.”

“Though there are many different varieties of Horned Serpents in the world. The most famous and precious one is the American variety. In addition to the long horns, it has a gemstone on its forehead. This gemstone can allow the wand to be invisible and fly by itself.”

“Could it be that the Horned Serpent is the one that Isolt Sayre once knew?” Sean said incredulously.

“It’s possible. However, this needs more investigation. After all, we don’t know what happened to that Horned Serpent. I have never heard that ghosts can control another person’s life and even cast illusions. Only a few magical animals can weave illusions in this world.”

Professor McGonagall had already helped Hagrid into the hut, and she walked out of the room and said to the two, “We still have to find Madam Pomfrey. We’d better give Hagrid and Fang a thorough check. Newt, please escort Wallup back to the castle and inform Professor Dumbledore. There have been more and more abnormal things in the past two years.”

Newt nodded and then led Sean toward the castle.

On the way, Sean was still thinking about what had happened this time, and he noticed something. The Horned Serpent said that it only woke up a few days ago.

“Don’t worry too much about it, Sean.” Newt’s voice can be heard

Sean turned his head and saw that Newt was smiling gently.

“Professor, I just don’t think it’s a good feeling to be remembered by people or snakes.”

Newt smiled, “Let’s just let Dumbledore think about this matter. Of course, I suggest you don’t come to the Forbidden Forest anytime soon.”

Sean nodded and then asked suspiciously, “If what the Horned Serpent said is true, what wish could Isolt Sayre have? She has been dead for so long, and why me?”

Newt thought for a while and said softly, “What they want is unknown. But I have a guess why she chooses you. Do you know that Isolt Sayre has a nickname called ‘Morrigan’ because she is very close to nature, and it’s key for her to easily befriend animals like Horned Serpent, which is very similar to you.”

“You mean I have an aura similar to her?” Sean asked suspiciously.

Newt nodded, “Magical animals like to be close to you. People who love nature and animals always have similar tastes. I think Sayre also be very popular with magical animals.”

“Besides, when I was young, I traveled all over the world, and magical animals often came to me for help. In the Far East, I once met an animal that had a very close relationship with a wizard. After the death of that wizard, it wanted to fulfill the wizard’s last wish.”

He showed a smile of reminiscence, “I gave a bouquet of flowers in front of that wizard’s grave, which can be regarded as fulfilling his wish. The animal also gave me a gift to thank me, which is a horn that could multiply by itself after some time.”

Sean smiled, “That wizard must have a good relationship with his animal.”

Newt nodded and stood in front of the tower, “Okay, I’ll leave you here. I have to go find Dumbledore.”

“Thank you, Professor. And uh, that.” Sean laughed. Dave was still on Newt.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Newt took the ball from his pocket, saying, “He’s been doing really good. It seems you have memorized everything I taught you when we first met.”

Sean smiled and took the ball. Sure enough, when he asked about the hatching, Newt had already guessed he had one.

“Miss Granger is also very smart. She thought that what you gave her was an Occamy. Obviously, Professor McGonagall would have confiscated it, so she found me. But obviously, I’m not a strong wizard when this kind of thing happens.” Newt said humorously.

“Oh, that’s not true. I’m ready to complain to Professor Dumbledore why the second year can’t take the Care of Magical Animal class.” Sean put Dave away and responded with a smile.

Newt winked at him, “Actually, when I arrived at the school, I planned on teaching the first-year students. You might want to train your little guy to be more friendly. It’s scary to think that he wants my brain whenever he is in my pocket.”

Newt can understand the meaning in the voice of magical animals, and Sean nodded embarrassedly. After saying goodbye to Newt, he returned to the common room, and Hermione ran over immediately.

“Sean! Thank goodness you are fine! I was so worried that I went back to the castle and went to find Professor McGonagall. Of course, I guessed that the thing you gave me was a magical animal to protect me, right? Is it the same Occamy that you’ve shown before?”

“Professor McGonagall will notice it, so I went to Professor Scamander first and let him take the Occamy, which may help you not confiscate your pet. But I have to say, Sean. Magical animals above the XXXX level are not allowed in the school. Oh, I almost forgot, what happened in the Forbidden Forest? Is Hagrid okay?”

Sean smiled, “Don’t worry, I can tell you everything that happened.”

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