It was a dog with blood on his body, and there was a deep cut in his abdomen.

“Fang?” Sean and Hermione ran over quickly.

When Fang saw Sean, it was like seeing a savior. He panted heavily, ran to Sean, and fell to the ground. It kept whimpering in pain. His head kept arching against Sean’s shoes.

“Damn…” Sean frowned, he quickly took out a potion and poured it evenly on the wound on Fang’s abdomen.

The wound ran from the top of Fang’s legs to the front legs, and Sean could even see some of Fang’s internal organs.

“Something happened to Hagrid.” Sean said in a deep voice.

Fang whimpered a little louder. His eyes were full of pleading. Even though moving his body was extremely strenuous, he kept looking in the direction of the Forbidden Forest.

Hermione covered her mouth, “My God…”

“Hermione, take this with you. Go back to the castle and inform the professors now.” Sean said quickly and handed the thorn ball where Dave curled up to Hermione

“What about you?” Hermione didn’t ask what it was but gave him a worried look.

“I’ll take care of Fang first. Hurry up.”

Hermione then ran away in the direction of the castle.

The potion’s effect on this kind of cut will not do much. After seeing Fang’s wound, Sean was slightly relieved. He looked at the Forbidden Forest with more serious eyes.

Fang escaped and called for help because Hagrid should be in a very dangerous situation. Sean’s eyes were fixed, and his brows were wrinkling.

However, Sean didn’t act rashly. He put Fang into the hut and closed the hut’s window by himself. The correct choice is to wait for the others to arrive.

Hagrid is not a wizard who has not yet graduated and can be regarded as a strong wizard. Although he didn’t know if there were any Acromantulas that Hagrid had put in the Forbidden Forest, it was difficult for Hagrid to be hurt just because of his friendship with the centaurs.

If Hagrid encountered an emergency, he would definitely use his wand to send a signal to warn the others, but they didn’t see any light from the wand when they came over.

There are two possible situations. One, there are wizards attacking from the Forbidden Forest, and they disarm Hagrid’s wand. The group who attacked Hagrid should be a lot. If there are only a few people, the animals which Hagrid takes care of them should defeat them.

Two, some kind of powerful creature appeared in the Forbidden Forest, and that creature attacked Hagrid. If this is the case, that animal should be very powerful because Hagrid is half-giant and is far superior to ordinary wizards in terms of magic resistance and physical strength.

But if that’s the case. Why is Fang able to escape? Sean glanced at Fang on the ground. He was just an ordinary hunting dog without any magical powers other than its ferocious appearance.

Could it be that Hagrid tried his best to send out Fang?

Hagrid didn’t even send out the warning signal. How could he send Fang? Regardless of whether it is a wizard or a magical animal in the Forbidden Forest, defeating Hagrid means that the enemy can easily attack Fang.

Considering this, is this a bait laid by the enemy? But who’s the target, Sean and Hermione?

Sean looked at the edge of the Forbidden Forest where it was getting darker and darker. The transparent air seemed to be twisting like a giant mouth, slowly opening and closing in the night.

If the target is him, shouldn’t he be running now?

If it was a bait, it means that the enemy is not sure about attacking them outside the Forbidden Forest. Otherwise, Hermione and him should be attacked when they come over.

But why the Forbidden Forest? Is the dark forest gives the enemy extra power to take them down?

Sean is a little uncertain about the situation in the Forbidden Forest now. He anxiously looked toward the castle, but it was getting late, and no one arrived.

“Something’s not right. It’s taking too long. It doesn’t take so long to go back and forth from the castle to the Forbidden Forest.” Sean’s expression turned ugly.

He gave Dave to Hermione mainly to protect her, and at the same time, Dave could communicate with him.

Sean had experimented so that Dave could send some messages to him even from a certain distance. From his experiment, the distance should not be that much if he was in Hagrid’s hut.

When Hermione ran back, Dave could still send some messages from time to time. But now there were no more signs from him.

“Is Hermione in trouble or the professor in the castle in trouble?” Sean frowned.

Could it be that there was another accident in the castle, and Dumbledore happened to be away just like last year?

Time passed bit by bit, and finally, there was a shout coming from the outside.

“Sean?” Hermione’s voice can be heard.

However, he did not receive Dave’s thoughts.

Sean frowned. He stuck his head out of the window and looked out. Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick followed Hermione.

“Hermione, did you know what I gave you previously?”

Hermione ran to the front of the hut and took something from her back. It was a blue-green ball, and it was lying motionless in Hermione’s hand at the moment.

“I don’t know what it is,” Hermione cried, “When I walked over the bridge, a ray of light suddenly flew towards me. Dave unfolded himself and blocked the light for me. He’s been like this the whole time.”

Sean staggered, and he took Dave’s ball from her hands.


No response could be heard, and Sean lowered his head.

Professor McGonagall followed Hermione and stepped forward, “I am very sorry about it, but we still have a chance to save him.”

“A chance?” Sean raised his head.

Professor Flitwick nodded, “The reason that we’re late coming here is because an unknown ancient magic attacked the castle.”

“Ancient magic?” Sean’s voice was a little hoarse.

“Yes, Professor Scamander said it is very likely that an ancient magic animal has awakened in the Forbidden Forest and wreaked havoc.”

Professor McGonagall said, “Newt says you can help, and the power of that magical animal could save Dave.”

“Go to the Forbidden Forest, Sean. We need your help.”

Sean took a deep breath, then nodded.

When Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick turned their heads and walked toward the Forbidden Forest, the sad expression on Sean’s face disappeared, and he calmly raised his wand.

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Published On: September 8, 2023

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