Seeing the two looking at him, Sean spread his hands, “You can learn cough potion in advance.”

“Cough potion?” Hermione asked, “This is a potion you only learn in the late first year. How do you know it would be learned in the second class?”

Sean said, “I helped Hagrid move some things yesterday, and one of the boxes contained fresh moonlight flowers, which are the main ingredient of the cough potion.”

He not only helped Hagrid move things yesterday but also moved those things to Snape’s office, and when Snape was checking whether the materials were damaged, Sean saw the lesson preparation materials on the desk.

‘First grade—second class—cough potion’ is what he saw.

At that time, Sean wondered how Snape let his books lie on the desk so carelessly. But now he understands why. It is because to let Daisy get the Felix Felicis.


“There are still minor flaws, but coming from a first-year student, it’s perfect.” Snape handed the vial containing the Felix Felicis to Daisy under the envious eyes of everyone.

“Thank you, Professor Snape.” Daisy said in surprise after taking the vial.

He returned to the podium with a blank expression.

Daisy squeezed the bottle tightly, and in front of her was a cauldron of a perfect cough potion. She trusted Sean and carefully reviewed the steps of making the cough potion before this class, and she even asked her brother to help her. Harry naturally gave him everything he had.

“Sean is so smart that he could guess this would’ve happened. Maybe I should give him this potion to him?” Daisy secretly thought in her heart.

If Harry and Snape knew what she was thinking, they would probably be shocked to death.

Daisy’s fame spread quickly, just like Harry’s last year. After all, facing Snape is not as difficult as facing Slughorn. Daisy even earned extra points for Ravenclaw.

Sean was deducted seven points in two Potions classes, while Harry was deducted nine points.

Sean can always get more points from the Transfiguration class and has already completed the second-grade lesson materials Professor McGonagall gave him. At the same time, the other students were having trouble with the beetle in front of them and trying to turn the one that was running around. Sean already changed them into a button.

“How did you do it?” Hermione muttered a little bit. A button was already lying in front of her, but Sean did it so easily.

“Concentrate on the complete the image you want to transform in your mind and time it with your spell.” Sean said.

He turned the beetle into a button again for the seventh time. Sean wanted the Hogwarts crest to appear on the button, but some details always left him unsatisfied.

“Oh, this time is alright.” Sean happily picked up the button.

On the tiny surface, all of the animals of the house surrounded the shield, and the ribbon below was written Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus”.

“Beautiful pattern, Mr. Wallup. Ten points for Ravenclaw.” Professor McGonagall glanced and gave him extra points with a smile.

Sean nodded with a smile. He was going to review the content of the second grade again and then went to Professor McGonagall to learn the content of the third grade in advance and the Animagus mentioned by Dumbledore.

However, his mood was quickly spoiled by the afternoon Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Sean thought that Lockhart was not as bad as he thought, but it turned out that he was worse.

Lockhart’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class was a disaster. He made a test about his hobbies and achievements and then released the Cornish Pixie he had caught. There were too many of them, and when Sean decided to use his magical animal talent, it didn’t work.

The Pixie took Lockhart’s wand and smashed the class’s windows to escape. Lockhart assigned Sean and Hermione to clean up the mess.

In the second class, Lockhart began to find someone to play the protagonist of “Voyages With Vampires”. Sean was that unfortunate victim simply because of his smile when he spoke to Hermione.

“Boy, you have a great smile. In another twenty years, you’ll have the chance to compete with me for the most charming smile in Witch’s Weekly magazine. If I lost, of course, that’s because I’m already old at that time.”

Sean hated his smile so much for the first time.

“Sean, you did a great job. In the next class, we will study another book of mine, ‘Break with a Banshee'” Lockhart winked at Sean affectionately.

Sean could only laugh dryly, considering whether to pretend to be sick in the next class.

“Well, at least you got five points.” Hermione comforted him.

Sean sighed helplessly, “I have to do it or else. Hell, I smell like garlic all over my body now.”

They walked out of the castle and walked towards the Forbidden Forest while it was still dark because Hagrid had sent an owl to them.

Harry and the others would go there too, but he couldn’t come because he fought back against Snape and ended up getting detention from Snape. He needed to clean a hut while Ron and Neville went to help him.

Coming outside Hagrid’s hut, Sean knocked on the door.

However, no one in the hut responded.

“Hagrid is not here. Did he go to the Forbidden Forest?” Hermione asked.

Sean frowned. He walked into the vegetable field and looked in from the open window. The hut was dark. Although Hagrid is often not that smart, he is a well-oriented person and will not easily let others go to his place easily.

Sean walked to the back door and found that the crossbow beside the door was gone.

“It seems that Hagrid is in the Forbidden Forest.” He said to Hermione.

The two waited for a while. When they were about to leave, a dark figure quickly jumped out from the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

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Published On: September 8, 2023

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