“Now sit down,” Snape looked at everyone, “Why didn’t I see all of you write down this information?”

As soon as the words fell, everyone hurriedly lowered their heads and began to write the information. Daisy sat down. She never thought that her first bonus came from the Potions class.

Daisy thinks that Professor Snape is not as mean as others say.

She was confused because Harry said it was normal for him to get a point deduction in Snape’s class. If no point was deducted in any class, it means that Snape was targeting Sean.

As for extra points, Ron said that If Snape gives any extra points one day, then he must be controlled by someone.

Snape walked slowly. His voice was as weak, but every student could hear him clearly.

“All of you are not qualified to make these high-level potions,” he introduced the potions in the front and continued slowly, “However, this does not prevent me from giving you some hope, such as a Vial of Felix Felicis.”

“In this class, you will learn how to brew a Cure for Boils potion, enough to fill your barren brains. If someone can do it perfectly, you will get a reward.”

The students who had just been exposed to potions immediately became excited, including Daisy.

However, her desire for the Felix Felicis was not that great. Her mother could make one for her if she really needed one. Of course, her mother also promised that she would give her a bottle as a gift.

Daisy was still excited to make potions. She has long been longing to study magic and other things like the others at Hogwarts.

Snape dragged his long black robe around the classroom, sternly pointing out any students who did the steps wrong.

“I see you haven’t even opened a single page of the potions book. I know your father, and it seems that you have not inherited even a tenth of his talent.” Snape said to a boy named said Kurt Reddy.

Reddy was embarrassed and also a little bit scared.

He didn’t know why Professor Snape targeted him so much. Only twenty minutes had passed, and he had a grudge against his father.

Daisy saw this. Although what Professor Snape said was shocking, she didn’t have much sympathy for him. She remembered him whistling at her as she ran to the stool during the sorting ceremony.

Daisy doesn’t like people who act like that, and why isn’t everyone as polite as Sean?

Of course, if he is polite and educated, he is not much better than Sean. Daisy looked at the cauldron being licked by the simmering fire and stirring the materials to be added next to the cauldron.

“Take the cauldron from the fire and add the porcupine quills.” A voice reminded her suddenly.

Daisy turned her head in a panic but only saw Snape’s back. He seemed to just pass by her and remind her on his way.

She removed the cauldron and added porcupine quills. She found that her potion had turned dark gray, like in the book.

However, at the end of the potions class. Daisy didn’t get a perfect potion and was a little annoyed. She made a mistake in cooking the Flobberworm mucus, greatly reducing the potion’s effect.

Snape looked at everyone’s potions and kept pointing out all the mistakes. Many students were embarrassed, and Reddy, who had been scolded all the time in class, got a point deduction because he accidentally burned out his cauldron.

Snape paused when he walked in front of Daisy and said, “When cooking the Flobberworm mucus, you need to adjust the heat three times. Each time the heat is lower than the last time, and pour into the cauldron when the liquid starts to dry a bit. Understood?”

“Yes, Professor.” Daisy nodded quickly.

Snape walked away, “Not bad for a student who is new to potions, five points for Ravenclaw.”

He returned to his podium, “Obviously, none of you could meet my expectation. However, I’ll give you one more chance since you are new students.”

Snape put his hands on the podium, “The reward is still the same, and you need to make another potion. You can find someone to learn something from them. Maybe that would help you.”

“Class dismissed.”


“You got bonus points from Snape as a Ravenclaw student?” In the Ravenclaw common room, Hermione covered her mouth in disbelief.

On the opposite side of the chair, Daisy looked at her weirdly. The two had always had weird expressions after she told Hermione and Sean about her first potions class. Hermione couldn’t believe it, and Sean stared blankly at the sky.

“I don’t think Professor Snape is as bad as you say.” She said.

Sean sighed, rubbed Daisy’s head, and said, “Daisy, I may know why. You gained the points that I lost from his class before.”

Daisy bit her lips in embarrassment and muttered, “But I didn’t perform very well. The previous Potions teacher was Mr. Slughorn, right? Harry got Felix Felicis in his class for the first time.”

“Well, Snape’s requirements are higher. But you’ve performed very well,” Hermione glanced at Sean and said sarcastically, “It’s much better than Sean anyway.”

Sean blinked, “Well, there’s no denying that.”

The three talked briefly, and Daisy mentioned the next class, “Professor Snape said he would give us another chance. But we don’t know what potion we will make in the next class.”

Hermione frowned, “Snape and Slughorn’s teaching ways are different, and our experience in the first grade may not be useful.”

Sean laughed, “I know.”

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