Sean is confident in his memory and has also read “A Thousand Magic Herbs and Mushrooms” and “Magic Potions and Potions” very well. He is sure that no potion looked like this in the book.

“I don’t know, Professor.” He replied honestly.

“It seems that you didn’t study during the summer vacation.” Snape narrowed his eyes, “Let’s try again. How about this one?”

It was a pot of light blue liquid and a white mist rose that lingers above the cauldron.

“I don’t know, Professor.”

“How about this?”

“I don’t know, Professor.”

Hermione raised her hand high, but Snape completely ignored her. Harry should also know, but he would never take the initiative to answer. Snape would not call him and only does that when he wants to take points by asking other questions.

“Wallup, it seems that you don’t even know the reason why the stupid bird flies first.” Snape mocked.

“Let me tell you, the first potion is the reflex potion. It can make the drinker’s speed reaction speed ​​up. The second potion is the eagle eye potion, which can greatly increase the drinker’s vision range. While this is a powerful healing potion, any injury can be healed, except for mental trauma.”

The other students took out their notes and quickly wrote them down without waiting for him to speak.

“Now sit down. Two points will be deducted from Ravenclaw. I told you last year to train your brain during the summer break.”

After the rustling sound in the classroom stopped, Snape introduced other potions, and finally, he stood in front of the Felix Felicis potion, “In this class, we will brew a potion of hair growth.”

He glanced at everyone with cold eyes and said slowly, “The person who can perfectly brew the potion will get a small bottle of this Felix Felicis.”

At this moment, the students were all surprised. They looked at each other in disbelief and even made some noises.

“Quiet.” Snape yelled, “The principal thinks all of you need motivation. I will never give out any kind of prize because I don’t think you had the talent to do so.”

“You only have one chance, and only the perfect potion can be rewarded. So don’t even think about getting it later in the future.”

After Snape said this, everyone quickly flipped through their textbooks. Snape’s requirements must be outrageously high. The “Perfect” in his definition is different than what you might think it is.

Sean also gets serious, and he has Snape’s notes. However, will this be considered cheating by him?

With this in mind, Sean didn’t stop. Although the Felix Felicis was the reward if he did well in the process, maybe he would just give it away to someone else as he didn’t need to.

Snape walked through the classrooms, finding someone to criticize and scold occasionally.

Harry and Sean were the ones that were scolded the most, including but not limited to the degree of cooking the materials, the posture of holding the knife, being too close to the cauldron, etc.

“Wring out the water from the fresh waterweed plant.” Sean looked at the steps in the book.

The long waterweed is a kind of aquatic plant that grows in the cave at the bottom of the lake. This thing contains a lot of water. Hermione tried to extract it, but the waterweed was still wet.

Sean remembered the note in the book that he could put the waterweed into a mortar and pound them with a copper pestle before taking them out and squeezing them dry.

He took the mortar beside him and was surprised that the waterweed squeezed out most of the water with just a little force after being smashed by the copper pestle.

Sean tried to tell Hermione about it, but Snape kept staring at him after seeing his actions, and the meaning was obvious. He will deduct more points if he dares to tell the others without his permission.

Feeling helpless, Sean had to continue brewing his hair growth potion, but with the help of the notebook, his progress was very smooth.

When Snape told them to stop, his potion had completely turned into a greasy transparent liquid, exactly as it was written in the book.

Snape checked everyone’s potions. When he came to Sean’s side, he seemed to be struggling with something. He just glanced at the cauldron and walked away. He didn’t find say anything and ignored Sean’s potion.

When the class was over, no one got the bottle of Felix Felicis.

“Sean, I bet Snape couldn’t have cooked it better than you. He just didn’t want to give you the potion.” Hermione said angrily.

Although Sean’s sudden knowledge of the potion surprised her, the result couldn’t lie. She thought that her friend was treated unfairly.

Sean smiled and said nothing. His potion is basically the same as what Snape taught him. It’s normal that he won’t reward him. Moreover, he also guessed what Snape was thinking. The Felix Felicis is probably not for anyone to take.


When Daisy stepped into the Potions classroom, she was a little nervous. She had heard some words about Professor Snape lately. Except for Slytherin, almost all the students in other houses had been picked on by him.

This made Daisy a little worried. She spent most of her life lying on the hospital bed. Although her mother was really good at potions, she hadn’t even touched the cauldron.

Harry said he was picked on by Snape a lot, which made Daisy even more nervous—knowing that her mother said that Harry’s talent for potions was also good.

Daisy and her friend sat obediently in the classroom.

Snape entered the class menacingly, and the new students immediately tensed up. After Snape had finished his opening speech, he picked up his book.

“Daisy Potter.”

“Present, sir.” Daisy stood up nervously and accidentally hit her elbow on the corner of the table.

Snape replied, “Be more careful in the future.”

“Yes, Professor.” Daisy rubbed her arm.

However, Professor Snape doesn’t seem to be as scary as she imagined.

“Miss Daisy,” Snape asked her coldly, “Do you know when the moonlight flower is best to be harvested?”

Daisy’s eyes lit up. She knew about it very well since many of them were in Bagshot’s garden.

“On a full moon, Professor.”

Snape nodded, “Correct, five points for Ravenclaw.”

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