Dumbledore’s words were like a stone dropped on a calm lake.

In the eyes of most students, this sentence can be expressed in another way. Hogwarts will select a group of students to go to Nurmengard and be beaten to death.

Last year, Nurmengard’s students didn’t have much advantage. Many of them realized that their ability is obviously better than Hogwarts students. The idea of going to the enemy’s territory itself already frightened them.

Sean’s expression is not very good either. He is not afraid of the program, but Grindelwald is.

For that unruly and unpredictable old man, Sean always felt that he would try to make something weird happen to him.

Dumbledore and the students in the hall discussed for a while before stretching out his hand to signal everyone to be quiet.

His expression was slightly more serious, “This is a perfect learning opportunity. I hope that the selected ones can devote their minds to studying. The selection process will be notified to everyone in the middle of the semester.”

After the school song session, everyone got up and walked toward the common rooms of their respective houses. The prefects were busy leading the new students, Daisy was mixed in the group, and many students had already tried to greet her.

Not only because of her outstanding appearance but also her connection with Sean. Daisy was almost frightened by the enthusiasm of the other students.

Sean smiled at her, telling her not to be afraid. Although they were excited, they were good people after all.

However, Hermione didn’t wait for him this time. She chatted with Selma, whom she just met, and the two went straight back to the common room together.

Sean shook his head helplessly and walked back slowly.

The next morning, Hermione returned to her usual appearance. While reading the Daily Prophet that the owl had just delivered, she was drinking pumpkin juice.

“The Ministry of Magic had some trouble with robberies?” said Hermione in surprise.

Sean leaned his head over, and the black and white photo of Fudge on the newspaper’s front page was avoiding the reporters from taking pictures.

“The Ministry of Magic encountered a mysterious thief. The Minister said he would catch him as soon as possible, but he kept silent about the lost items.” Under the bold title, Fudge’s expression in the photo looked a little annoyed.

“It is reported that this incident happened in the early morning, and the robber mixed among the staff of the Ministry of Magic who were on duty. The Aurors quickly launched an investigation, but the robber was not caught.” Hermione read the news in a low voice and then covered her mouth in surprise, “The time and place was exactly the moment we were in the station!”

Sean nodded, “The police, no. The Auror that Harry and the others encountered was probably chasing the criminal.”

“What did they steal, though?”

Sean shook his pumpkin juice and found it wasn’t abnormally sticky before casually saying, “Who knows? There are a lot of mysterious things in the Ministry of Magic.”

Hermione nodded, “But the Ministry of Magic’s security measures are as good as Hogwarts.”

“Hermione, Hogwarts is much safer than the Ministry of Magic.”

After having breakfast, they walked towards the basement. The first school class was Potions, which made Sean a little nervous.

“Huh?” Hermione walked into the classroom first and was puzzled.

“What’s wrong?” Sean walked in and showed a strange expression.

The classroom was as gloomy as ever, but in front of the podium, more than a dozen cauldrons were set up, and the potion was bubbling inside.

Hermione walked in front of a cauldron. She sniffed it with a puzzled expression on her face, “Is this tonic? It’s fourth-grade content, and we haven’t got the time to learn it yet.”

Sean sat down next to her. Although Snape always picked on him, he was still used to staying in the front row with Hermione because he needed to study hard in this subject.

“If I hadn’t seen Snape still on the teacher’s table yesterday. I would have thought that Professor Slughorn was the one teaching us later. Is that Felix Felicis?” Sean saw a small cauldron in the center, and a golden liquid was jumping around.

“Yes.” Hermione’s expression became even more puzzled.

“Although the formula of Felix Felicis is written in the book, very few people in the wizarding world can successfully brew it. There’s no way Snape would teach us that.”

Sean nodded, and then another weird idea popped up. Snape didn’t want to use these potions as rewards like Slughorn, did he?

While they were whispering, the classroom door was pushed open, and Snape walked in with swift steps. The chattering in the classroom disappeared instantly.

Just as Snape opened his book, a group of students hurriedly ran to the classroom. It was Harry and the others.

“Potter. You’re late for the first class this year.”

Harry panted heavily, “Professor, it’s only three minutes late.”

“When I walked into the classroom, the class had already started. Five points will be deducted because all of you are late on the first day of school.” Snape said coldly.


“What is it, Potter? Do you want me to help with your seat?”

Harry’s lips twitched, and finally sat down angrily.

He thought that Snape’s attitude might be a little more friendly after Daisy entered school. But now it seems that he and Harry would still have to suffer.

Dumbledore has announced that the class changed to teaching four houses simultaneously. In the classroom, the students were sitting upright, waiting for Snape to finish his roll call.

After making sure no one was absent, Snape stood in front of the cauldrons.

“The principal told me that the lesson will be more rigorous in the future. Although I don’t know if each of you can digest it with your current brain, but I have prepared something.”

He stood in front of a cauldron, “This may inspire your motivation for potions. Of course, most of you won’t be able to brew many of the potions here after graduation.”

Snape quickly asked, “Wallup. Can you tell me what this potion is?”

Sean stood up and carefully looked at the cauldron Snape was pointing at. The cauldron contained a thick white liquid.

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Published On: September 6, 2023

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