“Well, someone’s in trouble.” Sean thought.

Sean was targeted by Snape last year. He is happy to have a few more unlucky students to help him bear the blame.

Daisy was small, her legs were dangling when she sat on the stool, and the Sorting Hat almost covered her mouth.

Ten minutes passed, and the Sorting Hat had yet to speak.

“Did Daisy chat with the Sorting Hat?” Hermione asked from the side, and she didn’t have to lower her voice now because the students in the hall started talking.

“Probably.” Sean looked at Daisy.

At the teacher’s table, the professors also smiled and chatted. Although a situation like this is rare, it is not a very unusual phenomenon knowing how many new students come every year.

After Sean’s 30-minute sorting process last year, the professors had expected this to happen again.

“Is that the youngest daughter of the Potter family? My God, she really looks like Lily.” Professor Flitwick chatted with Professor Sprout beside him.

Professor Sprout nodded, “I remember her time at school. I wasn’t too happy when Remus was fooling around with James and the others. These guys are much more capable of causing trouble than mandrakes.”

Professor Flitwick stretched out his hand, “But I have to say, those people are all excellent wizards, and they are also very good people. Last Christmas, Lily gave me a wine set.”

Beside them, Snape’s eyes darkened, and it wasn’t just Lily’s name that Lockhart kept whispering in his ear.

“Severus, I’ve already seen what’s great about this little girl. Did I tell you that my distant aunt also passed on some talent for divination to me?” Lockhart leaned back on the chair and showed his smile.

“I don’t think we’re close enough for you to call me by my first name.” Snape glanced at him and said coldly.

Lockhart didn’t feel that he was an unwelcome character at all, and he continued, “Maybe we need a glass of Veritaserum to talk to each other, eh? In my book called “Magical Me”, I also have some experience in brewing potions. If you want it, I can give you a copy of it.”

Snape turned his head slowly, “Excessive doses of Veritaserum will burn out wizards’ brains, but I still lack that experimental data. Do you want to be my guest?”

Lockhart laughed awkwardly, “Severus, your sense of humor is quite funny.”

Lockhart quickly stopped talking, as if nothing had happened, and went to talk to other professors.

Snape withdrew his gaze coldly. Under the long table, Snape’s palms were tightly clenched together. He pretended not to care and looked at Daisy casually, but his breathing was a little heavy.

The Sorting Hat squirmed, opened its mouth wide, and Snape sat up slightly.


“Merlin’s beard…” Harry was shocked.

There was warm applause from the Ravenclaw table. Hermione also smiled and clapped her hands, but when she saw Daisy rushing towards Sean, the smile on her face restrained, and a serious look flashed in her eyes.

“Welcome.” Seeing Daisy sitting down, Sean smiled and shook hands with her.

“Thank you!” She said excitedly.

Sean turned his gaze back, and the next student had already stepped forward.

Suddenly, he felt a cold gaze, like a smooth venomous snake. In the lively hall, Sean felt goosebumps all over his body. The corner of Sean’s mouth twitched, and he saw Snape’s gaze.

Snape gave him a cold look and withdrew his attention from him a moment after.

Daisy entered Ravenclaw without any persuasion from others. At most, she felt that Ravenclaw had someone that she was familiar with. But Daisy is clearly a smart girl, and Ravenclaw is a perfect house for her.

Moreover, even if it wasn’t Ravenclaw, Daisy would most likely go to Gryffindor, and Sean thought there was no way she would join Slytherin.

Maybe starting tomorrow, he needs to check his pumpkin juice once every so often.

Daisy’s friend, Ginny Weasley, went to Gryffindor. This disappointed her, but after talking to Sean, she quickly became happy again.

The sorting ceremony was over by the time the last student had gone to Slytherin. Dumbledore stood up and warmly welcomed all the students. After a short speech, the banquet began.

While cutting the sausage, Sean introduced various things in Ravenclaw to Daisy. His eloquence was good. He got her attention wholly to the point she didn’t notice that the lamb on her plate was cold.

The sound of a knife and fork colliding with the plate came from the side. Sean turned his head to see Hermione forking a pudding vigorously.

“I can help you with that, Hermione,” he said with a smile.

Hermione raised her head and said in a relaxed tone, “No need, I can do it myself.”

“Alright then.”

When Sean turned his head and talked to Daisy again, Hermione picked up the fork and vigorously poked the soft pudding a few times.

When it’s finished, Dumbledore stands up again.

“Once again, welcome to Hogwarts,” he smiled, “Before the delicious food is fully digested and sleepiness fills your heads. I have to say some things to pay attention to.”

Dumbledore recounted everything Sean had heard last year and introduced the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Gilderoy Lockhart.

Many girls were excited when Lockhart smiled, but the two girls beside Sean didn’t seem too amazed.

Dumbledore finally said, “As for the last thing. After the academic exchange last year, Hogwarts will be sending a group of students to Nurmengard.”

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