“Oh?” Hermione exclaimed, then worried. “did you guys get arrested?”

“Well, no,” Harry sneered, “We were only stopped by that Auror. Fortunately, Neville’s parents knew him, and that person was busy with other things. So he just warned and let us go after a while, but then we’re stuck in traffic.”

Sean shook his head with a smile. Soon, they were chatting and laughing in the room. Because he had to take care of his sister Daisy, Harry left Ron and Neville while they stayed in the same carriage with Percy and Ginny.

Percy gave up the privilege in the prefect’s carriage to prevent Ron from spoiling his younger sister, who was about to enter school.

Sean didn’t say anything about it. Since Percy was rescued from serious injuries, his attitude has changed a lot. Fred said that Percy now looks smaller than before.

Sean started to enjoy the dessert Daisy brought over in the room. Lily’s cooking is as outstanding as ever, and her cakes don’t contain that much sugar. With it, Sean expressed his satisfaction.

Seeing Sean pick up a pancake from the container, Daisy straightened up nervously. When Sean stretched out his hand again after eating a piece, she breathed a sigh of relief. Her eyebrows and eyes also relaxed.

“Daisy, why didn’t you eat it?” Harry licked the maple syrup on his fingers, “I didn’t even notice when Mom made pancakes.”

Daisy smiled, “It’s alright, you guys can eat them all.”

Hermione also tasted a piece. After showing a surprised expression, she lowered her head slightly.

Sean didn’t notice the completely different expressions of the two. He happily enjoyed the dessert and bought a lot of snacks and drinks on the trolley.

While they were drinking, Daisy asked, “Sean, is the secret you mentioned still working?”

Sean put down his drink and smiled gently, “Of course.”

“You can choose your own house? Dude, I still think you’re lying to me.” Harry looked suspicious, and Hermione also looked over.

“During the sorting, you should have heard the whispers from the Sorting Hat, right?”

Harry and Hermione looked at each other and nodded in unison.

“At that time, repeat your thoughts in your mind and talk to the Sorting Hat.” Sean explained this secret.

Because the characteristics of each student differ from each other, many of their characteristics are suitable for two or more houses.

The sorting hat will generally choose to sort students into the house that best matches their characteristics. But if the student communicates with the Sorting Hat, the Sorting Hat often respects their opinions.

However, when the students who entered the school for the first time encountered a talking hat, few of them would have these thoughts. Especially they were in a hall filled with all of the Hogwarts students, which would make them nervous.

Daisy believed Sean and exclaimed, “So, I can choose which one for myself? That’s great!”

Harry looked at his sister suspiciously, “Daisy, don’t you want to go to Gryffindor?”

“I won’t tell you which house I want.”

“What? Gryffindor is the best house in Hogwarts!”

“Come on, now. That’s not true.” Sean interjected.

“Listen, you and Hermione are both amazing. But overall, Gryffindor is better. Think about it. Dumbledore is from Gryffindor.”

“Last semester, Gryffindor came last, and Ravenclaw won the House Cup.” Sean straightened his posture.

“It’s just a year’s worth of points. It’s not like Gryffindor hasn’t won the House Cup.”

“Last semester, Gryffindor came last, and Ravenclaw won the House Cup.” Sean straightened his posture.

“That’s because we are all too busy. Gryffindor’s bonus points are a lot, but the deduction points are also a lot.”

“Last semester, Gryffindor came last, and Ravenclaw won the House Cup.” Sean straightened his posture.

“Scores don’t mean everything!”

“Last semester, Gryffindor came last, and Ravenclaw won the House Cup.” Sean straightened his posture.

Harry became furious, “Dude, can you say anything other than that?”

Sean cleared his throat, “Last year, Ravenclaw was fourth from last and then won the House Cup.”

Daisy and Hermione looked at each other and saw the helplessness in each other’s eyes.


It was completely late, and the Hogwarts Express stopped on the tracks. Hagrid welcomed the new students with his lantern. After telling Daisy to relax, the group turned to the school gate, where there would be carriages to pick up and drop off old students.

Between the shafts that everyone ignored, Sean saw a skinny black horse with the head of a dragon and huge bat wings. It was a Thestral. Sean walked over to the Thestrals curiously. This was the first time he had seen this magical animal.

Obviously, his affinity for magical animals is still effective when facing this kind of creature that most wizards consider unlucky. Thestral’s eyes looked at Sean for a while, and it gently lowered its head and rubbed against Sean’s shoulder.

“Sean, what are you doing?” Hermione asked suspiciously.

“Oh, I’m just talking to this guy.”

“Talking?” Hermione looked suspiciously at Sean’s side. In her eyes, there was nothing there.

“Oh! You can see it too?” A somewhat excited voice sounded, it was a girl who had already been sitting in the carriage.

Sean looked over and saw that she was wearing the uniform of Ravenclaw’s student, but he had no impression of it. The girl had bright eyes and was wearing a linen scarf. Although her voice was excited, the girl looked melancholy.

“I forgot to introduce myself, Selma Murphy. A fourth-grade Ravenclaw.” She spoke steadily and elegantly.

“Oh, my name is Hermione Granger. I know you!” Hermione stretched out her hand enthusiastically, “I heard some good things about you from Professor Babbling in the Ancient Rune class.”

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