Sean held his breath heavily. He still remembered the terrifying monsters depicted in the “A Simple Introduction to Alchemy” book he bought. An incomplete newborn soul often means something, and no one can predict what kind of existence will come.

(Fortunately, my previous research showed something. The new soul did not change the body into a monster but was put into a newborn child. After that, many things happened. Forgive me for not being able to tell you everything. We’re doing pretty well while we’re in this situation.)

Sean thought about it. He didn’t know when Dumbledore did this, but it didn’t prevent Sean from thinking about a piece of information he had known before.

During the accident in the Forbidden Forest when he just entered school, he chatted with Professor Kettleburn, the professor for the Care of Magical Creatures class at that time, and he mentioned that Dumbledore had been hiding his phoenix from him despite he just wanted to study it.

Kettleburn is an old professor. When Armando Dippet was the headmaster of Hogwarts, he began to teach the Care of Magical Creatures class. That means that this incident should have happened before Dumbledore became the new headmaster.

Then there is Ariana, who suffered an accident in her childhood. Dumbledore mentioned that he has some experience in handling an Obscurus, and Sean thought that Ariana was an Obscurial.

At the same time, Sean did not forget that Aurelius Dumbledore, formerly known as Credence Barebone, exists. He is the first and only person Sean has seen who can control an Obscurus.

When Dumbledore came to look for him in the common room, he said that the method of suppressing an Obscurus like Aurelius wouldn’t work for Daisy because he was a special person.

Dumbledore also mentioned that the soul went to a newborn child, and Sean has not forgotten the plot of the Fantastic Beasts movie.

An Obscurus, special and powerful in itself, and, in the memory of the letter, he did not see that Dumbledore had another brother besides Aberforth. Does that mean that Aurelius is someone made by the Sorcerer’s Stone, and the Obscurus in his body comes from Ariana?

The more Sean thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case since it all connected together. As for gender, it is normal for Ariana’s part of Ariana’s soul and the new soul to merge into a male soul. In history, many people changed their gender through alchemy.

Those “not being able to explain it all” kind of statements that Dumbledore said should be about the grudges he had with Grindelwald.

After figuring this out, Sean let out a long breath. He feels a bit relieved after finding out the secret. It seemed that Snape was right, he was very curious about the unknown.

He lay on the bed and touched the gem that Dumbledore had put in the bag.

Sean was stunned for a moment, and the expression on his face became weird. He didn’t know what this gem was at first. But this seems to be the Sorcerer’s Stone. He quickly picked up the parchment and continued to read.

(I will find a perfect time to tell you more stories later and maybe have a glass of butterbeer by then. I believe you have always been a child who is good at thinking. I think this time, you should have suspected that the gem is the Sorcerer’s Stone, right? Unfortunately, it is not.)

Sean breathed a sigh of relief but also felt a little bit disappointed. He still understands what the stone could do, and it would be a very dangerous thing to have in his hand. Of course, Sean still felt slightly disappointed to know that it was not the Sorcerer’s Stone.

(It’s an imitation of The Sorcerer’s Stone. It has some abilities of the Sorcerer’s Stone, such as creating a body or a flesh.”

Sean coughed violently. Why would he make an imitation stone that had the ability close to the real one?

Dumbledore’s text continued.

(Just kidding, I don’t think you would be very interested in it. The real purpose of this imitation is simple, and that is to solidify a magic effect.

Sean, you should know that the effects of a spell may be permanent, but the magic power attached to the spell is not permanent. The changes brought about by the spell will always expire after some time.

The changes brought about by the Sorcerer’s Stone are permanent. Midas touch and immortality are only part of its effects. I think you can understand why Tom Riddle wants to get the stone, right?)

Because he wants to study the Sorcerer’s Stone and learn the ‘permanence’ effect. Sean nodded. This is probably what Voldemort wants.

(Even Nicolas Flamel didn’t know the source of the Sorcerer’s Stone’s power itself. I studied it for a while but gave up on it. I did make some imitations of it, although Flamel laughs at it as a bunch of junk that no one wants.

Take this as a small gift from me. Fill a cup with water, and soak the imitation stone in the water for twelve hours. After drinking that cup of water, the magic power attached to your spell will last longer. I think it would be suitable for practicing your Transfiguration Charm.

But remember, don’t use it as a prank. Who knows how long it would last when you cast a pigtail on someone else after consuming the water?

Lastly, thank you again for your trust in me. You didn’t treat me as the mastermind behind everything. My enemies always praised me as wild and clever.

Hence why I am willing to share some secrets to express my sincerity, I hope that we can always be in a state of mutual trust.

By the way, you should forget about asking Rita about how to learn Animagus. Instead, you can directly ask Professor McGonagall since she’s also an Animagus.)

Sean rubbed his head in embarrassment. He has a plan to threaten Rita Skeeter, knowing she is an Unregistered Animagus, and obtain some information about Animagus.

Considering Dumbledore’s words, he was right. Asking Professor McGonagall would probably be the better choice if he wants to learn more about that.

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Published On: September 4, 2023

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