(Dear Sean,

I understood what you said before, and the reason why I didn’t reply to you in time is because I need to verify something, and owl is not as safe as I thought.

According to your story, I guessed what happened to Bathilda. Probably caused by a powerful Obliviate Charm, and the caster may have designed something different, like a switch to relit her memories.

As for the switch, I have a few guesses. It’s only a one-time thing, and the spell’s effect is not permanent. Bathilda was an outstanding wizard when she was young, and not many people can cast this kind of spell that lasts for so many years. The second one is that switch is you, and the person who left the letter wants you to see this.)

Sean frowned. He raised his head and thought about the whole thing.

He saw a scene of Dumbledore and Grindelwald when they were young. Their conversation involved Herpo, Dumbledore’s completely different ideas when he was young, ancient magic, etc.

Sean was a little puzzled. What did that person want him to see? Or, what effect does he hope this memory will have on him?

Sean recalled it carefully. Among them, what shocked him the most was the method Grindelwald mentioned to create something with the Sorcerer’s Stone. Through this, it might connect to the current situation of Dumbledore’s sister.

Sean might overcalculate it. His judgment was entirely based on himself and the original plot in his mind. But he forgot that about the part where he knew about Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s past.

Hogwarts and Nurmengard are in a state of competition, and the principals of the two magic schools are not close friends. When Bagshot mentions that Dumbledore and Grindelwald were on good terms, like when they were young, he thinks that Bagshot didn’t know what was happening.

The human experiments, two wizards trying to overthrow the existing order in the wizarding world, and their curiosity about an ancient dark wizard.

Sean seriously thought about it from their perspective and finally came to a conclusion. He feels that Dumbledore and Grindelwald were conspiring to some kind of evil movement.

Dumbledore, as someone who controls the dead, uses the Sorcerer’s stone to create a body and has a strong interest in Herpo and ancient magic. No matter how you look at it, both of them were like dark wizards planning on something.

This would lead to an immediate loss of trust, and he no longer trusted these two, especially Dumbledore.

But this brings up another issue, time. At that time, he hadn’t been born yet, and the reason for him to be seen by that person for all of this happened around him. It was because of the prophecy.

Sean took a deep breath, and the whole thing went round and round, returning to the prophecy that he didn’t know what it said.

Sean cursed secretly, and continued to look at the parchment.

(I have to admit, it all happened for real. After seeing this, you told me about what just happened. I am moved by your trust, Sean.

As for the true identity of that mysterious person, I still need to investigate it. If the investigation succeeds, I will let you know. As well as the information about the prophecy.)

Sean’s heartbeat accelerated slightly. This is exactly what he has always wanted to know.

(Let’s talk about some of the content you saw. First, the human experimentation of the Sorcerer’s Stone. While it sounds evil, I thought I needed to explain it to you to save my image from being tarnished. I mentioned my sister Arianna to you before, and you guessed something too, right?

Yes, she fell into an unfortunate situation and an accident. I don’t want to talk about it because she almost lost her life. I tried to save her. After many attempts, I used the Sorcerer’s Stone to create a new body.”

Sean’s breathing became heavier. Dumbledore really did that, after all.

He has some knowledge of alchemy, and in this field, the creation of human bodies is a taboo. Experiments like that often result in the birth of terrifying creatures because there is a difference between a thing created by magic and human flesh in alchemy.

The moment a body is created, it will start giving birth to a soul, which had always ended badly. From ancient times, the world has been filled with crazy alchemists, and they ended up in the same fate. Most of them die from the monsters created by their own experiments.

Dumbledore and Grindelwald are not only talented but also brave enough to do so.

Sean let out a breath and continued reading.

(I am both lucky and unlucky. Fortunately, I did not die from the experiment, and a new monster did not appear in this world. Unfortunately, Ariana’s soul was torn apart, and she didn’t come back to life into the body like I expected it to be.

Because of panic, I thought about the phoenix. According to the legend of the Dumbledore family, the phoenix would appear when the family members needed help. So, I wanted to borrow the power of the phoenix to bring the dead back to life.

The phoenix appeared. It rescued Ariana, whose soul was torn apart, and contained her soul in the phoenix’s body. Afterward, things get more complicated. But you could imagine that the souls of Ariana and Phoenix are one now.”

Sean nodded. The hands he touched when the phoenix teleported him were indeed Arianna’s. She used a magical way to coexist with the phoenix together.

Does this mean that she is now an Animagus? The fact that he can receive the phoenix’s feather means that Ariana can switch back and forth between her phoenix and human form.

No wonder Dumbledore said that he failed to save Ariana. Her soul and the phoenix’s soul combined into one, which is not good for either of them.

(At that time, Arianna barely survived. Although she was no longer complete, I believe I can always find a way. However, accidents always happen. In the body made by the Sorcerer’s Stone, part of Arianna’s soul merged with the naturally born soul, and a brand-new soul was born from it.)

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Published On: September 3, 2023

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