Sean quickly changed his clothes and opened the door. Daisy wore a beautiful uniform today, and her legs were wrapped in white stockings under the skirt.

“Sorry, your bed is too comfortable that I overslept.”

Daisy showed him a smile, “I didn’t want to disturb you, but it’s lunchtime. Both father and mother are worried that you may be hungry.”

“Well, a bit.”

Sean washed up quickly and went to the first floor’s living room. The Potters were waiting for him. Hermione was sitting at the table, and when she saw Sean coming, she gave him an annoyed look.

“Sorry to keep you guys waiting.”

“You came just in time, Sean, and the last dish was served perfectly.” Lily smiled at him, and a pot of stew floated onto the table.

After enjoying the lunch, Harry took them for a stroll in Godric’s Hollow. The daily life of a wizard family is different from Sean’s imagination.

A Muggle’s daily life is similar except for various housework magic. There are also a large number of Muggles living in Godric’s Hollow.

However, Godric’s Hollow was lively and friendly. Sean and Hermione stayed for two more days because of this. Coincidentally, Daisy’s admission letter and second-year item lists were sent to Harry’s house, so they went to Diagon Alley together to purchase the needed items.

It is worth mentioning that Lockhart is the professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts for this year. On the list of books that need to be purchased in the second school year, there are a lot of “works” by this person.

Sean expressed his confusion. In the original plot, the position of the Defense Against the Dark Arts class was cursed. It is expected that Dumbledore could not find a professor who was willing to take the position, and he chose Lockhart.

But now, Hogwarts is in competition with Nurmengard, and he chooses Lockhart, whose skills are questionable.

Lily and James took Daisy to buy her school supplies, while Sean and the others followed Sirius to a bookstore, where they made an appointment with Neville. There was a long queue in front of the bookstore, and they saw a boy who was squeezed dizzily in the crowd, holding a large stack of brand-new books in his hands.

“Hey, Neville.” Neville managed to squeeze his way out.

“My God, there are too many people in this place. I suggest we wait outside for a while.” Neville reminded them.

Sean took a look inside, and sure enough, a banner was hung on the second floor of the bookstore, and a reporter of the Daily Prophet was holding a big camera to take pictures. In between the crowds of females, there was Lockhart, who was signing his books.

Lockhart wore a gorgeous wizard robe, and his golden curly hair was well groomed. He would smile from time to time at this moment. Just looking at his appearance, he is still a very attractive figure.

“Is this our new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor? I don’t know about his looks…” Harry muttered, most males didn’t like Lockhart’s character as a whole.

Hermione immediately refuted Harry, “I’ve read the books that he wrote, he’s an amazing wizard, you know.”

Sean found an empty corner and leaned against the wall. He casually smiled and said, “Mr. Lockhart is indeed quite attractive just by looking at it.”

Hermione glanced at him, “Sean, you don’t like Professor Lockhart?”

“Not really.” Sean wanted to shrug his shoulders, “I just feel that the content in his book is a bit exaggerated and lacks several details.”

Hermione actually thought that Lockhart’s books were a bit strange, but he was their new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. With that kind of look, he doesn’t seem to be looking like someone who would do bad things.

But when Sean said this, Hermione felt that the unreasonable things in the book became more and more make sense.

She glanced at Sean, who was talking to Neville, and she looked at Lockhart again.

The signing session will last for a moment. Sean and his group went to buy other supplies first. When they returned to the bookstore, two groups of people could be found arguing.

The Weasleys were easily recognizable by their red hair, and across from them stood three people standing beside Draco.

One man and two women. The man is holding a cane with gemstones; the silver-haired woman beside him should be his wife. As for the other woman, he doesn’t know her identity, but her eyes are cold and aggressive.

“Arthur, you gathered all the Galleons this year and finally bought new books, eh? Or did you get your relatives to lend you help?” The man spoke mockingly.

“Lucius, this has nothing to do with you.” Mr. Weasley replied blankly.

Sean heard from Ron that his family’s financial situation is average because of the large number of children. Even his wand is passed down from his brother.

At this time, Sirius took a step forward.

“Arthur,” he walked over to Mr. Weasley, frowned, and pinched the tip of his nose, “Hey, buddy. Do you smell that rotten stench? I think I’m going to throw up my breakfast this morning.”

The mysterious woman sneered, “Sirius, did you lower yourself to hang around with the Weasleys?”

Sirius looked around and finally looked at the woman.

“I wonder where does this smell come from? Oh look, it’s my cousin.”

Harry explained to Sean in a low voice, “That’s Bellatrix Lestrange, Sirius’ cousin. As you know, my godfather doesn’t get along with pure-blooded families. Even the Black family write him off from the family tree.”

Sean looked over at Bellatrix curiously. Is she still working for Voldemort?

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