Her body was trembling like a candle in the wind.

Bagshot’s face was full of regret, and she kept saying, “Why did I forget? I have to look for it…”

“Ma’am?” Sean and Harry looked at each other suspiciously, wondering why she suddenly became like this.

Bagshot leaned toward a shelf, trembling, and walked quickly to the second floor. She kept knocking down various things on the way, but she didn’t realize it. Sean caught several things and put them back on the shelf while Harry was frantically holding onto the shelf on the other side.

“Sean, you shouldn’t have asked that. Ms. Bagshot couldn’t remember how could Dumbledore and Grindelwald be friends since… the plate!”

Hermione was also full of doubts, “Did Professor Dumbledore go through that kind of life? Also, the person in that photo looked very different. Ms. Bagshot’s mind seems to be unstable. She seems to be completely confused.”

“Who knows?” Sean muttered.

Harry and the others stayed behind to tidy up the fallen objects while Sean went up to the second floor. He was worried that she would trip over something. The second floor is also crowded with things, and the old wooden floor makes a creaking sound every time you step on it.

Bagshot walked into a bedroom that seemed to be empty, and Sean’s mouth was full of dust as he walked in. Bagshot hunched over and searched for something in the dusty bedroom.

“Ma’am, what are you looking for?” Sean fanned his face. There was so much dust here that he could hardly keep his eyes open.

Bagshot didn’t answer. She seemed to be in a confused state, panting heavily and rummaging through things.

After a long time, she didn’t find what she wanted, but just stood there in a daze, “Why is it gone?”

“Ma’am?” Sean walked over cautiously. She seemed to be very unstable. Her eyes were dull, and her hands were trembling slightly.

“Gellert,” Bagshot held a tattered letter in his hand, “I can’t find the thing that he gave me…”

A thing? Did Grindelwald give his great-aunt something important?

Bagshot looked distressed and regretful, “He told me that it was what Albus needed and that it might salvage their shaky relationship. He asked me to pass it on, but I forgot where it is…”

Sean frowned slightly. Something that could save their relationship? But why didn’t Grindelwald give it to Dumbledore himself? Is it because of shame? Also, Bagshot should not be as confused and forgetful as she is now at that time, right?

It was completely strange.

Bagshot sighed and raised the letter in her hand, “There is only this letter left. Why can’t I find it?”

Sean looked at the letter and asked tentatively, “Can I have a look at that letter?”

Bagshot was really confused. She looked at Sean and was shocked, “Gellert, have you come back to see me?”

“Ma’am, I’m not Mr. Grindelwald. You’ve got the wrong person.” Sean explained.

Bagshot didn’t listen at all, and she shoved the letter into Sean’s hand, “I’m so sorry, I lost what you gave me. I forgot about it, and now I’m too old to move. You’ve gotta find Albus yourself.”

“But I’m really not…”

When Bagshot thought that Sean was Grindelwald, she gave the letter over. Sean wanted to return it to her, but she slapped her hard a few times. Sean had no choice but to put away the letter, and Bagshot held him as she thought he was Grindelwald.

He could barely escape until Harry went back to find Lily.

“She’s been mentally unstable recently. She’s too old.” Lily assisted Bagshot, closed the door for her, and then turned around to explain.

“Poor lady.” Daisy was sad. In her impression, Ms. Bagshot was a gentle and kind old lady.

“In a few days, I will take her to St. Mungo’s to have a look.” Lily comforted her and then took them back home.

Back at the Potter’s house. Sean was full of dust around as he entered the room where Bagshot stopped him. He went into the bathroom to shower and realized that the letter that Bagshot had given him was still in his pocket.

Although he was very curious, Sean felt that it was better not to pry into other people’s privacy, and he would hand it over to Dumbledore when school started. However, something appeared just as he took off his clothes and took out the letter.

Sean didn’t even have time to react. He was sucked into the letter.

Sean felt as if he had fallen from a high place, and a strong sense of weightlessness enveloped him. After spinning around for a while, he finally stepped on the ground.

“What’s happening?” Sean looked around, and he was surprised to find that his body turned out to be shadowy

He stood in a place he had seen before, which was in front of Dumbledore’s old house.

However, this house is much more lively than what Sean has seen before. Although it is not luxurious, it is no longer the dilapidated and lifeless place that has been abandoned for a long time.

“I think I can try.”

“Of course. Albus, how long did it take the two of us to figure out that those idiots are busy trying to find a more comfortable place.”

Two voices came, and Sean turned his head and saw the two young people he had just seen in the photo.

“Dumbledore and Grindelwald?”

The young Dumbledore was talking excitedly to the young Grindelwald beside him.

“Gellert, I can’t wait for it.”

The corners of Grindelwald’s mouth slightly raised. He couldn’t hold his joy. He hooked Dumbledore’s shoulder with one arm and said in a relaxed tone, “Why not now, my friend?”

He licked his lips, “Time is ticking, and we can change the world.”

“You’re right, Gellert.”

The two of them didn’t notice Sean standing at the door at all and walked into the room with their shoulders crossed.

Sean frowned. That letter has the ability to pull people into a memory, roughly like a Pensieve.

He realized that he was still holding the letter in his hand. Sean pulled out the worn and yellowed paper.

(Dear Albus,

I know you won’t forgive me, but I think you need this. Regarding the magic stone to create the body and transform the soul, I have found a method for it.)

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Published On: August 31, 2023

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