The birthdays of the two were on the same day, and Daisy had just got rid of the problem that had tortured her for many years. This was simply a miracle for the Potter family, so the birthday party was much grandeur.

The Potters customized beautiful birthday cakes for each of their children. Sirius also specially bought birthday candles that would make the fire dance when burned, and the decorations arranged by Lupin would all emit beautiful bubbles.

Lily put brightly colored pointed wizard hats on each of her children. Harry’s hat had a small flying broom around it all the time, and Daisy’s hat had a small flower that could speak by itself.

The candle was lit, and the fire jumped out and danced clumsily. After the two finished making their wishes, they blew out the candle, and a ball of light slowly floated out from the candle wick to form a line of words: All wishes come true.

Sirius smiled, and he quietly stretched out his wand and tapped it. The cake in front of Harry suddenly moved and then directly covered Harry’s face.

“Sirius!” Harry grabbed the cake and started chasing Sirius with a laugh. Daisy on the side was laughing, and everyone in the room laughed as well.

It wasn’t until everyone’s face was covered with cream that they started to enjoy their meal.

Lily’s cooking skills were as good as her potion skills. Sean had never tasted such a delicious vegetable soup, and he even suspected that some kind of potion ingredients had been added to it.

After the meal, everyone was slumped on the chair with their bellies. Except for Daisy, she ate more than the adults present.

Sean was worried that her stomach would burst, but Sirius explained to him, “Daisy is now in need of extra nutritional supplements, and it will go for about a year or so.”

When Daisy swallowed the last piece of lamb, she licked her lips and finally showed a smile. Her cute eyes rolled around just in time to see Sean smiling. She blushed and pushed the dinner plate full of bones toward Harry.

Sean pretended not to see it and looked away, discussing herbal medicine with Neville at the side.

It was getting late, and the birthday party finally ended. Both Harry and Daisy received a lot of birthday presents, and Sean gave Harry a brand-new windproof cloak so that he could play Quidditch on a rainy day without any problem.

He gave Daisy a bracelet, and after she unwrapped the package, Sean got another hug from her. Sean could only smile helplessly.

After seeing the Longbottoms and Lupin left, Daisy picked up a plate with a piece of birthday cake she had left behind.

“Daisy, do you still want to eat cake before going to bed?” James said pamperingly.

“No, this is for Ms. Bagshot.” Daisy shook her head, then looked at Lily, “Mom, can I give this cake to her?”

“Oh, she’s not feeling well recently. I gave her a dessert during the day, but she will definitely accept your cake.” Lily smiled and patted Daisy’s head.

“Bathilda Bagshot?” said Hermione in surprise. “The author of ‘A History of Magic’?”

Lily nodded, “Yes, one of the most talented authors in the history of magic. She has always had a good relationship with our family and has often made cauldron-shaped cakes for us before. But her health has not been very good lately. I invited her to the party, but she didn’t want to.”

Sirius interjected, “An interesting old lady, but Bathilda is having trouble with herself now. After all, she lived here when the Dumbledore family moved to Godric’s Hollow. I remember coming to James when I was in school, and she made me a mandrake juice but without any sugar.”

“Mandrake juice without sugar…” James seemed to recall some bad memories, and he shivered.

Daisy blinked her eyes, holding the cake, “Can I give her the cake?”

“Of course.”

Several of them went out together during the night in Godric’s Hollow, and Sean followed her. He was quite curious about Ms. Bagshot.

In the original plot, Bagshot was killed by Voldemort, and then Nagini disguised herself as Bathild Bagshot to attack Harry. Now she just sounded like a normal old lady who had memory problems.

Under Harry’s lead, the group walked towards Dumbledore’s old house. Daisy was so absorbed in holding the plate that she almost fell down.

Sean smiled and took the cake from her hand, and chatted with Harry, “Is Ms. Bagshot close to Professor Dumbledore’s old house?”

“Yeah, they are almost neighbors,” Harry nodded, “I heard from my father that when Dumbledore’s family moved here, only Ms. Bagshot was familiar with them in Godric’s Hollow. When they moved out, her mood went down.”

“Why did Professor Dumbledore move away?”

Harry spread his hands, “I don’t know. My father and the others don’t know much about it. They only know that something bad happened at that time.”

Sean nodded. Dumbledore and Grindelwald should have met in Godric’s Hollow. As for the bad things, it may be related to Ariana. But the specific situation is different from what he remembered.

If the conflict between them led to Ariana’s death, Dumbledore would never reconcile with Grindelwald.

While talking, they came to a garden with vines and tall grass. The owner of the yard obviously only had a little time to take care of it, and it almost spread out towards Dumbledore’s old house.

Harry led them to the door. He knocked and called out, “Ms. Bagshot, it’s me. Harry and Daisy.”

He turned his head and explained, “Maybe I’m not loud enough, and she can’t hear me.”

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Published On: August 30, 2023

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