Obviously, the Wallups had never been in contact with adult wizards and were a little nervous. In their view, Charlotte and Sterling, who came to recruit him, were capable of doing magic and acted childish by throwing spells around.

Adult wizards should be more mindful of their actions. That’s what Mr. Wallup thought.

“Sean, how do they go around? A broom, a flying carpet, or a pink flying elephant?” Ella asked.

“You’ll find out soon.” Sean said with a smile. In fact, he was quite curious. The Potter family lives in Godric’s Hollow, which is located in the south of England. It’s not too far from London, but it’s not close either.

“Wizards also drive cars?” Mr. Wallup muttered in surprise and then greeted the guests.

Sirius opened the door of an old turquoise Ford and stepped out, followed by Harry and Ron.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Wallup.” Sirius came, and he shook hands with Mr. Wallup.

Harry looked excited, “Sean, your house is amazing. Your place is quite easy to find, I thought we would have to go around several times.”

“We can’t take off in London, if we could, we would have arrived earlier.” Ron shrugged.

They were wearing the usual Muggle attire, Sirius wore a short-sleeved shirt and jeans, looking like they were visiting a friend.

“They don’t look any different than us.” Mr. Wallup looked at them carefully.

After saying goodbye to his family, Sean sat in the back of the car. Sure enough, the space in the car was much larger than he imagined. Sirius started the car and drove off in the other direction.

“Let me see where that girl lives.” Sirius let go of the steering wheel, but the car turned around by itself.

He held a map of London and was looking carefully.

“Sirius’ motorcycle can only take one person, so we borrowed this car from Mr. Weasley.” Harry explained.

“That’s cool.” Sean exclaimed.

It took them a while to find Hermione’s house. When Hermione sat inside while wearing a beautiful dress, Sirius suddenly accelerated.

The car drove out of the outskirts of London. After Sirius looked around to make sure he would not be spotted, he pressed a button, and the car panted like a rhinoceros and then took off into the air.

“My God!” Hermione let out a shock.

Sean also likes it very much. It has a roof that can protect them from the wind and rain. Flying cars are obviously more in line with Sean’s orientation than broomsticks, even though Mr. Weasley’s car was made illegally.

The car passed through the clouds, and they enjoyed the pumpkin juice and snacks prepared by Lily and happily flew to Godric’s Hollow. Soon after, the car slowly descended, and finally, they stopped outside a small village.

“We’ve arrived, it’s not too far away from here. I’ll park the car here and ask someone else to take care of it while avoiding any Daily Prophet’s photographers so that Arthur won’t be in much trouble.”

Harry walked ahead, and the group walked toward the village. Godric’s Hollow is like a common village on the outskirts of London, with a few shops and a post office. There is a bar and a small church in the center of the village.

Walking on the stone road, Harry introduced it with some excitement, “Our family has lived here for generations. Most of the residents here are Muggles, but they are easy to get along with to several wizarding families.”

When walking through a fork in the road, Harry pointed in another direction, “Professor Dumbledore used to live there, but they moved away before I was born. He returns from time to time to my house for afternoon tea.”

Sean looked in the direction of Harry’s finger. There was a dilapidated wooden building. There was an attic on the second floor facing east. If he remembers it correctly, Dumbledore and Grindelwald met here. Sean looked a few more times curiously and finally followed Harry’s lead.

After walking for a while, a small Western-style building appeared in front of Sean’s eyes. It was bathed in sunlight. Walking into the yard, the Potters greeted them. James’ injury didn’t seem to be healed, but he still greeted Sean and Hermione warmly.

Lily smiled and greeted, “Quick, everyone, come inside.”

Walking into the bungalow, Potter’s house is decorated very warmly. Ribbons were hung in the living room, and a middle-aged man sat on a sofa. On a chair in the living room, Daisy was shaking her legs.

“Sean!” Seeing someone coming, she stood up immediately.

“You look beautiful today, Daisy. It’s a pleasure to see you again.” Sean greeted her with a smile.

Daisy’s condition was much better than before. Her pale skin finally changed, and her thin arms no longer showed veins like before.

She looks like a daisy just about to bloom in her canary yellow dress today. She happily trotted over and gave Sean a big hug.

Sean had no choice but to hug her too.

“Daisy.” Harry coughed and called out to Daisy. After taking a quick look at Sean, he introduced Hermione.

Daisy greeted Hermione politely but less enthusiastically. Hermione greeted her, but she quickly turned around after that. Hermione is quite shy, knowing this is her first time meeting Harry’s family.

The middle-aged man stopped what he was doing to say hello, and as Sean guessed, he was Remus Lupin.

They sat on the chairs, Lily made a lot of homemade desserts, and while they were drinking, a green fire burst out of the Potter’s fireplace. The Longbottoms and Neville walked out of the fireplace.

The atmosphere in the room became more enthusiastic, and the birthday party began when it progressed to nighttime.

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