“Hey, how did you get here?” After returning home, Sean spent a little time hanging out with his family and immediately returned to his room.

At this time, he was sitting in a small shack in the ring, which was very similar to the shack in Newt’s suitcase, except that the space was much smaller, and the outside was only a few mountain ranges, which is similar to the Wampus cat’s preferred environment.

The Wampus cat happily circled around him a few times and thrust its head into Sean’s arms.

“Come on, now.” Sean pushed his head out.

The Wampus Cat tilted his head and looked at him, then quickly ran to his living area and soon came back, dragging a large bucket with a card in his mouth.

Glancing at the card, Sean shook his head. He was familiar with Newt’s handwriting. His handwriting was like his, but every stroke was written with great force.

(Dear Sean,

Please forgive my action, since you calmed this little guy, he has been fighting with the Runespoor and the Nundu every day. While the other animals were obviously a bit scared, the trouble caused by him had destroyed many things inside my suitcase. I doubt that I could handle it for a long time.

Moreover, The Wampus cat’s attitude toward me is stagnant, and he is unwilling to talk to me. After thinking about it, I should probably let you take care of it as he listens to you more like how Pickett listens to me.

As for sending it home, I’m currently thinking about it. It’s obviously unreliable to let you go to the United States alone, and due to some minor accidents when I was young, the United States Ministry of Magic did not welcome me very much, so that itself is a problem.

Moreover, if my wife knew that I was smuggling another animal to the United States with a student, she would kill me. So give me a moment to think about it so that I can find a good way other than smuggling it in.

Don’t worry about it running away, the exit of the ring has been enchanted by me. Without your consent, The Wampus cat couldn’t escape.

P.S.: His appetite is quite big, and he is a picky eater. You might have to prepare something new for him.

Best regards, Newt Scamander)

He looked up at the sky, but he could only see the ceiling of the shack. The Wampus cat blinked its pupils. He couldn’t see through Sean’s mind, but this did not prevent him from being kind to Sean.

“Okay, okay.” Sean hugged the Wampus cat and rubbed his fur.

It wasn’t until the Wampus cat let out a comfortable meow that Sean stopped it.

He wiped the sweat from his forehead and smiled, “Only for this time, you’ll be with me.”

The Wampus cat let out a joyful roar.


Sean’s summer vacation had begun, and he was a little uncomfortable. After all, he couldn’t cast spells anymore, but at least his magical animals helped him calm down.

It’s not good for Dave and Naja to be kept around in him. Sean ordered all kinds of magical vegetation and rocks from Diagon Alley. He could put that inside his ring and let it grow into some kind of forest for them to live inside.

Sean bought a lot of things and arranged them in his ring. Dave and Naja didn’t resist. Instead, they were happy. The dense forest that Sean prepared made them feel good, especially with Sean taking care of them once every so often.

The Wampus cat is also happy. Sean can only come to visit him once in a few days, once he smells the scent of Sean, which means that he will bring various delicious meat for him.

His parents are wealthy, as long as Sean asks for it, all kinds of fresh meat will be delivered immediately. Of course, this includes Dave’s and Naja’s food.

Sean also gave the Wampus cat a name, Pudding. He likes to eat all kinds of meat and doesn’t like desserts. The pudding made by him is the only dessert that he likes.

Sean originally thought that Pudding would not be able to get along with Dave and Naja, but what he didn’t expect was that this was not true. The three actually played along inside the forest.

They are always caressed by hands that exude a wonderful smell, and there is a steady stream of various favorite foods.

These guys basically eat the same kind of food. Dave eats brains, Pudding eats meat and bones, and Naja eats offal. They didn’t care much about it, whether it was cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, or geese.

Sean’s summer vacation was going so well. He studied the notes he got before and got a lot of knowledge from him. He takes his sister to play with his magical animals in his free time.

The three are very docile to Ella. She rode Naja as if it was a slide, riding and mounting Pudding, and Dave flew her around the forest.

Sean learned from Dave’s thoughts that Ella smelled very good, and Sean suspected that his sister’s talent for magical animals was also quite high, which could lead to the possibility that she’ll be enrolled in Hogwarts later.

Sean lying on the chair smiled and looked at Ella, who was playing happily with them. Maybe he will give Ella a small space to raise some magical animals when the time comes.

“Sean! Come play with Pudding here!” Ella’s happy laughter came over.

“Here I come!” Sean rushed up, and all of them played cheerfully.


“Sean, your friend’s parents are wizards, right?” Early in the morning, he sat on the sofa with his parents. His father changed his suit to be looking more extravagant.

“Please, Dad, no need to be nervous.” Sean looked at his father with some amusement.

He received a letter from Hedwig that Harry invited him and Hermione to Godric’s Hollow to celebrate his and his sister’s birthday party. While they were born in a different year, they had the same birthday date.

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Published On: August 30, 2023

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