“Lord Grindelwald, the dinner party is about to begin. Are you going to attend this time?” In Austria, on the tower’s highest floor, a middle-aged witch stood in the middle of the room and asked respectfully.

Grindelwald was writing something on his desk and said in a relaxed tone, “Of course. After all, I deliberately waited for it. After all, I have to inform our students about something later.”

He raised his head with a gentle smile, “Vinda, as you are the one who leads the academic exchange with Hogwarts this time. I thank you for your hard work.”

“No, I am ashamed that I did not meet your expectations.”

Grindelwald waved his hand, “You are pushing yourself too hard, Vinda. Those children are too arrogant.”

He stood up and looked out the window, “Arrogance is not a bad thing, wizards should have that kind of feeling. But when facing a strong figure, only with strength can they prove that they’re better. But it’s a shame that they did not know that earlier.”

“You are becoming more and more tolerant, Lord Grindelwald,” Rozier showed an expression of admiration, “You only gave them more extra lessons for a whole month while I originally wanted to punish them for a while.”

“Vinda, you have been the vice principal for so many years. It would be best if you changed the way you act. Of course, I have always admired your strict requirements for education.” Grindelwald said with a smile.

“Yes, my lord.”

Grindelwald turned around and picked up a bottle on a desk. The bottle itself was empty, but the wall of the bottle would turn pitch black from time to time.

“Vinda, tell MacDuff that you don’t need to continue your research.”

“Yes, my lord.” She immediately agreed and then asked softly, “Is there anything that makes you unsatisfied? Is it taking too long to take effect, or is it easy to be discovered? I can let MacDuff that-“

“No need,” Grindelwald waved his hand, “It was because of my negligence. I thought it would be enough to hide it from Albus. I didn’t expect that Moody’s nose was as bright as his fake eyes. That old Auror is worthy of respect.”

“So, how about him?” Rozier narrowed her eyes.

“Oh, Vinda. It’s time for you to change your character. Moody is an old friend of Albus, so he is our friend.” Grindelwald said with some dissatisfaction.

“I understand, Lord Grindelwald.” Rozier immediately lowered her head.

“The previous research is good, but unfortunately, the smell is too strong. It would be discovered immediately after applying it. Fortunately, nothing went wrong in the end.”

After looking at the bottle in his hand, he gave it to Rozier, “Take care of it.”

“Including the previous ones?”

“Yes, except for Sean. Those kinds of children don’t need and can’t use this.”

After Rozier left, Grindelwald changed his robe. He looked at himself casually and frowned with some dissatisfaction.

Grindelwald took out his wand, pointed at his robe, and the gorgeous and complicated robe suddenly turned bright red. If Sean were here, he would say this is the same robe Dumbledore wore at the dinner party.

Grindelwald retracted his wand, adjusted his neckline, and nodded with satisfaction.

“Albus, apart from your taste in clothes. Your biggest weakness is being too great.” He said to himself.


Sean was already sitting in the compartment of the Hogwarts Express. The train was almost at the destination, and the group of people had changed into their ordinary clothing.

“Sean, I’m serious. You must visit me later, and I’ll come to pick you up.” Harry squeezed aside Ron and Neville to say something to Sean.

“Of course, I’d love to. We can use an owl to communicate.” Sean agreed. He couldn’t use a wand at home, but he could do it at Harry’s house.

The Trace on a young wizard’s body can only detect magic within a certain range but cannot accurately identify which wizard cast it. Therefore, young wizards in the wizarding family rely on their elders to supervise them.

“Daisy will come to Hogwarts next school year, right?” Hermione asked.

Sean didn’t tell Hermione about Daisy, it was a secret, and he had to respect his friend’s situation at that time. However, Harry regarded Hermione as one of his friends. During the trip back home, Harry told her about it.

Sean felt that Harry does this for a reason. Which was to find a reliable senior to take care of his sister, who was about to enter school, and the only girl he knew was Hermione through Sean.

While Harry is quite popular with the girls in Gryffindor, he hangs out with the boys more than the girls.

Harry heard this and nodded happily, “Yes, Daisy will attend Hogwarts later. You haven’t seen how excited she is.”

He looked at Sean again, “Hey, she’s been talking about that secret about the sorting hat you mentioned.”

Sean smiled and nodded, “I guess I have no choice but to tell her about it later.”

Sean was already considering whether to lure Daisy to join Ravenclaw. Since If Daisy became his junior, would Snape dare to scold him later in classes? But he dropped that idea and let Daisy choose her own desired house.

Amidst the chatter and laughter, the sky was getting darker and darker, and they were getting closer to King’s Cross Station.

Finally, they got off the train with several adult wizards standing at the exit, only allowing two or three students to pass together at a time because a large crowd coming out of the station would attract the attention of the Muggles.

The noise of the crowd, the strange sounds of the pets, and the noisy environment can be heard around the station. Sean smiled and said goodbye to his friends one by one. He and Hermione walked out of the platform together with their luggage.

He saw his family members waiting on the other side. Sean unconsciously and warmly greeted his family members and Hermione’s parents. Sean got into his father’s new limousine after making an appointment with Hermione to hang out together during the summer vacation.

He stretched out comfortably in the backseat until his sister Ella screamed, “Sean, your ring is moving!”

Sean felt something from the ring, he closed the car window, opened the ring, and poked his head into it.

A big six-legged cat was standing, stretching out its two front paws and shaking the ladder. After seeing Sean sticking his head, he obediently sat back on the ground and tilted his head at Sean.


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